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  1. Blame Monk if u want....maybe he's a bit shīt.....but the players are shìtter. Had a couple of spliffs to take the edge off.....we win ths 3-4.
  2. Only an idiot would think it's soley monks fault. If the players were giving their all, and we was losing by fine margins, then u could soley blame the manager and his selections/tactics. But the players have given up, no desire, no endeavour....pretty pathetic. However, I have never known a manager that makes so many changes at half time.....it's almost like an admission that he got it wrong in the first place. Lots of problems at the club, not just Monk. Would be easier if it was just Monk.....
  3. Fúcking useless. Nothing more to add. Apart from bunch of prïcks.
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