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  1. He's a fool for doing this unless any big, positive, transforming news......but to be fair, he's got a massive pair of fu*king b#llocks on him too. Doesn't have to do this.....
  2. Windygrowler

    Disgraceful etc etc

    Gary Hooper takes getting back to match fit seriously...
  3. Windygrowler

    Jos took training today.....

    Saw her jogging in Kilnhurst.
  4. Windygrowler

    Jos took training today.....

    Bet u downloaded the picture anyway.....just to be sure..
  5. Windygrowler

    Jos took training today.....

    Looks a bit dry too...
  6. Windygrowler

    Jos took training today.....

    Feel a bit deflated now, need cheering up....
  7. Windygrowler

    ‘We Must See The Reality’

    I think he's just being honest. Difficult to admit that when ur a biased supporter... Our expections need to come down, it's sad to admit but u can't change the facts.
  8. Windygrowler


    Wasn't sure if I was going to reply to this apathy thread..... Not sure if I could be bothered.....
  9. Its harder than just simply catchin' Tuna....
  10. Windygrowler

    Over Complicated

    Sorry, had to be done...
  11. Windygrowler

    Forestieri Injured...

    Have you thought it through mate? They're very large animals, unruly, and shiit everywhere? Not to mention the food cost.....
  12. Windygrowler

    Treatment of Penney

    To be fair, operation Yew tree is what separates the men from the boys....
  13. Windygrowler

    Team for Derby

    5-2-3? Doubtful.