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  1. Another wave of covid and that will really tear some football clubs a new A-hole...
  2. His club his name. F**ck sponsors f@@k fans it’s dephon chansaris football club and he wants his name everywhere.
  3. It is true. It’s embarrassing. If your going to do something do it properly or don’t bother.
  4. VAR. another chapter to add into the book of football and it’s demise.
  5. Didn’t think he was as bad as people are making out.
  6. Out of the three clubs Wednesday can do it. I truly believe we can.
  7. It is/was. Whimping out of a free kick and letting Harris take it after the dross game he was having.
  8. No one is going to play the same having seen only part of their wages paid in. Hard times but a multi millionaire would ensure at all costs the staff got their contracted wages ESPECIALLY after the negativity of a points deductions plus fighting relegation. It’s simple stuff really but there you have it this guy has had a go at playing football club owner, taken a gamble and totally left this beloved historic club in tatters.....UTO.
  9. Harris was awful. When he took that free kick instead of bannan you could see JS say ‘baz!...why??!’
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