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  1. Yep I was there, vaning on from the merrie monk.
  2. My understanding of the situation is Wednesday wanted their own ground which they got at Olive Grove [which was in S2i think] and the owners of Bramall Lane lost the income of the Owls matches and United were formed to play at Bramall lane and earn money from the gate receipts. When Wednesday moved to Hillsborough part of the debate was moving away from our Heeley fan base. Just another made up story by a United supporter.
  3. These old owls from manor park and brinsworth met up last saturday 19 10.19 in the merrie monk manor park centre for a few pints and to reminisce about the old away days etc, I'm sure many on here know some of them, Brian Waters, Howard Hall, Steve Conroy, Ford Thompson, Paul Cain and many more. Old Wedesdayites never die they just fade away. Up the Owls
  4. Who are the Wednesday players in the picture? I reckon David Sunley in the background, Colin Prophet and Tommo about to tackle Pele and could number 2 be Peter Rodrigues, they're my guess any way.
  5. Think i was with you S A Andy, I got the beer in and you drank it.[as usual]
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