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  1. Treborowl

    Forest Away

    Is that what they play in Cypress? I pine for those grounds
  2. Treborowl

    Forest Away

    Willow up front?
  3. Treborowl


    I wish mine was an 8
  4. Treborowl


    well don't blubber about it
  5. The butler did it.
  6. Treborowl

    Jack Baldwin

    Mike's lad?
  7. I remember he was signed and looked assured of a place in the match day squad. Then Rhodes came and Winnall was knocked down the pecking order. That must have p'd him off a bit. None of us really know what happened between him and FF, do we? Speak up if you do. If it was anything like a Hartson v Berkovic issue the I wouldn't want Winnall back. If it was handbags FFS give him another chance. If he doesn't prove himself then sell.
  8. For the good of the club they need to kiss and make up and both just do their chuggin' best.
  9. Funnily enough I remember Grummitt flying across the goal a few times to tip the ball around the post. I may have dreamt it... Didn't dream an away trip to Blackpool though c.1971, when Sissons belted the ball towards goal from about 30 yards and smacked defender Peter Suddaby right in the kisser, putting him on his back. Great moment.
  10. I'm not going to cry over spilt milk. Moving on. Preslav, over to you...
  11. Treborowl

    Ideas/ opinions please

    Please don't talk about cheese and veins I'm having to take tablets
  12. Treborowl

    1st fixtures

    Wigan A Le**s H