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  1. Hi Hopefully someone can help me out here.........in the run-up to the 1993 FA Cup semi-final, my wife did a modeling job for Sega.....they did a shoot with her dressed in a purple catsuit (!) sat on Chris Waddles' knee.........despite my wife's assertions it was on the front page of the Sheffield Star at the time, I can't find it....have searched Telegraph, Star and Green 'Un archives in Graves library. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions please?
  2. Rhodes and Hirst

  3. Bobby Reid

    Decent stats, young, out of contract in the summer............potential target? Although he may get a nosebleed coming this far north
  4. Rhodes and Hirst

    Then surely this means Reach has got to be played out wide left rather than centrally when Rhodes plays?
  5. Here's 5 reasons why we'll win tonight: 1. Feelgood factor now The Beast from the East has gone, the fans will be loud tonight, makes a difficult atmosphere for Ipswich 2. Law of Averages 1 - McCarthy hasn't lost at Hillsborough. Ever. He's due!! 3. Law of Averages 2 - Last time Rhodes scored I was clean shaven. He's due too,,,,,,,. BIG TIME. 4. Experienced players from the bench on Sat will come in tonight. Fresh legs, older heads. 5. Lees is back.......
  6. I smell victory tonight.....