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  1. Anyone else notice who was first on the scene to celebrate with Big Dave for both goals? Yep, good old George Void........the bloke is literally a bystander watching good sh*t happen around him!! He reminds me of when you're on a camping trip, and something heavy needs shifting, like say a picnic table...... 4 adults get on each corner to shift it..........little lad comes up and grabs on too, thinking he's helping, but taking none of the weight...........LOOK DAD I'M HELPING, I'M HELPING..........
  2. Hi Hopefully someone can help me out here.........in the run-up to the 1993 FA Cup semi-final, my wife did a modeling job for Sega.....they did a shoot with her dressed in a purple catsuit (!) sat on Chris Waddles' knee.........despite my wife's assertions it was on the front page of the Sheffield Star at the time, I can't find it....have searched Telegraph, Star and Green 'Un archives in Graves library. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions please?
  3. Decent stats, young, out of contract in the summer............potential target? Although he may get a nosebleed coming this far north
  4. Then surely this means Reach has got to be played out wide left rather than centrally when Rhodes plays?
  5. Here's 5 reasons why we'll win tonight: 1. Feelgood factor now The Beast from the East has gone, the fans will be loud tonight, makes a difficult atmosphere for Ipswich 2. Law of Averages 1 - McCarthy hasn't lost at Hillsborough. Ever. He's due!! 3. Law of Averages 2 - Last time Rhodes scored I was clean shaven. He's due too,,,,,,,. BIG TIME. 4. Experienced players from the bench on Sat will come in tonight. Fresh legs, older heads. 5. Lees is back.......
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