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  1. Oh, hello. I'm sorry, he's not in. He's out with Hargreaves on a Christmas do. Matchday thread? No ,no , I can't be sitting about waiting for the stroke of midnight to do one in his absence, I've got better things to do with my night off, I'm sorry. I knock-off in half an hour. Now? Well I can copy and past the team news if you like? Well, yes of course it'd be nice of me to sit here and give you loads of football chat , it's what you're here for, but sadly I haven't got a clue what any of it's about to be honest. 22 blokes kicking a ball around while thousands pay through the nose to look on whilst moaning about it and enduring years of misery. I thought you were supposed to enjoy your hobbies? All seems a bit strange to me to be honest with you. Can't say I see the attraction. Each to their own and all that I suppose. He's been mumping about the place himself all week to be honest. "EFL this....hellbent scouser that....Steve Gibsons sticking his oar in.....what about derby...". I don't really know what he's on about. One minute he's telling me the Chairman's brought this on himself. Next thing he's saying he feels sorry for him and that he's had bad advice. Tuesday he tells me 'my beloved Owls are doomed with this vendetta', Next day he's jubilant , he says 'they've picked on the wrong club' and that this Chairman 'won't bend over and take it up the ricker'. That they've 'picked a fight with the wrong man.' His mood swings have been shocking for days. Up and down like a tarts drawers. This morning he's changed his tune again. Face as miserable as sin, lamenting over breakfast that 'even if we win this one, they'll be after us forever more for revenge.' By the time I'd dropped him off at the pub he was reckoning that the old fella with the sandwich board on the Lepp was right and that the end really is nigh. Might be one of the reasons he's gone for a jar with the bald overlord tonight. After all,if you're going to go out, go out with a bang. Speaking of which. Must dash myself, meeting Scutty Suzy down the Miners Helmet. Enjoy yourselves at the game. If that's possible , you barmy lot! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday - V - Birmingham Saturday 7th December 15:00: Kick off Hillsborough -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE TEAM NEWS Wednesday will have striker Fernando Forestieri missing against Brentford because of a knee problem. Keiren Westwood is also injured and Liam Palmer is suspended, but Julian Borner returns after serving a ban during last weekend's win at Charlton. SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY Dawson Odubajo Iorfa Lees Fox Harris Hutch Bannan Reach Fletcher Nuhiu --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brentford go into the game after an emphatic 7-0 victory at home to Luton and have no new fitness concerns. Winger Sergi Canos and striker Nikos Karelis both have knee injuries, with Canos now close to fitness. BRENTFORD Raya Dalsgaard Jansson Pinnock Henry Jensen Norgaard Dasilva Mbeumo Watkins Benrahma ---------------------------------------------------------- Match facts Sheffield Wednesday have won four of their last five home league matches against Brentford (L1), winning the last two in a row. Brentford have lost their last two league visits to Sheffield Wednesday but have never lost three consecutively. Sheffield Wednesday are unbeaten in six home league games (W2 D4), though each of the last three have ended level. Brentford have won six of their last eight Championship games (L2) - no side has won more over this period in the competition. Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Barry Bannan has started 29 open play sequences ending in a shot in the Championship this season - four more than any other player. No Championship player has been involved in more open play sequences ending in a goal than Brentford's Ollie Watkins this season (17) - he has been directly involved in 10 goals in his last 11 league games (8 goals, 2 assists). ---------------------------------------------------------- UP THE WEDNESDAY OR SOMETHING
  2. Don't worry about me lads. I'm still about. He thought I'd got a bit above my station. Not sure why, I only copied and pasted the team news off the BBC for him. But there we go. He's the boss so that's that. Don't fret about me, I won't vanish full stop, I'm still here, somewhere, lurking around the back of the twisted mind of the Hargreaves fella. Like most of us are. Invented and then left to our own devices. It's a bit like Pinocchio really isn't it? Hargreaves fashions us all but then we become real. Who knows, maybe some posters are real. Are you real? It's hard to know. But it's not a bad life here in Snoot Town. I can't complain too much, I've got Friday nights off now too. Back in the darts team after a 3 year absence. I'm sure he'll be back on the blower as soon as results start going south. Anyway, must dash. Mrs Wankskill at the Navvies Arms has asked me to nip over and give her pipes a good clean out.
  3. Just write it in a word document , it has a built in spell checker. Write it in word and then copy and paste it in here. FFS!
  4. Do you think one week it might be worth proofreading the OMDT Sir? At least scanning it through a basic grammar and spell checker?
  5. Don't worry about me ,Sir. I'm off down the Nuns for some after bird. Have a good evening all. UTO
  6. Is he the one that scored the winner and headed one of the line in the last 5 minutes?
  7. True. Though the switch from 4-3-3 to this system in the second half of the first tie was when any little fizz was lost from the game...
  8. He's not back from the club yet. He's has, to use local parlance, got the monk on. Says he's not bothering until Bruce arrives.
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