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  1. How does that work? One volunteer for each paying fan? That would surely mean overcrowding... Or everyone help the person next to them? Think I'll stick to the South Stand either way...
  2. Thought we were going for 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 this season...
  3. My first thought was '"Is that the game when Ian Knight got crippled "? A chronological error methinks...
  4. Agree, but doesn't Chairman C sound just a little bit sinister?
  5. I was also thinking of Stuart Gray, Gray/Bullen partnership?
  6. I expect Chansiri will contact his solicitor. Somebody is going to pay...
  7. My biggest concern is the current season and the effect this will have on it if it's a drawn out process. In football chairmen and managers cone and go but the club will always exist and that's what we need to focus on right now. Agreed; my only concern is for the club I've supported since the mid sixties.
  8. Stood alongside him at the urinals, Grenoside community centre at the reception after his mate Danny Cameron married my friend from school. I didn't compare; he would have won!
  9. I don't like the sound of that; on more than one level.
  10. Hard luck for messrs Sterland & Rodrigues methinks...
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