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  1. Noticed that but maybe they have been told they need to defend as a priority and not hare forward then get caught out of position and as a result (if that is the case) Fox has looked a much more solid player, but still shows for the ball going forward
  2. Don't think you were at the same match as me. Hector played a couple of passes short which almost cost us but was class. Reach meanwhile was a patch on his normal self and couldn't stay on his feet
  3. As you rightly say, deserves credit for last season and for having the guts to blood the young 'uns but his tactics, exclusion of experience and his bizarre substitutions are inexcusable. It was as though he decided that in the future (next couple of seasons) the team will be built around the best of our current young players, and that may be so but we could easily have been relegated by him blindly sticking to that policy even though everyone could see it wasn't working.
  4. Agree 100% his crosses left a bit to be desired bat times but no way was goal his fault. Lees beaten in air and Hector turned all too easily.
  5. Wouldn't disagree with any of that mate. Summed up well.
  6. Except for the header 2 yards out he managed to duck under,
  7. Disagree. He had one of his better performances today and worked his arse off but at full back he was turned inside out several times and looked ineffective but blossomed when able to run oot from the back with it.
  8. Some people have favourite who can do no wrong, while others are villains and the same people are blind to whatever they do that's right. Reach was reasonable at left wing or wide mid-field in a poor side and when moved inside had a purple patch but for last half dozen games he has been largely ineffective, just drifting around the pitch and waving his arms at others but for some he's the blue eyed boy and hence brilliant. He can't or won't tackle, doesn't work back, can't jump and apart from one "worldy" goal his shooting has been abysmal. He's a talented player but must work much harder but he's automatic choice on team sheet and so doesn't have to try. Drop/Rest him for one game, then play him on left and let the old Adam Reach show himself and supply two in form strikers.
  9. I'm not a fan of Buttercup, but yesterday I though he had a much better game than usual.
  10. Some times people will only ever look at the negatives and be totally blind to everything else that doesn't fit their agenda. Yesterday Nuhiu was one of the few players to be a success. He won virtually every header and flick-on. He made several vital defensive headers, he held the ball up really well and he worked his butt off for 90 mins. But all you can focus on is one shot which the keeper didn't save it hit him. If that had been "blue-eyed-boy" Reach on his shooting last night, it might have cleared the stand. Remember his attempt that was nearer the corner flag than the goal? Reach can do no wrong yet he was largely ineffective last night, and Nuhiu will never ever be given the credit he deserves. Hell never be a prolific goal scorer, but for Christ sake open your eyes as well as your minds!
  11. Bang on mate. He even has the audacity to say we are a team devoid of confidence, well no sh!t Sherlock, but surely it is your job to either instil confidence or pick the players that still have some left. Palmer and Loovens were like rabbits in the headlights
  12. Wouldn't say crap, but he drifted in and out of game dropping too deep and just waving his arms to direct traffic. Some think he's the blue eyed boy but his shots and free-kicks were woeful and he can't get off the ground to head, but still better than Butterfield and Loovens was embarrassing, but with 2 central defenders on the bench why wasn't he pulled?
  13. If funds are tight and you need a defensive MF player, it has to be one you KNOW can do the job (ie one who has done it before in this league) not either one for the future or one who will do a job when he's had time to adjust to the division, like at the end of the season! Another waste of funds
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