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  1. Just wondering how long it will be until the tabloids are saying that Semedo along with his close friend are going to do a Beckham or a Neville and Butt etc and become owners of a club. He keeps saying he hopes have a future involvement with Wednesday in some capacity so unless he's planning on being out coach or manager then you just never know.
  2. Interesting listening to Darren Gough on talk sport yesterday talking about how he'd heard that Wednesday turned down Nike's offer of manufacturing the first team kit and training kit even though they offered the biggest deal outside of the premiership. It makes you wonder what's behind DC's thinking. A bit of egotism maybe?
  3. Nigel Worthington. He was just not good. Plus he looked more like a church organist than a professional footballer.
  4. Simply that.... A leader, demands respect from the players and takes total charge. Knows the game inside out and has the contacts. Monk... Been in the game 5 mins is on his sixth managerial job, no control over the players and has no respect from the players. No contacts not even a sidekick assistant. DC should go and get Big Sam as soon as our punishment is found out so that he can build a proper team to face the future challenges. He'd have us in the Premiership sooner than any other manager that's available right now that's for sure. Some might not like his style but let's be honest we're in the championship not the top end of the Premiership so we have to play whatever way is necessary to bring us success as soon as possible.
  5. I keep reading how Monk needs to wait until the summer and rebuild. Does anyone really trust him with the club's money. If his January recruits are anything to go by and his view that players like Dawson are worth regular team selection then my opinion is his newly assembled summer squad will be even worse than the dross we've got now. If this is the case he'll not be able to move any if them on and he will have no choice but to keep picking them. The future really does look terrible.
  6. JT with Gus Poyet as director of football.
  7. Can't believe how quickly things have got to this. Only a couple of years ago under Carlos we were laughing at United taunting them. They were league one garbage looking on at us challenging for the premier league and taking tens of thousands down to Wembley. Our following was fanatical and the players lapped it up. Carlos got the footballing world to sit up and take notice of us. As fans we were confident no matter who our opponents were. We were scoring wonder goals from all over the pitch with some of our goals being shown for weeks. We put Arsenal to the sword at Hillsborough where the stadium was literally rocking. Now look at us? The atmosphere is dead, the goals have dried up and we're not even confident when playing anyone at our place let alone away. The players have given up and the managers clueless.
  8. If it's true that Monks only contracted until the summer then surely we need to be looking at a suitable replacement assuming Monk won't be offered an extension. It's clear for everyone to see we are drifting towards an uncertain future aimlessly with no direction. Under Bruce we had a direction a style of play that the players adapted too and was mostly successful under his short tenure where as under Monks guidance we've go no identity and the players to be honest don't even look bothered. Over at S2 they've got direction and strong leadership that the players recruited match up to. They're a team that look desperate to win and are prepared to run through walls for the shirt. We look just the opposite to that and don't show any fight or togetherness at all. We're a squad of bad to average players at best which obviously isn't going to bring any success at all. We've not got a single player apart from maybe Bazza that looks good enough to play in the premier league and that's a worry. Therefore our only hope is to get a manager in that knows how to grind out results involving being able to change our play when needed. A manager that the players know is a born winner and won't stand for nothing less than 100% commitment. A manager that can offload the dead wood and is capable of putting together a squad of players that we know care and are desperate to succeed.
  9. Can't really argue with that pal. He is a fraud and so are most of the players we put on long term deals. Dawson being the latest one to work hard to get a deal then sit back and not give a monkey's. We need a new squad it's as simple as that. None of the players could really be classed as good players I'd say average at best and that includes the manager. Sad times ahead.
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