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  1. I didn’t follow match today or watch any results. I just logged in here now to see what I was expecting. Gutted for this club.
  2. Bit of pulis ball to start then build to monk ball......and get nowt cos I can’t polish a turd.
  3. Imagine......if he only goes and keeps us in the championship! Good news this let’s hope he brings some positivity back to this club.
  4. This. We’re so British sit and just moan about things. I’d get in my car now and drive down for this if this was even tonight. Good point about Covid and press tho...... Bugger.
  5. Tbf their roof cladding is slightly better than ours
  6. Get one down ya tonight even one of them Chicago town jobs doesn’t have to be bbq!
  7. Wildsmith Urgi. Lees. Dunks Hutch Harris. Pellupessy Bannan. Reach Rhodes. Patto
  8. I want to know where’s the Respect......?...... Where’s the respect for generations of fans at this club from this business man. He’s so f’ing arrogant. He needs to come out and meet us half way and respect what we hold close to our hearts and have for generations. We get nothing, thins the team out of quality, no manager, sells ground, frivolous spending, crap accounting etc etc the list goes on. Come on mr big business man sort this club out and grow some. And another thing before I end my rant....‘he’s not the messiah he is in fact a VERY naughty boy’
  9. Coach driver did a couple of good reactive left hand bends.
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