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  1. I don't like the sound of that; on more than one level.
  2. Hard luck for messrs Sterland & Rodrigues methinks...
  3. That TV interview in front of the south stand after after we got relegated; A young lad in the background was singing 'We'll be back'. All Ron could do was acknowledge the lad 'cos he couldn't speak due to getting choked up... Top manager; best Wednesday team in my memory (which stretches back to '66). Happy Birthday!
  4. Bannan the matchwinner - 9 Palmer 8 Lees,Fletcher very good
  5. I might even get out of my armchair for this one...
  6. I think there should be a minutes silence/applause where only Bruce is allowed to move and he gets to chuck a trolley full of cabbages at the Villa fans.
  7. actually I too am too sexy for my shirt... this fellow also...
  8. as rare as seeing the queen topless.???
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