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  1. If only we had stuck with Carlos. We'd have been up now or certainly would be by the end of this season. A 42.75% win rate and a few bad results and he's gone. He loved the club and still does and gave us the biggest success we've had for years. Now we're a very average side without a permanent manager with falling gate numbers and fans that have lost heart. Thanks for your time Carlos and sorry from all of us that wanted success in the same way as you did.
  2. Can't you guys have a wider imagination than ringing the bell for the usual suspects? Rowett, Oli, blah blah blah. They're the usual drab lot linked to jobs outside the premier league. You should want better for our club than that bunch of serial p45 collectors.
  3. Here's one that should put Bullens managerial talent and ability to the test. If DC does get shut of him and install a new manager will another championship club approach him to be there manager? How about a league one club? League 2?
  4. Well he did say he left at half time along with Sammy
  5. If DC wants a suit manager i'd rather he got Carlos back.
  6. Having heard Pat Nevin comment on Talk Sport 2 this evening that Big Sam was in his view in the running for the managerial job and that he was sat in the stands today it does make you wonder? Or maybe he was just watching the game as a fan.
  7. I've been working away down in Hertfordshire this last week so i was unable to attend last night's match against Luton but managed to find it on a radio station. During the talking up of the game the 2 commentators (one being a former Luton player) spoke of our lack of firepower in front of goal but how we have a lot of strikers. They said how had we got a striker capable scoring on a regular basis and with the service we're now capable of supplying him with players like Bannan, Harris, Murphy and Reach we would be there or there abouts at the end of the season. The outcome was that we would probably finish top half of the table but fail to make the play-offs based on that. I then listened to the match and just as they said our main strikers failed us again and we had to rely on who ideally should and does put them on a plate for the strikers. My fear is over time the lack of goals will really take a grip on us and send us tumbling down the league even thow we've completely outplayed our opponents week in week out. We've all seen it before we dominate but because we can't score we get a 0-0 draw or the other team nicks it with a late break or a penalty. I'm loving us being top of the league I'm just looking at the long term picture. Up the Owls.
  8. Warnock trips landing face down with his shirt getting soaked only to expose his chest "WAWAW" tattoo.
  9. And people called Kenneth or Raymond eating Ringo's. That's peeved me off since 83/84 Your pet goat Steve?
  10. Thank you my friend and may your God be with you.
  11. His God was quite possibly Jos. It's all linked when you think about it.
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