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  1. Looks useful. So does the big centre forward. Sign 'em both. Be like signing Dave Clements and Brian Joicey all over again...
  2. Always jobs in Next warehouses, both south and west Yorkshire.
  3. Struck me today that two of our recent(ish) Scouse managers achieved promotion with us. AN omen? Got to be Cook for me, whether 2nd or 3rd division.
  4. He's now a professional daffodil grower. Karma...
  5. I heard Kieran Lee likes that too. Maybe they'll come together this season...
  6. We've more chance of getting Lester Pigott, Muddy Watters and Ivor Bolokov
  7. I was whether Bruce's head being turned came at a good time for him, giving him an opportunity to drag himself out of the mire he'd stepped into?
  8. Entertainment? wow. Minority? wow. Emperor's new clothes...
  9. I am the owner of the club, anything good or bad I take responsibility. Another contradiction...
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