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  1. Arcadianrocket


    Leon didnt cost 8m.
  2. Arcadianrocket

    Tom Lees

  3. Kazenga Lua Lua a free agent.
  4. Arcadianrocket

    Tom Lees

    Why does he not have a song then? He has been here 4 years.
  5. If we don't sign anyone it's not the end of the world. The injured players are like new signings. Would be lovely to get rid of some of the deadwood such as Jones, Abdi even Fox. I do think we are in desperate need of another CB.
  6. Arcadianrocket

    Tom Lees

    Or maybe it just made me re-think how important he is and if he did leave how a lot of this forum would not blink an eye and probably retort we have JVA.As they saw him do a nice cross field ball into the crowd once.
  7. Arcadianrocket


    what do they know,
  8. Arcadianrocket

    Tom Lees

    Lees has been absolutely brilliant for us since he signed. For me he is still our most under rated and under appreciated player at the whole club. He is an absolute rock and without him towards the back end of last season, it does not bear thinking about. I think the best way to sum Lees up is the Brighton away playoff match. Watch then two blocks when they are on the siege, those two blocks one after another shows the heart,passion and robustness he plays with. This leads me onto my point. Where is the appreciation with a song like Bannan, FF etc all have. He is just as deserving. It's Lewis Buxton all over again.
  9. Arcadianrocket


    Its an old F in photo, jesus. He is training with the first team squad!!!
  10. Hooper is a lot closer than most think. Still has a chance for first game imo.
  11. Arcadianrocket

    nac breda

    Heard Burnley were there watching two of our players. Would imagine one is definitely Tom Lees.
  12. Arcadianrocket


    Waghorn is woeful. Be hilarious if they pay anything above 5m for him.
  13. Rotherahm have signed Billy Jones. They now have a better RB then us.
  14. Martin CB from Norwich available for loan. Think he would do a decent job for a season.
  15. Arcadianrocket


    bore off