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  1. I like the new badge. Looks smarter. The owl can just be used on its own without the whole badge. I like it that much I had a tattoo done
  2. Hutchison - I'm fit but not allowed to train

    It seems like a lot of so called Wednesday fans want us to have conspiracy and trouble behind the scenes.
  3. Two poor sides. No creativity from us at all. Pulling out of 50/50 challenges. 5 yards too slow. Been like it all season. We can at least say our fans sounded great down there
  4. Why would Chansiri appoint a manager after Carlos that is good at promotion. Nothing on Jos’s CV suggests he’s good at a relegation battle. He was brought in as a manager for the future. I can’t see him leaving this summer. I know some of you think Chansiri has no clue. You might be right. But thinking we was still in the running for the playoffs this year is a bit too much of a stretch to appoint Jos to get us up there this year.
  5. Team for tonight

    Would love to see abdi get a start. Probably Jones in there as well. Keep butterfield away if possible. For the future I’d like to see what van aken could do in the defensive midfield role. He’s good on the ball and moving it forward.

    I might miss a few games but makes more sense than the membership etc
  7. Hoping for a win. Heart says 2 v 0 wednesday. Head says another 0 v 0. boyd and reach for the goals

    Just got my first season ticket for myself and my nephew. Fairly pleased with the early bird prices. Long time reader on here and potd customer.