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  1. Fully agree. If we can sign Hector and keep Westwood, imagine a core of these two along with Lees, Bannan and Fletcher. Obviously I’m biased, but I do think they’re all pretty much as good as anything else in the division (or the best). Add in Reach, a still improving Palmer & a fully fit FF and for me that has the makings of a team that can mount a realistic challenge. And we now have some pretty solid cover in a number of key positions eg Pelupessy & Dawson (which maybe is the one good thing that did come out of Jos). Lots of ifs, buts and wishful thinking though....
  2. Really hard given it’s been a season of two halves but it’s got to be Hector, he’s been immense in the the last 4 or 5 minths, he’s our equivalent of Van Dijk. Westwood, Hutch and Fletcher all close. Reach was during the first half of the season. And Palmer definitely most improved - from mediocre last season to full international. And he’s still getting better - he’ll be one of our stars next season
  3. Yeah it’s disappointing to concede at the death but that must easily be our best performance this season? So much purpose and positive intent, and quality too (particularly in our passing), we went toe-to-toe away with the best team in the league and were probably the better team over 90 mins. And, has been pointed out, missing 4 or 5 key players. I’m still basking in that performance- if SB can get us playing with that level of intensity every game next season we’ll be right up there
  4. Agree with everything on here, until the last line! MOM for me was FF - outstanding all night and never stopped running. His purpose and positivity set the tone for the rest of the team. And it set a right example that others like Boyd and Matias have to follow. But very close call with Fletcher
  5. I think he’s been immense, one of our few positives this season. He’s rapidly becoming one of the best CBs in the league and the difference it makes to Lees having a partner like him is obvious. He makes the odd mistake, of course, but is usually able to recover it. Consistently 8 out of 10 at least He reads the game very well and I fancy him in any one v one situation and even in two v ones he often seems to come out top. He reminds me of Van Dijk Fingers crossed we can keep him - I think he’ll be key for us next season if we’re to mount a proper challenge
  6. Yeah there seems a lot of despondency about last nights performance but for the first 15-20 mins and last 10-15 I thought we competed very well. They dominated the middle section and it was worrying that we couldn’t retain possession for longer than we did, which then just invited pressure. Defensively though I thought we were very strong, admittedly riding our luck at times. And we could have sneaked a goal ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty SB needs to work on over the summer, but 1-0 away to one of the top teams isn’t a disaster.
  7. Based on that performance, Villa looked like a team which has momentum and is playing with confidence as a result. With only one really decent player. It pains me to say it given who is there, but the top 3 are playing at a different level to the rest of us and Villa (like us) are someway short of this. Compare them to Leeds last night.
  8. Agree on both counts. Easily the best game I’ve seen from Fox. And Hooper just seems to give us so much more up front.
  9. Hooper was outstanding, his hold up play and linking in other players was outstanding, which is something our other forwards don’t do anywhere near as well. I think he only gave the ball away a couple of times. And as others have said, B.B. ran the show - that pass through to Boyd on their six yard box that everyone in the stadium read apart from Boyd was just magic.
  10. Unquestionably our biggest game of the season , so far..... Hopefully the stadium will be full and rockin. I generally felt confident Carlos knew what to do in these big games, certainly in the first part of his reign (Newcastle x2, Brighton, etc.) - given his pedigree, I’m hopeful SB can pull one out the bag this Saturday
  11. I don’t think his quality has ever been in doubt, it’s been his ability to consistently influence games, like the great players do. And because of his quality I think he’s probably judgedby higher standards than many of the other players (I know I do). Looks like he’s playing much further forward under Bruce though, where he’s so much more effective. He’s much better playing around the opponent’s penalty box rather than the centre circle. He could be coming back into form just at the right time....
  12. We’ve definitely got momentum. We’re certainly not the finished article but we’re getting better game by game, and just in time. Defensively we look very solid and I think that’s giving the midfield and forwards real confidence and allowing them to start finding their attacking form. I wouldn’t fancy playing us right now....
  13. Agree, and it’s so frustrating he can’t/doesn’t do this more often! Physically he’s an absolute unit and as a defender I’d hate to play against him, but he makes it easy for them
  14. And he wins so many headers, all over the park. Quite a contrast to Nuhiu (who must be getting on for 6 inches taller)
  15. Villa definitely looking good but they’ve got some tough games left including their last two which are against Leeds and Norwich....
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