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  1. Treborowl


    Were the chips rubbery?
  2. Treborowl


    Anyway what's wrong with balloons and cuddly toys?
  3. Treborowl


    I suppose you had to be there
  4. I wondered what had become of Victor Meldrew. Now i know...
  5. Treborowl

    Whats gonna happen tomorrow then?

    I never expect a win in June. Fingers crossed then.
  6. Treborowl

    Whats gonna happen tomorrow then?

    Like last time I went to Villa Park. Carbone playing for them... Half time comfort break, guy at the urinal by my side plonked his pie down between his feet, took a P, then picked his pie up and continued munching, despite the gratuitous vinegar. Gross.
  7. Treborowl

    Luhukay - Sacked or Backed?

    the post sounds like a knee jerk reaction to me
  8. That's his secret then. Hope he doesn't consider pulling any off at half time.
  9. Treborowl

    Hammoud, Borukov, Lonchar

    Out for 2 weeks...
  10. Treborowl

    Name The Signatures

    Tireless worker; allowed Megson to play...
  11. Treborowl

    Name The Signatures

    My son got one of those in the video shop on Middlewood Road. At that time the 'Wednesday house' was on our road. Players used to stay there until they got fixed up with their own places. The ones I can remember as well as Gary Shelton; Ian Bailey, Laurie Madden, Iain Heslop (RIP) and this chap...
  12. Treborowl

    Worst Signing Ever

    I'm voting for Bothroyd on account of his attitude. Jeffers comes close...
  13. Treborowl

    Bronco Layne

    3 from us and 3 from West Ham? One in the eye for the big boys MUFC, Liverpool etc.
  14. Treborowl

    Hurricane Florence

    The big guy - if I've got this right - was a bouncer at the Park Hotel. Name of Neil? I'm pretty sure he once went nose to nose with a tram I was on, refusing to let it proceed from the tram stop at the Masons on Langsett Road. The driver wasn't going argue and he kept the doors closed...