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  1. Left my north stand seat around 91 mins, was stood between kop and north to see the goal, amazing view,
  2. Gaining an advantage from being in an offside position.
  3. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Westwood doesn’t look fantastic this season so far. Their first goal his positioning was poor. I also think Iorfa should have done more to cut out the pass. No convinced he’s a good centre half.
  4. I agree we need to make sure we are on the front foot. We are better that way. Hopefully we get to see how Bates is against Rotherham
  5. Westwood Lees Bates Borner Palmer/ Iorfa Lee Hutchinson Bannon Reach Harris Fletcher I know when we last tried 3-5-2 we lost more than anything. Maybe something to look into over the international break. Also need to see how good Bates is.
  6. Also think there might be another reason. I don’t think SCC want to see us have a higher attendance than the pigs whilst they are in the promised land
  7. Now we have Harris and Murphy pulling teams defenders wider I agree we need someone moving up from midfield. Lee is the ideal candidate if he can stay fit. Fletcher can’t be on his own. Luongo has played in the advanced midfield roll before, maybe give him a try.
  8. A very tough game. They play a high press game. We need to get in behind with our new found pace. If we want a successful season we need to win these sort of games. Especially at home. Need Hillsborough to become a fortress this season. 1 v 0 Fletcher
  9. I think it’s great that they are both in Wednesday stuff. Shows us what a fan is actually is. Just needs to learn how to sell players when needed and he’ll be the best owner our club has had.
  10. I’ve been to Vegas and LA before. Vegas is mega
  11. Off to San Francisco, Vegas and LA in just over a week will make sure I post some
  12. With Lazaar doubtful. Who plays left back? Palmer did well but is he really suitable to play there? Fox had been playing well before his injury. Bruce didn’t fancy Pudil. I would try Palmer. He might link up well with Aarons. Aarons also helps out if Palmer gets caught out of position. Other option is Reach
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