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  1. BigDaveNuihui

    Michael Hector

    I don't rate him simply because he's over rated and how does he get in team when we have Tom Lees
  2. I'm believing Jos can build a top 6 side here and win the playoff final Joao and Nuihu to take us to the big time E I E I O up the football league we go
  3. BigDaveNuihui


    Blavdes spell check Blades it's spelt
  4. BigDaveNuihui


    I'm lacking necessary evil mate
  5. BigDaveNuihui


    If he signs for dem Blades it will be a real statement of intent for our neighbours they sign a quality player from a average Ipswich team and will slot in well with the strikers at the club, we need to get a player like Madine from Cardiff he'd love to return and score against pigs he'd lovea goal against the scabs as well
  6. BigDaveNuihui


    I would be if we sign Waghorn
  7. BigDaveNuihui


    We should really sign that Waghorn before the blades or the scabs swoop in for him, we don't want those dirty scabs beating us to him after what THEY did on the picket lines.
  8. 5th after selling all their squad for peanuts and scabs to walk the league this season
  9. Who do you want at club for beginning of August A striker to replace the ageing Gary Hooper probably will happen someone like Marriott at Peterborough United
  10. BigDaveNuihui

    John Terry

    Did he bring some coyl back up with him
  11. BigDaveNuihui

    John Terry

    And Daryll Murphy from Nottingham Scabby Forest
  12. BigDaveNuihui

    John Terry

    Would anyone take him at Hillsborough, wages might be a problem though
  13. BigDaveNuihui

    James Maddison of Norwich City

    Maybe Nuihui will score a rocket from 40 yards on last game of the season and claim goal of the season
  14. If we don't mark this lad he'll bag a first half hat-trick imo he's a quality player just what we've been missing in the team this season
  15. BigDaveNuihui

    Steve Morison

    Jos dat German guy kidda