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  1. Apparently you get one of these free with the 10 year season ticket
  2. It’s our longest stint outside top flight football in our history. Just hope I see us back in the top flight in my life time!!
  3. David Hirst 1990 v Newcastle United 2-2 https://youtu.be/QdjCdMHdbcM
  4. Apparently another loss at Tottenham tomorrow and the latest Newcastle manager will become available. I think his name is Steve something.
  5. Hey You could be onto something......just hire all of them!!
  6. https://therealefl.co.uk/2019/06/27/sheffield-wednesday-target-fails-to-return-for-pre-season-training-with-mk-dons/ Apologies if this has already been posted
  7. With my 5 piggie friends like usual. Either having the [email protected] ripped out of me or vice Versa. All fun. UTO
  8. 9th November 2005. 3-0 down to Cardiff at half time. lost 3-1 parking ticket when I got to the car for 1 inch of my back bumper (if that) on double yellows Personally my worst day watching Wednesday! Second was getting hammered 4-1 v Watford but at least that day I didn’t get a ticket.
  9. Leicester city to. ended up promoted and winning the premiership https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/feb/21/leicester-settlement-football-league-ffp
  10. Just thought it’d be nice for his holiday! Also steering him in the right direction early on so I’m not getting dragged to the proact stadium when he’s older!
  11. It’s getting dropped down the planes toilet at 30,000 ft
  12. I know to some this may be a boring topic but has anyone heard anything regarding new shirt release date? i have a 2 year old and wanting to buy him it for his first holiday abroad and it was going to be his first ever shirt.... but Iv been pipped to it by his grandad who has got him a chesterfield shirt
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