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  1. Treborowl

    Andy McCulloch

    A bit like Jordan Thorniley but a striker and about 40 years older but probably not related even though some might say they look a bit alike well maybe not now due to the age gape but you get my drift..
  2. Treborowl

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    but doesn't seem to flow right. There is medication...
  3. Treborowl

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    Too sensible. Say something outrageous!
  4. Treborowl

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    He might be a veggie who don't eat Spam, or ham, or even lamb. Maybe he just likes his butties 'wi jam in'...
  5. Treborowl

    New manager fits fans criteria!

    In Carlos' latest interview he couldn't have praised the Chairman more. Just saying...
  6. Treborowl

    Contract it is.......

    The plot thickens...
  7. Treborowl

    Jos on the Derby

    Maybe a 'herbal' remedy?
  8. Treborowl

    FAO all our fans going tonight

    It's our classic though, or at least one of a pair NJJ.
  9. Treborowl

    Jos on the Derby

    Haven't seen or heard of him for years. Has he maybe re invented himself as a Dutch/Indonesian football manager (and lost six inches in height before you say anything)?
  10. Treborowl

    is the bacon game

    white wine with red meat??? Thinking outside the box...
  11. Treborowl


    cynical but likely
  12. Treborowl

    is the bacon game

    Isn't that the original Jimi Hendrix cast? If so how did you manage to get your hands on it?
  13. Treborowl

    Prediction time

    I'll have a tanner each way on that...
  14. Treborowl

    Chansiri kicking off

    tea and toast :fish