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  1. thonk A question that cannot be right or wrong eg , What colour is Tuesday If you borrowed a billion pounds would you be a millionaire or not To be fair iv just googled the meaning of thonk, and in a way it’s still ok to use it in the sentence
  2. Christ, you lot are prehistoric, I wasn’t even born
  3. Sheffield Wednesday v Newcastle United, Second Division, 18th September 1990. My first game. David Hirst last minute to earn a draw. Finished 2-2
  4. Christ, I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I’d take big Dave back too
  5. It’s was comedy, my bacon colleague was very proud of it until I pointed out to him what it looked like.
  6. Flushed into the championship, although atm we can’t say owt either
  7. Just to poke a bit of fun at our red and white sisters but some are raving about this picture. To me it looks like Bramall lane get flushed down a toilet
  8. I think with only 21 goals scored in the league this season we need from now to the end of the season we need to throw everything we can into attacking football. At this rate our fate is sealed
  9. If the players are playing for him why not. The team seems more settled since bringing back Westwood especially and hutch. Hope when another manager comes in his doesn’t rock the boat again
  10. As much as I’m sorry for charlton as a whole it makes me wonder how much these 12 points would have mattered if we hadnt had our pre season Screwed over by Newcastle stealing Bruce and co. I doubt we’d be in the same position
  11. Apparently you get one of these free with the 10 year season ticket
  12. It’s our longest stint outside top flight football in our history. Just hope I see us back in the top flight in my life time!!
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