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  1. Arcadianrocket

    The Signing of Jordan Rhodes

    Good comparison. Hogan is a little more livelier though.
  2. Arcadianrocket

    Rhodes to ranges

    If Rhodes leaves I hope he does not go to the SPL as anyone can score in that league, look at Stevie May and then the cult of Rhodes will think he has been re-born. We should look to loan him to Blackburn who will want him I would have thought and they will also do what many of you think is the way to get him scoring. Then we wlll see if we can get something back for him in the long run. A striker scoring loads in SPL does not mean anything and have any real value we have seen that one in the championship does
  3. Arcadianrocket

    Big Atdhe haters

    It's a bit harsh for people to keep slagging any posters off who have ever been critical of Nuhui in the past. I don't think you will find a fan on here who will say last season he wasn't good enough. He is as fit as we have ever seen him, slim and mobile and his hold up play and touch has been excellent. He is also ow scoring as a result of all the previous. However, in the past he has been over weight, slow and there is no wonder he had his critics. If he can keep up his form from last season and stay in shape he is right up there in terms of being first choice. Nuhui has started applying himself and coming of age. He has been inconsistent in the past and it's only down to that he had quite right a lot of fans who did not rate him. It's down to him now, like I say if he keeps this form up, he is better option than Fletcher and Rhodes, so already he is up the pecking order.
  4. Oliver Norwood would be a good signing to play alongside Bannan and Lee.
  5. Arcadianrocket

    The Signing of Jordan Rhodes

    For me at the time we needed a center back and I had hoped for James Chester. Chester and Lees with Loovens as back up would have been good.
  6. One to keep an eye on. Adam Maher. Spotted in Sheffield yesterday evening so could be signing for one of the clubs around here.
  7. Arcadianrocket

    Matias wants to stay..

    Of course he wants to stay, he is getting paid to do nothing.
  8. It has often been said that the chairman made this signing because we as fans demanded it. I agree that a lot of fans had wanted to sign him. It made me think had the club asked us as fans who we wanted to sign for the amount paid and did a poll - who do do you think at the time many of us would have asked for?
  9. Arcadianrocket

    Preslav Borukov

    Why would any young striker in the youth team want to sign when we have previously just signed Fletcher, Winnall and Rhodes.
  10. Arcadianrocket

    Westwood Going

    Very loose statement saying both will be better.
  11. Arcadianrocket

    Westwood Going

    Without Westwood Chansiri and this new era may not eve have started. Kept us up first season keeping a clean sheet record. Second season equals record and playoffs, where his performance away at Brighton was inspirational. Third Season - Playoffs. One bad season and Owlstalks armchair professors have deemed him surplus to requirements. Why does Westwood not get the support and some of the other players on here? Some who haven't performed for more then two seasons.
  12. Arcadianrocket

    Westwood Going

    Very injury prone.The lack of respect for Westwood and appreciation that he is head and shoulders above Dawson and Wildsmith is staggering. If Westwood leave people seem to miss that may then trigger someone like FF leaving too, Its a massive sign we are not aiming for promotion if we allow westwood to leave.
  13. Arcadianrocket

    Bookies slash odds on Forestieri going

    Not a chance he is going.
  14. Next year is our 4th season under Chansiri, how fast has that gone?
  15. Arcadianrocket

    I just watched! #swfc

    is there even a debate to who the best keeper is?