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  1. Haha...Union Jack face and St.Pauli flag :-) … hope you know what kind of people St.Pauli fans are?
  2. looking forward too...bud unfortunately St.Pauli going down to the third devision...
  3. Brewdog...good selection of beers...little bit expensive...There is a Whetherspoon pub at the Vue opposite the Shepherds bush station...anyone in there?
  4. o.k...see you later at the Brewdog...think it's near Oxford Street,isn't it...?
  5. I'm looking for a pub around Uxbridge Rd...where you lots are drinking? Any pub where I can hang my flag on?
  6. got my ticket ...looks like a great long weekend...
  7. non members sale starts on Tuesday...not sure if any tickets left when the non members sale starts but think there will be a few...we Krauts are very anxious :-)
  8. Hi...looking for a spare adult ticket for the game..
  9. Hi everybody! Any Hamburg or german based Owls here? I live in Hamburg/North Germany . It would be great to hear from Owls based in Germany or any other Owls who planned a trip to Hamburg (except those who support St.Pauli :-) WAWAW
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