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  1. Love to know what badge that guy on the front row ,left, top pic, has on his shirt ? Is it the 1970s crest..? Lol..
  2. At this point in time Wednesday under Bruce are only 6 places higher than when jos the clown was sacked.....just saying...
  3. Organ grinder and monkey springs to mind...however from a poor managerial appointment to a what maybe a excellent one, let's hope so...
  4. It was always going to be a very tall order to beat Villa, Leeds, Norwich, nevermind Bristol (and Preston away who are only a few points behind us with better goal difference).with our form and current level of skill unfortunately not quite there yet....Even Steve Bruce acknowledges the transformation of the Leeds side ...and knowing Wednesdays unpredictability we might even pull something off at Norwich !!...I don't think it will help the Bertie's too much if we did win....cos I can't see Norwich losing lots of their remaining games...and no tbh, I don't even normally look at the Bertie's score on weekend, but at the moment it's bitter sweet alright.
  5. Okay,,get that positivity, and focus on our game...but give us a bit of license please.....where I live in South Sheffield I am surrounded by mouthy bertie's...who wouldn't give a poo if we dropped out of the football league...so yeah tonight I am not bothered that they are squealing....
  6. So 4 points from the derbys , now us losing us losing to L**ds,... chip butties only drawing with Millwall, erm I think we have done a great job denting their automatic promotion hopes....bet they love us even more tonight....
  7. Okay,,...can live with the cricket bats....but can we have blue and white roses please...?
  8. Yep weird feeling....really wanted us to win but now we lost not bothered, I wonder why ?.......
  9. Like the stripes...not sure about the neck line, don't like the red dots on the badge, whatever they are, sorry no red on a Wednesday shirt for me....fair price on viewing...got owt else ?
  10. Mrs Olds toffee rolls are the best, Mrs Olds toffee rolls are the greatest, She gets full dairy milk from her breasts, ..and her husband does the rest... Eastbank ...70,s....went straight to number one..
  11. Looks like a man who has lost four points from his promotion push...oh wait a minute he has....lol.
  12. And he didn't get beat by the Berties....er let me think, ...owt else......?
  13. Like how you snook in the 70s owl crest...is that what they call subliminal ? LoL.
  14. I'd be interested to know what the club or any club can do in these circumstances, granted probably nothing and ok this thread could have been in the owlstalk one but hey ho.
  15. Repeating what I have put in another thread here, but Bruce is at the moment not motivating the players..(doubt anyone could tbh ), three tests for me, to not lose in any real derbies , not to be relegated and to be in or around the top six next season by November....or else we need yet again a rethink of the management of S.W.F.C... ..however on a positive note lets win the next two and I may just may feel a wee bit more positive.
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