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  1. Good to see Lees having a word with the young lad. Time to impress.
  2. At least we're pressing them. Much better than against blackburn so far.
  3. As mentioned before our away tactics seem to suit us more. When we're on our game and press the opposition we can beat anyone. Sadly, we don't always do this, like against Blackburn, we sat back like Forest did against us and let them play. The top teams consistently work their ârses off and strive for the best week in, week out.
  4. Only a c*ck would have hair like that. Or a cockatoo...
  5. He's not as bad as some on here are saying. Not a world beater, and is much better in a 5 man midfield where there is no onus on him to create. He tackles and breaks up play and passes it out simple. And that's it. Cant fault his endeavour and spirit though.
  6. No way should we accept that gutless performance, but it's the players that take most of the blame, not Monk. Who knows why we go from great to shiit within a few days?
  7. Sitting deep to counter attack is fine... as long as you're still working your arse off to press and win the ball back...
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