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  1. Looks like a man who has lost four points from his promotion push...oh wait a minute he has....lol.
  2. And he didn't get beat by the Berties....er let me think, ...owt else......?
  3. Like how you snook in the 70s owl crest...is that what they call subliminal ? LoL.
  4. I'd be interested to know what the club or any club can do in these circumstances, granted probably nothing and ok this thread could have been in the owlstalk one but hey ho.
  5. Repeating what I have put in another thread here, but Bruce is at the moment not motivating the players..(doubt anyone could tbh ), three tests for me, to not lose in any real derbies , not to be relegated and to be in or around the top six next season by November....or else we need yet again a rethink of the management of S.W.F.C... ..however on a positive note lets win the next two and I may just may feel a wee bit more positive.
  6. Didn't go today, but really disappointed with what I understand to be the lack of effort and passion..okay toytown but still a derby match...let's hope Bruce gets them battling for the real derby..if it's still this crap by November next season then I want someone else at the helm.
  7. Yeah but which Owl ? They are all our Owls , aren't they ? If you mean the 1973 and onwards one (which I prefer) then why is that particular one (our) Owl..?
  8. For my two penneth , I like both the current one and the 73 one...if I had to vote it would be a difficult decision, but I think the 73 one wins on its immediate effect and is surely more memorable for any non believer ...it is more recognisable . But doesn't Chansiri love all that tradition stuff..? So can't see it changing anytime soon..
  9. The only problem I have with the 70s one, when graffitied, the bertie's sprayed an arrow through our dearly beloved owls head...who the FC...K would graffiti the new emblem...(not that you should ever do such a thing... graffiti that is....)
  10. Sorry, but I am getting carried away..despite your sensible, measured, realism...it's just the kind of Owl I am.
  11. Cheers for the link, just listened and ok we still in the honeymoon period but it just sounds so refreshing and dare I say exciting ...really looking forward to the future now...maybe SENSATIONAL is the new MASSIVE !
  12. Sticking my neck out to be negged, but at least dull Jos didn't get beat by the Bertie's when we were proper rubbish...now that would be a fantastic positivity for the future if Mr Bruce can stuff them at S6.
  13. Got to agree with that......(it's just the next 30 years in-between that worries me ! )
  14. Well let's hope he is good as WE are ... !!...(actually though got a good feeling..about the future now,. .)..bring it on...
  15. Well judging from this text and other stuff flying around social media we ain't happy with people taking the peeesss out of our club...admire your laid back approach and analysis of classic media strategies, but for me they got it well wrong, poor research , poor punditry...(is there such a word as punditry?)...
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