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  1. Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    Makes no sense why they don't do what you have suggested.
  2. Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    With thee bars behind the Kop they have two tills with about 4 people behind, but two are serving and two are stood there ready to pour and fetch from the fridge. It's not allowed to serve and fetch a bottle apparently. There is enough space for four tills, with four people all operating.
  3. Has anyone else experienced what has to be Faulty Towers esque performances week in week out by the staff. They are so crap, I start to question if I am part of a wind up, to see which fan flips first. I am referring to the Kop Bar with one either side of the standing area, where it's outside but you cannot smoke unless you step over a line whilst still outside. This bar is dreadful and the staff are woeful. Last week they had one guy whose sole job was purely to hold a bottle opener. Much to the dismay of the local chav in front of me, who soon put a stop to this and opened his round of 18 beers with his teeth. Fundamentally, the issue is the draft beers and their insistence on pouring each beer for everyone. If beers must be poured.......why on earth are they not poured 5 minutes before half time. Why do they not have the plonker holding the bottle opener, at the back of the bar pouring beers ready to go. You have no chance of getting a beer at actual half time, you have to leave on 40 minutes to stand a chance, which this season has not been an issue. However you don't really want to be missing 5-10 mins of football because the club are employing people who cannot multi task.
  4. Danny Batth

    He would be a great signing for us. Strong, mentally and physically. We need to start signing players who are both fit physically but also mentally. He knows this league and has an affinity with the club. Lees and Batth to me on paper is a great partnership. Westwood Hunt Batth Lees New. Defence is then sorted.
  5. Brilliant .... Jordan Rhodes

    He only got a start due to Joao and Nuhiu injuries though.
  6. Defensive manager ...

    Perhaps he got banned by his aggressive stalker Belfast Owl.
  7. Brilliant .... Jordan Rhodes

    When Rhodes scored away at Villa and Forest we had the same threads. The harsh reality is he is our 6th choice striker. I am pleased he scored and won us the game but for me it does not change anything in terms of we have paid well over the odds for a player who when the going gets tough, does not contribute enough.
  8. Joey loves it doesn't he

    His attitude seems top notch but hate to be the bearer of bad news = he is not good enough.
  9. QPR Game

    What did Tuesday night tell us? Kieran Westwood is certainly required next season. Liam Palmer should be released and we need a better right back to compete with Hunt. Jordan Thornily (people won't like this) is not good enough. Adam Reach mentality is very concerning. One bad touch or pass in the first 10 minutes usually means he will go on to be rubbish. Pelupesy is League 1/2 Standard. Jos does not inspire much confidence. Any manager would have kept this team up, for me he has done a mediocre job.
  10. Two Major Concerns with Jos

    Why do some posters think a manager like Warnock or McCarthy would suit Rhodes? These are full blooded up and at the managers who want their strikers to be strong, powerful and hold the ball up. Rhodes would last two seconds under a manager like this.
  11. Wildsmith

    kicking is sunday league standard.
  12. 1. Adam Reach being played out of position/ In this formation the Reach position is one of the most important. Reach is no way near quick enough with his thinking, technically good enough to pass the ball as required and he is the worst player we have for pulling out of tackles. Reach biggest asset is his stamina and work rate. He is a perfect for the left wing back role. Then you have Boyd, who unlike Reach has technical ability, can see a pass and tackles. Yet he has no ability to run anymore. Until FF, Hooper can play in the reach position, then I have been concerned Jos hasn't decided to try and swap Reach and Boyd around. 2. Signing of Joey Pelupessy. I know many will say it is too soon to judge and perhaps it is. Butterfield gets vilified on here but Pelupessy offers little either. The games just passes him by. When the ballwent up in the middle yesterday, second half and he just ducked out of the way, petty much sums up the sort of player I think he is. When Hutchinson is in that middle we have some energy and power. A player who does not shirk a challenge. Why since the playoff final we have failed to get a replacement or competing player for his role I don't know. Pearson at Preston does the role ten times as well as Pelupessy. One major thing he has got right though is establishing Rhodes is past it and allowed Joao and Nuhiu to blossom.
  13. Butterfield

    Pessy is not much better.
  14. So Jos in or out at the end of the season??

    Out for me. Like many have said his game management is dreadful. Gives Matias and FF hardly any game time, then when they do come on we have our only chance of the game. Negative manager seems far too concerned with every team we play. Importantly - Keeps playing Reach out of position!
  15. Kieran Westwood

    Wildsmith is not in the same class as Westwood and never will be.