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  1. Went there about 1971, 2nd division days. They were decent. Pretty sure Big Ron was playing, and maybe his brother? Graham? I dunno. Might have dreamed that. Can anyone clarify?
  2. Just to confound us he's now taking full responsibility. I'm reaching for my salt cellar.
  3. Yea I didn't get that either. Why Play a semi fit player with his trousers round his ankles?
  4. Time to start protesting when we're allowed back in?
  5. Thought that said 'boiling an egg'. Need glasses...
  6. Obviously Option 2, assuming that wise spending and profiting from the development of young players would eventually take us back to the Premiership. Only then, ( and some clubs have to be), do we become an honours chasing club with money to spend, that is to say our money, not borrowed.
  7. Score cast tomorrow oh, 0-7. It mek me unhappy.
  8. Let's hope the players aren't too Girlie Girlie tomorrow
  9. Rather than garbage I think he's a square peg in a round hole. Maybe should have gone to Brentford.
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