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  1. Hendersons is definitely better than Worcester
  2. Roger Wylde on bus going to ground. It was c. 1977! Gary Shelton in Middlewood Road video shop. John Harkes, Nat West bank Wadsley Lane. Ian Bailey, neighbour John Quinn, shop Gerry Young, shop Nigel Worthington, visit to dressing room with Charlie Wade and my son Siggi Johnsson, as above Ian Cranston, as above Steve McCall, as above Nigel Pearson, son was mascot V Forest c. 1987. Chris Brunt and Brad Jones at the next table, Julios, Oughtibridge. Glenn Whelan, walk past in Morrisons Gary Megson, Walk past in Hillsborough park. Oh and Iain Hesford RIP once pushed my car, with one hand, and with me steering. Big guy: great guy.
  3. Marwood corner. Flick on by Lyons at the near post. Chapman at the far post Bang Goal! How often did that happen?
  4. Yes, he was an extra in Beetlejuice too.
  5. Reach (and his mystery toe job)?
  6. He could always play him in the back line if breaking up our domineering midfield is something he doesn't want to do. big LOL
  7. Reminds me of the old Blue Danube chant from the kop c1969. Der der der der der, w*nk w*nk, w*nk w*nk, and repeat...
  8. love child of Iorfa and Llera. Should be good.
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