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  1. Doh! Reading!........we so desparately need them three points. Could we just could we just nick a goal and then just close the door........meh can always hope.
  2. Mmmm. Not sure about that one. Both blinding players when they play well.
  3. I remember Tim and Annie from the pub. My dad used to sink a few pints with Tim. I remember going up to their house as well. Lovely people.
  4. Definitely the right approach to be taking to bring in the goals. Hopefully to bring in someone in Jan who's a real threat up top.
  5. This means so much if he indeed has identified the problem. Can't actually believe it's gone on so long if the problem was that easy to identify....
  6. It was nearly a fist fight in that box so no wonder he blew. Swansea were pushing and kicking as much as us. The fact is the ref blew before the goal and you play to the whistle. Goodnight Swansea.
  7. It’s going to be tough to stay up without any goals going in at t’other end. I hope derby stay crap a bit longer.
  8. Good effort tonight we showed fight. Nothing up front though nothing. Westwood? What’s up with him now?? Im a critic of odubajo but he had a good game apart from that clearance. Paterson what a grafter but lacks some quality. Reach found that left foot at last get in UTO. We can build off this. Well happy with a point against Swansea!
  9. Looks good. Passing the ball better and getting stuck in to win it back. Agree odubago having a good game. If we can just get through the game without any silly blunders.
  10. Ok noted let's hope it works out for TP at Sheff Wed
  11. The article is unfinished. Should read: .....and then when things went from bad to worse he started switching players around. We didn't know what positions we were playing or whether we would be on the bench or even frozen out from playing.
  12. Trying to stay positive but I don't see a win.....or draw....but hey we won against Bournmouth!! Harris back in get Odubajo off. Come on you Owls!
  13. Surely it’s just sensible numbers to start. Mask up, distance, don’t touch owt, sanitise job done.
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