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  1. Ah kid tha reyt think it's time he left Lancashire for South Yorkshire
  2. Can we beat these and go into the last game of the season at home wanting a win and results to go our way to make 6th place Super Stevie Bruce
  3. I believe we'll make the top 6 very easily and go on to win the playoffs at Wembley under Bruce
  4. Rhodes will smash 20+ in next season watch this space
  5. I think there's hope of catching 6th place up and playing blunts at Wembley for a place in the premier league next season dream team next season Daryll Murphy and Jordan Rhodes strikeforce
  6. I'm hearing reports he's heading to S6 with Bruce and Alan Hutton aka the Scottish Cafu I'm also hearing rumours we're closing the gap between our neighbours
  7. Ah kid I think tha reyt about this one have a crack at playing Chesterfield away kidda or Blackpool away
  8. No Wallace is the S6 scapegoat he got slagged off saying he's finished now and he's pulling trees up at Fleetwood Mac
  9. Suppose there's a good away day at the seaside next season Fleetwood Mac with Evans upfront and Hunter on the wing
  10. If our defence turns up I think we could just get a draw at a very good County side that's started to gel as a team 1-1 I'm going for Waghorn to score with Matias equaliser
  11. In my opinion Hurst is the man we need to make a change quickly before we end up in a relegation battle. What's your thoughts on this?
  12. I'm believing Jos can build a top 6 side here and win the playoff final Joao and Nuihu to take us to the big time E I E I O up the football league we go
  13. Blavdes spell check Blades it's spelt
  14. If he signs for dem Blades it will be a real statement of intent for our neighbours they sign a quality player from a average Ipswich team and will slot in well with the strikers at the club, we need to get a player like Madine from Cardiff he'd love to return and score against pigs he'd lovea goal against the scabs as well
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