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  1. I’ve been to Vegas and LA before. Vegas is mega
  2. Off to San Francisco, Vegas and LA in just over a week will make sure I post some
  3. With Lazaar doubtful. Who plays left back? Palmer did well but is he really suitable to play there? Fox had been playing well before his injury. Bruce didn’t fancy Pudil. I would try Palmer. He might link up well with Aarons. Aarons also helps out if Palmer gets caught out of position. Other option is Reach
  4. I will be renewing mine and my nephews. Hopefully the early bird stays the same as it was last year
  5. I think we looked a lot better at the beginning of the season with a back 4. Penney is better at left back. I’d go with Dawson Palmer/Baker Lees Thornley Penney Reach Hector Bannan Forestieri Matias Fletcher I think Hector would be way better than Pelupessy. He’s better on the ball and is only outlet wouldn’t be Bannan. He could also drop back too. Right back is a problem area don’t know who’s best. I’ve found Palmer better when not having to try and provide crosses. Baker has gotten into great spaces the last couple of games, but I don’t think he’s strong enough (suspended anyway for Blackburn) Matias has provided cover when they shave gone forward. He has worked hard, but no end product or support.
  6. Parking the bus. One forward is a joke in a derby. Fletcher needs suppprt which he won’t get.
  7. Mick everyday of the week. Love to hear him with Andy Giddings
  8. He has rejected a contract with the Australian team he was with. He has pace and height. Get him in DC
  9. Dawson Fox Thornley Lees Palmer Penney Bannan Hector Reach Joao Fletcher 4-1-3-2 Hector in front of the defence.
  10. Matias doesn’t like playing in the cold weather
  11. When at the cinema and choosing a stray always choose blue and white, never red and white
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