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  1. Northanstonowl

    'i dont wear red'

    When at the cinema and choosing a stray always choose blue and white, never red and white
  2. Has anyone heard anymore about this? It was mentioned at the last steering group meeting
  3. Since DC has had our club we haven’t had the best of starts. Looking at the fixtures for this season we had a relatively easy start. Only today would seem to be one of the hardest. Why are we always so bad at the start of the season? Today showed how much we need to improve. So slow, no communication from the bench or between players. This has to be pointed at Jos and his team. One thing that has bothered me, over the last 3 seasons, is we always give the opposition too much respect. In our press conferences it’s always how good the other team is. We never have the attitude that we might be better. Looking this season we certainly aren’t
  4. Northanstonowl

    Ash Baker

    He was ol. Thought his positioning was at question at times. But looked better than Palmer. Seemed to want the ball early on but never received it
  5. Northanstonowl

    Joey Pelupessy

    I agree. Though he was very poor today. His longest pass is about 10 yards. Side wards
  6. Northanstonowl


    Thought he looked good today. Got stuck in. Heading was good. Much improved over Fox. But then again 10 men would be better than playing Fox
  7. Northanstonowl

    Let’s try Mr Chansiri’s way

    I’d like to know what the players think off all of this. Do they see us as a sinking ship and already looking for a way out?
  8. He wants more positivity around the club and especially players. Due to them being scared last year. To some extent I can understand this. The players do although get paid handsomely for their job. If I was scared at work I’d get the sack. So let’s try and be positive around the club and players. If we do that and we fail then what excuse does Mr Chansiri have then? The atmosphere at Hillsborough can be toxic and like a library at times too. Let’s make a good atmosphere. I remember all of us staying behind at Wembley after the playoff final. We were proud of the team, they were in awe of our support. I certainly don’t agree with everything he said last night. From what I’ve read if you have any problems with the cost speak to Alistair. For the more rounded guy, like me, that might want a shirt speak with Alistair. This is our great club. Let’s make going to Hillsborough a positive thing. I know I’ll get lots of negs for this but never mind
  9. Northanstonowl

    Front three

    I’d go with Joao Fletcher and FF. I’d have Borukov on the bench to come on for Fletcher. From what I’ve seen of him he’s a handful
  10. Northanstonowl

    Where is Westwood going

    A fit Westwood would have saved at least one of the goals on Saturday
  11. Northanstonowl

    van Aken

    He’s a liability in central defence. With his passing ability he would be more suited taking the role of Pelupessy. He adds height for set pieces, even though he might not be the best header of the ball. Watching Pelupessy he’s a few seconds behind reading the game and his outlet pass is normally Bannan. I think Van Aken would be better in that defensive midfield role. Better than Jones and Pelupessy anyway. Or put Hutchinson back in there.
  12. Northanstonowl

    North Stand cladding

  13. Northanstonowl

    North Stand cladding

    Across the top. The Hillsborough writing. It feel off last year
  14. Seeing recent pictures from #SWFC the North Stand still seems to be missing part of the Cladding across the top. Things like this irritate. It needs tidying up. The same with the missing owl from the Kop.
  15. Northanstonowl

    Season Tickets

    I asked in the shop today. Should be coming out over the next two weeks.