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  1. No doubt i'm a little late with this one but quite a few people in the pubs before the Chelsea game were talking about Tango being in discussions about appearing in I'm a celebrity get me out of here. Firstly is he really a celebrity? Secondly i know they often put in minor celebs or even relatives of celebs but if this is the case then how will he keep up his support for SWFC if he's thousands of miles away?My mate Steve asked him at half time and he just laughed and said he's got a Wednesday sleeping bag for his luxury item.
  2. Nor do me or any of my mates simply because we were the original Blades. Like most of you know we were known as the Blades before we became known as the Owls so calling the pigs that name is just wrong.
  3. 18 months with option of another 12.
  4. Since the announcement was made earlier today i'm being bombarded with messages from those unoriginal lot calling him Agent Bruce. No doubt we'll hear this every time we don't win under his leadership. Let's just show them that the City is ours and Hopefully Steve Bruce will prove a 'Massive success.
  5. 100% best player in the league on his day when fully fit.
  6. Before the dust is even settled we see Carlos, Semedo and Ronaldo are being touted as a consortium preparing to make a bid for us. Today's Metro (20/12/18) a:m edition states that Carlos and Semedo would be involved in the day to day running of the club while Ronaldo would be an investor and advisor.
  7. Or simply not as passionate as other fans. Imagine how the S2 lot would have reacted....
  8. Having browsed on here for so long now and all the time read about how upset the fans are with the state of the club, owner, manager, players, stadium, ticket prices, merchandising etc etc I find it absolutely amazing there's been no fan protests apart from the odd crowd chant. Imagine the reaction of most other clubs supporters if they had to put up with all of this. Sheffield Wednesday is our club we pay more than most in to the pot and we deserve the right to peacefully confront the players, manager and owner on match days and protest in the car park and surrounding areas to get ourselves heard. It's about time they listened to us and saw our passion. Fake meetings and cancelled forums fall on deaf ears. We need to act and act fast.
  9. Why is it when we sign a notoriously good player he ends up being crap for us? Is it because we play them in a different position to what he played in at his previous club that attracted us to him in the first place? It's the same when we sign a new manager. We could get Pep in charge and he'd no doubt flop and his star signing Messi would end up missing sitter after sitter.
  10. Well it's now Monday and it's coming up to 2pm and Jos is still our manager. Did your source happen to mention what time it would happen or just the day?
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