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  1. Doesn’t necessarily need to be healthy. Fast food has come a long way since the 70’s.
  2. You can sense from what their manager had to say that they are slightly concerned coming to Hillsboro with only a 1-0 lead. They should be coming to a club like Wednesday with a full crowd and taking on our players. We should be more than capable of coping with that.
  3. Intimidating home crowd for us tonight. Poor game we got away lucky with 1-0. It’s game on now Monday night.
  4. Tbf the score reflects the game so far. When are we turning up?
  5. No composure so far. We’re not playing Liverpool. Come on Wednesday
  6. Whatever the team selection, tactics, game management etc I’m sorry to say it clearly isn’t quite good enough. As you can see the teams above us are getting it right and we ain’t.
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