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  1. I hope the person that stole my prescription for anti depressants is happy..
  2. Bloody hell lads...we won?! We didn't play them off the park or massacre them......but we won.
  3. Key word for me there is tempo. With Harris, Murphy and Hutch, we have a lot of drive forward. I think we actually scare teams now with our pace now, and if we close them down like we did against Barnsley, I'm confident of a good result. Need to get at them from the start and get Hillsborough rocking.
  4. Hopefully Bannan will start and we can get back to winning ways. 2-0 to The Wednesday.
  5. Takes the pain of losing away. Well, the memory of it.
  6. From a philosophical point of view the glass half empty/half full conundrum is b#llocks......it depends on the initial state of the glass.....if the glass is full and u drink half.....its half empty. If its empty and u half fill it.....its half full. Yes I've been smoking but im right........
  7. Ok thanks. On holiday in lake District with shittest signal known to man.....so relying on owlstalk posters....
  8. Thanks, it's a gift. Clearly your gift is talking b*llocks.
  9. Perhaps I am one. Or perhaps I don't claim to know anything about it based solely on Dan Brown novels....
  10. You've just confirmed that YOU know nothing about freemasonry. The worshipful master is the caretaker of a lodge, with no power or authority and nothing more.
  11. If so, it's a total waste of talent that could've been used elsewhere. F*cking ridiculous.
  12. Shame, good player that brought leadership and gamesmanship to our team. Great attitude, and my holiday is ruined.
  13. Can anyone tell me why the Hector deal has fallen through? I'm trying to keep up with things but I'm on holiday in the lakes with the shittest signal ever.....
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