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  1. Simple and instantly recognisable the world over. Mr Chairman, if we can't have good football at least give us the badge back.
  2. Anybody noticed Wednesday and United are at home on the same day and same kick off time?
  3. Borner started the attack from deep in our half showing Bannan that it is possible to go forward with the ball and not passing it sideways all the time.
  4. I sit on the Kop and every match I see the advert on the scoreboard about being a match day mascot and think how expensive it is. Last night at the derby match I understand that the United mascot and their parents had a tour of the dressing room, had a thoroughly good time and it didn't cost a penny. So it should be. The Wednesday mascot however wasn't allowed anywhere near the dressing room and their parents paid over £600 for the privilege . You can imagine the conversation between the two sets of parents. It was probably like one of those Purple Brick adverts.
  5. If my memory serves me right this photo was taken about May / June 1987.
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