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  1. Two important words in the FA statement.....both of them are "alleged".
  2. Could it just be the old equation.... player out of contract + linked with random clubs = agent.
  3. But that's quite sad isn't it? I agree we need more pace....but movement is key also. When a team mate has the ball u run into space. L**ds did that very well tonight.
  4. You're right but why can't we have the same intensity? Everyone knows the high press is the way and as a footballer u hate having no time on the ball. Why can't we have the same intensity? Youth? Fitness levels? Desire? Just having a rant cos I'm disappointed....
  5. Think u chose the wrong option today.....
  6. Aside from many other factors.......we're moving the ball forward quicker than under Jos. Bruce alluded to that and has stated how important it is. He just knows what he's f@cking doing......
  7. Nice to have a manager that just says it as it is. No waffle, no shirking questions, just honesty and not playing anything down nor building anything up. The opposite of a politician....
  8. He wasn't bad and didn't have much help but just thought his decision making was shocking at times. Did a couple of silky runs though....
  9. What a tail Billy blunt is. Paid to stand next to Westwood at corners. Thought we held our own but didn't have much going forward after fessi went off. Boyd was shiit, Aaron's looked like a rabbit in the head lights, palmer played well at left back, and what's obvious is that we must sign Hector at all costs. Sell someone if need be, but he looks like des walker reincarnate.
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