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  1. Windygrowler

    How to run a Football club ?

    Some good ideas there....mostly common business sense and brought by crippling debt - not sure Chansiri has either but we do need more money coming in and the active engagement with the fans seems like a no brainer. We would do well to implement some of these ideas quickly....
  2. Windygrowler

    Can we sign loan players or not?

    So we could possibly loan players after discussions with the EFL? But how long will that take? If it drags on for too much longer we'll end up with slim pickings.....like a slow dance with a fat bird at a disco?
  3. Windygrowler


    Also, can anyone that is going tonight let us know if they served custard creams and umbongo? Cheers
  4. Windygrowler


    Surely questions about parachute payments are for the EFL. Questions about ffp are only important to us in how it is affecting us, how we're going to move forward within these restrictions short and long term, and can we get any inbound transfers whether loans or other. Apart from that, everything else is secondary...
  5. Windygrowler

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    3 bids..... From 3 different clubs.... All for the EXACT same amount...... Sounds completely plausible.
  6. Windygrowler

    Team v Hull

    Exactly. If most of us can see it, surely jos can....hopefully he's not too stubborn to change things.
  7. Windygrowler

    Team v Hull

    Agree, which with the players we have is probably 4-3-3.
  8. Windygrowler

    Dingle Mick

  9. Windygrowler

    On my way back/player ratings

    Completely agree with this, goalies should barking at their defence constantly, berating them for letting a shot in or not marking up etc. Westwood does this and it kept everyone on their toes....
  10. Windygrowler

    Four Things that hopefully Jos has learnt

    Agree... A facking awful piece of business not to keep Venancio.
  11. Got writers cramp when he signed....
  12. Abdi got hamstring problem according to bbc...
  13. Fletch on for pelupessey
  14. He also looks Shiite in right midfield