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  1. Recycled paper I would imagine. The same type your home grown beans are wrapped in. Your too Red to support Wednesday pal.
  2. Kevin Ticker Taylor in a proper Sheffield Wednesday kit.
  3. I said on here a couple of months in to Monks tenure that we should go all out and go for big Dunc. Sometimes players need to know who's the boss and i'm sure Duncan Ferguson would remind them. When he was caretaker boss at Everton last season he turned them from a crap team in to a winning team over night and it looked like the players loved him on the side lines. Every time they scored the scorer made a point of running to him to celebrate and he was also good at getting the crowd going.
  4. NIGEL PEARSON is free and available right now. DC should be making 2 calls this morning, one to Monk to tell him he's relieved of his duties and the other to Nigel Pearson to offer him the job of manager at SWFC. Offer Pearson what he wants just get him. Him and Craig Shakespear would be a perfect fit for our club.
  5. Would anyone on here say that Gary Monk is a good manager? Would anyone on here say they hope Gary Monk continues to be the manager of Sheff Weds? He's assembled a team and put together his backroom staff and this is the outcome. No more excuses. These are his players and his coaches. He needs to do the right thing and step aside while the season is still young and let a new manager improve things, or, DC needs to fire him with immediate effect.
  6. Hillsborough is quickly becoming our bogey ground. Is it the old girls way of telling us it's now time for a new place? I'm not suggesting we move to the moon i'm simply asking is it time for a new home? She's looking tired and unloved now compared to when she was held in high regard and was first choice for semi finals etc. Lots of clubs are now in the same situation as us and are doing something about it. Even last night's victors have recently moved in to a brand spanking new stadium. I'm not even suggesting we leave the area i'm just saying we look dated now and maybe need a new start that
  7. Now the seasons starting to settle down things are getting back to normal. How long until Monk is fired? I still think it will be before Christmas. This is his team now dominated by players that he's brought in. No excuses anymore he can't hide or blame other people.
  8. Talk Sport 10.30am this morning. West Ham fans ringing in about the standard of signings and how they haven't had a good one since Di Canio. This was then followed up by how Di Canio was a club legend and how he is worshipped by West Ham fans. A little later on Talk Sport 2 the topic was the best players ever in the premier league and yet again Di Canio was in the top 10. When the subject then changed to the best foreign player to have played in the premier league he was voted 6th. Stuart Pearce and Dennis Wise then referred to him as the greatest player ever never to play for his country. On
  9. Let's see if your still supporting him by Christmas.
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