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  1. Southside Owl

    Sammy, top man

    Was that in the back ?
  2. Southside Owl

    Efe ambrose

    Well he certainly bounces , good credentials..
  3. Southside Owl

    Efe ambrose

    Sounds solid, we need to build a defensive wall....
  4. Southside Owl

    Efe ambrose

    Nah, Mr Bruce is lining up Curtly Ambrose, whilst out in the Carribbean....
  5. Southside Owl

    its the managers fault apparently

    Ok let's hope he is finding out and being cautious going public...yep nobody wants a public humiliation/criticism of individual players.. groups of players or whatever the hell is wrong at the club.....I was just expecting a few more sterner , concerned non-verbals....I had enough of bemused looks with Jos....has to be said the day after I am feeling less harsh in my opinions, ..the new management team has only still had two games, I think we all know whatever the problems are it's going to be long road back to improvement....welcome to Sheffield Wednesday Mr Bruce and co..
  6. Southside Owl

    Why the urgency?

    I'd have kept Bullen on that bit longer...not sure he'd have beaten Hull but guess we would have played with more spirit..and be going to the next round of the cup..also not sure he wanted it , even if asked... as I think he was wanting a quick turnaround for the new regime ...
  7. Southside Owl

    its the managers fault apparently

    We don't have the right mix of players, ok everyone keeps saying that we have a talented squad etc but I think we have some talented individual players but who don't gell with one another..It seems like we have been saying they are great just to keep their confidence up...and our hopefulness..times like this makes me think Jos knew they couldn't cut it so went for youth and a passing continental approach to build a team...never mind the financial situation. never mind the injuries...but ultimately failed miserably in gaining results in time...and also being complete drivel to watch as a fan....Bruce has certainly got his work cut out...motivating them to work as a team would be a start..then if no improvement ...moving a lot of them on..., it will be interesting to see how each one performs in other set ups..it would have been so much better that Bruce have started immediately...now his job is going to be made harder...Agnew talks the talk and comes over well, but him saying when asked , I don't understand it..doesn't inspire me with confidence..he is paid to know or at least have an idea...having a confident feeling in a training sesh is what ?! ..anyhow if we do beat Luton and win our next championship match , .then we might be able to forget shiiite days like this...
  8. Southside Owl


    Just gave your post a smiley, then thought actually it's not funny, so you got a positive instead..
  9. Southside Owl

    Press Conference

    And he said -at the coalface-.....bet Carlos or Joss wouldn't even know what one was !!
  10. Southside Owl

    On This Day 1974 - Battle of the Kop

    Bit late to this post but I will never forget this match..I was on the kop...started off in the lepp.. and when it all kicked off got on the kop, via the south stand...by the time we had got there the kop had been filled by mancs..they wouldn't let anymore in..there was a large group of owls battling continually in the corner near the south stand..it was full on...non stop fighting..the owls fans were heavily outnumbered but went mental the mancs backing off.... remember the cop on the white horse, I am sure he even rode onto the bottom concourse of the terracing...it was batons out...lots of blood...it was mad..I think the papers said 130 odd arrests.... haven't never seen anything like it since...(exciting though.).
  11. Southside Owl

    Sorry I’m watching the cricket

    The first test starts the 23rd, the second one starts the 31st of Jan.....so the story fits time wise (if it's true at all) and he then should be back for the 1st of Feb...in a winning frame of mind...maybe Vaughany will be out there to give his advice....ooh just had a thought didn't Vaughan mention having a go at the Hillsborough job...
  12. Southside Owl

    Shortlist of 5

    To be fair this is more of a (posters personal) wishlist than a shortlist....
  13. Abdi to the rest of the team....do you think those Owlstalkers have cottoned on that I am never around..
  14. Southside Owl

    Meadowhall Shop

    Would have preferred it to have been on Abbeydale Road, bit further up from Bragazzis, kinda where Bardwells used to be...........ah well can't have it your own way all the time....
  15. Southside Owl

    Latest odds for next manager.

    I would rather stick with Jos, and that's saying something...