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  1. Don't think anyone can argue with those stats....they will try though.
  2. There's more fight and spirit in my limp cōck than in our players.
  3. Very sombre......but needed to be as the last couple of results have been vvank and unacceptable. Not just Monks fault though, we need to see fight and spirit from the players too...
  4. Made me spit out the majority of an over-priced Espresso.
  5. This team is not that 'together'...it can't be. Giving your all and losing to a better team and/or luck, u have to grin and bear it. But having no endeavour/spirit/fight is unforgiveable.....if you try your best, it's good enough, but we haven't done that, and that's what's hard to take.
  6. U mean u don't believe all the bōllocks from a certain poster that said all the players are shìt and Monk is brilliant?
  7. Almost as bad as something that isn't spelt quite right....
  8. Big miss.....Hunt needs to play well tonight, sit a bit deeper than before. Like the attacking line up though!
  9. I agree that the cross should've been closed down much better. The time he had on the ball to pick out a man was scandalous. You don't have to defend a cross if it's blocked in the first place. A bit sh*t all round.
  10. Or they might just disagree with you or think you're hypocritical.....rather than 'crying'.
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