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  1. Thorniley Thorniley He flipping loves the Wednesday He's Jordan Thorniley
  2. I was at the match last night so haven't seen what was analysed by VAR. Can anyone tell me whether VAR assessed a handball by Barkley in the build up the Hutchinson's foul? Look like a clear handball form where I was stood?
  3. Getting one of Matias or Forestieri back fit for Derby will be helpful. Put some pace up top with Fletcher. Put Reach in the hard running midfield role. Put Penney in at LWB and drop Fox. That looks a much stronger team. No coincidence our bad run coincided with a lack of pace up front.
  4. Missing from the squad last night: Forestieri Hooper Winnall Lee Abdi Jones Boyd Van Aken Hutchinson Westwood In addition, over the summer we lost Jack Hunt, Venancio, Loovens, Clare and Wallace. That's 15 players who could easily have been in an 18 man match day squad last year. I'd estimate that represents 75% of last year's total wage bill not being put on the field. Jordan Rhodes has been sent out on loan to reduce the wage bill. We have been in a transfer embargo. We have brought in only Onomah and Hector (looking an inspired deal) on loan. We're starting 4 youth teamers who didn't have a sniff before Jos came in 11 months ago. We've fielded a bench with 6 academy graduates recently. Now we can argue forever about who is injured, who is not, what is going on behind the scenes. The truth is no one knows. All I know is last night I saw a Wednesday team absolutely run themselves into the ground for the shirt, the boss and the fans. I think that's a good point at the Starter Home, especially given the decimation of the squad. Last year they couldn't beat our reserves. This year they couldn't beat the youth team. Billy Blunt bottled taking a penalty in front of the Wednesdayites. A boyhood Owl saved a penalty. In context of the season, IF we get to Christmas 6 points off the play offs, and get Forestieri, Hooper and Winnall back fit for the new year I think we'll give it a hell of a go. Pace and creativity up front is a game changer for this team. We've even missed Matias! Whatever happens, there will be an absolute fortune released from wages in the summer. And I can guarantee Chasiri will have learnt his lesson and it'll go on young, hungry, talented boys with a point to prove. Back this manager. Back this chairman. Keep the faith.
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