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  1. Totally agree. Hutch did the hard bit closing and driving the player away from goal, then when they had no where to go he lunges in gives a foul (should have had a Yellow) and the pressure is on again. The number of passes back to Dawson only for him to go long fron 40 yards further back, why not play it forward (hopefully, with a bit more control) in the first place.
  2. He was poor. Had one decent run that came to nothing a two abysmal crosses when not under pressure but what worried me is no attempt to cover back even when the forward was beside him he couldn't be arsed to try to tackle or chase. Must play winnal with Fletch and Reach out wide as Reach showed he's no good in CM and for a bloke with some worldy goals his shooting was terrible.
  3. Agree he can't play at their expense and can't replace Fletch but would play him instead of Reach, just behind Fletch.
  4. Think he had a very poor first half, storming forward only to turn and pass it back to Centre Backs or to someone who was already being closed dow. However thought his second half not only was an improvement but probably his best 45 min for us. He was much improved at back end of previous season to be fair and maybe his first half was because everyone else was poor, first half and no one was moving or creating space so fair do's to him.
  5. Hutch has always been quality either in MF or as Centre back, but in midfield, he would get injured every other game and yellow carded as a given. Now he is definitely all action and his enthusiasm rubs off. It's like having a new player, and he's able to play consecutive games. Still picking up the yellows though so he will have to learne there are some balls you can't win. WAWAW
  6. Couldn't agree more. Always found him lazy. When he comes off his arms must be the only thing that aches as he spends the game directing others to do what he can't, but every now and again he'd get a pearler and he was the neares we had to a winger. His goals are too few and far between, he's proved time and again he can't score a "one on one" and he's not good enough for CMF so with the two new wingers he should warm the bench. Who knows not being an automatic selection, something he has been for ages, may help motivate him a bit more, otherwise off load him.
  7. Noticed that but maybe they have been told they need to defend as a priority and not hare forward then get caught out of position and as a result (if that is the case) Fox has looked a much more solid player, but still shows for the ball going forward
  8. Don't think you were at the same match as me. Hector played a couple of passes short which almost cost us but was class. Reach meanwhile was a patch on his normal self and couldn't stay on his feet
  9. As you rightly say, deserves credit for last season and for having the guts to blood the young 'uns but his tactics, exclusion of experience and his bizarre substitutions are inexcusable. It was as though he decided that in the future (next couple of seasons) the team will be built around the best of our current young players, and that may be so but we could easily have been relegated by him blindly sticking to that policy even though everyone could see it wasn't working.
  10. Agree 100% his crosses left a bit to be desired bat times but no way was goal his fault. Lees beaten in air and Hector turned all too easily.
  11. Wouldn't disagree with any of that mate. Summed up well.
  12. Except for the header 2 yards out he managed to duck under,
  13. Disagree. He had one of his better performances today and worked his arse off but at full back he was turned inside out several times and looked ineffective but blossomed when able to run oot from the back with it.
  14. Some people have favourite who can do no wrong, while others are villains and the same people are blind to whatever they do that's right. Reach was reasonable at left wing or wide mid-field in a poor side and when moved inside had a purple patch but for last half dozen games he has been largely ineffective, just drifting around the pitch and waving his arms at others but for some he's the blue eyed boy and hence brilliant. He can't or won't tackle, doesn't work back, can't jump and apart from one "worldy" goal his shooting has been abysmal. He's a talented player but must work much harder but he's automatic choice on team sheet and so doesn't have to try. Drop/Rest him for one game, then play him on left and let the old Adam Reach show himself and supply two in form strikers.
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