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  1. Agreed. It's a BIG ask though. Now they've got a half-decent Manager in, it's been a good run, NOT a great run.(yet)! Let's hope that Wednesday can do a "Fulham" and not a "Miwwaww", eh?
  2. Any one of ten teams from 6th to 15th can make the play-offs. Wednesday are in it, but have had a few slip ups(West Brom twice,etc) despite the unbeaten run. Beating The Pigs and Derby yesterday, would definately have made it interesting. Both Miwwaww and Fulham had Good, sustained runs from mid season, last season, with Fulham going up, deservedly and thankfully, Miwwaww just missing out and staying down. Could be another David Jones run this year, though unlikely now it seems.....but Bruce needs to step up the attack and get more early goals. Sustained consistency could do it...one game at a time.
  3. Wednesday have yet to be beaten since Steve Bruce took over as manager eight games ago................. or does it?
  4. Just need Rovrum to bang in a couple on Saturday now....AND Fletcher and Reach and FF.....and so on.
  5. Just a reminder that a win for us tonight, puts us only 8 points off Boro in 5th!
  6. 1973 - It was more or less at the beginning of my regular match attending home and away, as a 13 year old. Went to that Middlesbrough game 8-0 when Charlton was their manager and they were going up.Wednesday had 2 or 3 GOOD goals disallowed and a clear penalty or two, I remember. Still got the programme somewhere, think it was 1974 and would've been April or May, I suppose? It might have been an evening kick off from memory?,but whatever time of day it was, Wednesday still had 1'000 or 2'000 fans there. Borough were a good team, then, though. As Torry Owl says, it was like that at away games, whatever small town or City Owls had to play in when they were in Division 3.
  7. 7 in league mate. 4 wins 3 draws. No mate, I'm talking about the Brucey reign....not the Josh or the interim stuff.
  8. 6 Games unbeaten, 3 wins, 4 clean sheets! OGS get your coat.!
  9. 3 or 4 years before my time, this...and I'm struggling a bit with the front row, let alone the others! Don't think it will be, but it looks like a young sammy todd, back row, centre(7th from left)....and is Kenny Burton, back row, 2nd from right? The guy 4th from left, top row, also looks like Holsgrove, but I know it isn't him. I suppose Sam Ellis must be in there, somewhere?
  10. So far, so good, for New man, Steve Bruce. According to wikipedia, Wednesday have had 33 different Managers plus several caretaker managers. Just wondering about the record for the longest unbeaten run at the start of a Wednesday managerial reign. It surely lies with Dave Jones doesn't it, in 2012?
  11. Scintillating stuff. Unbeaten record and 3 clean sheets, this Bruce is a wonder man.! OGS had best be looking over his shoulder!!!
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