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  1. That’s what we need! No sitting back headless chickens! Come on now Wednesday!
  2. My mate told me when he played for Leeds he was decent……until he dropped a right clanger more often than none.
  3. Yeah I think that’s what he means and that what Newcastle fans don’t feel from their owner.
  4. Just been watching Gary Neville talking on sky sports pre Newcastle vs Leeds game. Asked about his thoughts on Newcastle United and some of their troubles he mentioned that an owner absolutely needs to be connected with the people of that city. I was wondering how fans feel when it comes to swfc and connecting with the fans. I’ve not lived in that area since I was a kid but regardless I can’t help agreeing that this is something a few clubs are missing right now….
  5. Well problems usually start at the top and trickle down without mentioning names but as I say I really hope I’m wrong
  6. Them deep rooted problems we’ve had don’t go away overnight and although it all sounds bright and happy with lots of photos of smiles in training it’s evident we are not out the woods regardless of how many managers you throw at it. I hope to be wrong on this cos it’s negative but that yesterday was dire.
  7. Yeah agreed. Proper sponsorship now hms pi55 the league has set sail.
  8. Right top lad. Wish more players had same productivity and ethos as this fella.
  9. His contract is absolutely no tackling under any circumstances.
  10. Now announce a proper striker swfc…
  11. Yeah feels right tho don’t it. I’ll be so disappointed if he fails us….
  12. Goals. Need someone who can finish and smash em in left right and centre. Otherwise we stay in league 1.
  13. Work in York I’m surrounded by mostly Leeds fans. Love it when we stuff em at theirs and go in to the tea room and make a nice cup of tea in my Wednesday mug
  14. My mate just informed me. Being a Leeds fan he’s just laughed his nips off saying he’s awful...
  15. He’s not saying anything a football fan doesn’t already know and why does he talk to us like we are simpletons? The days are gone where a big fat check book bought your way to the top of the football tier without proper structure and planning. It’s harder and harder and the likes of Brentford show this can be done. Has Mr Chansari just woken up ??
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