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  1. Nostalgiaville here. About (in a fortnight) to enter my 76th year, may I please make my first post, and apologise for bringing back a recent topic which probably seemed well and truly dead and buried. Couldn't resist sharing some recollections from 67 years of very occasional highs, many shattered dreams and overall a lifetime of what it means to be WAWAW. Originally from the Buxton area, though for my sins now in Norwich, Dad took me monthly from 1952 via the Hope Valley line. He wasn't an Owl himself, but had been told about their amazing ground -- this is 1952, remember. Anyway, I was hooked, saw Froggatt and Dooley a few times, and then came Quixall of the ballet training, Alan Finney, Tom Mac and lamppost Keith Ellis. Highlights from those years: Nov 59, SW 7 West Ham 0 (Ellis hat-trick in 20 mins, and WMU top of league at the time); Feb 61, Man U (with their post-Munich stars) 2 SW (under Catterick) 7 (Ellis another hat-trick). Then, standing on Leppings among 54,000, 12 Nov 61, SW 2 Spurs 1, Spurs' first defeat. Then came the betting scandal and it all went pear-shaped, despite the 1966 Final. But memories are what still demand that I follow every Owls move from afar via Five Live and the pathetic Ch 5 coverage. For what it's worth 67 years of Owlswatch might produce something like these two elevens. I include Quixall because he was the supreme artist, even though he wouldn't last more than 5 mins in today's game. And Swan, Kay and Layne exclude themselves because of the stigma they left over the club. As long as Di Canio behaves himself and there are still 22 on the pitch at the end, it could be very close. A Springett R B Hodge Nilsson Anderson Walker Pearson Lyons Megson D Worthington Harkes Waddle Shelton Palmer Quixall Sheridan Eustace Carbone Marwood Hirst Di Canio Chapman Ritchie
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