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  1. Transplant Update. (Very long post alert) Today marks exactly 6 months since I got the all important call which literally saved my life! I received the amazing gift of life! By a complete stranger & their family. At an incredibly sad & difficult time for the family, they made the most selfless, kind & generous decision to donate their loved ones organs. This decision meant that my wait for a donor match was over & I had my chance to carry on fighting & stay alive! I received a Small Bowel & Abdominal Wall from the donor. Getting the call was only the beginning, I then had to compose myself enough to drive myself, Lisa & her dad Brian down with me to Oxford, where my transplant took place. "How the hell did he manage that?" I hear u ask... well with all the nerves u expect to get after receiving a call of that magnitude, most people would be understandably overwhelmed u would imagine, but I knew all the risks attached to what I was about to go through, I'd already dealt with all that mentally, besides, I wasn't even sure it would actually be going ahead until I'd had all the pre transplant checks, & the final checks on the donor organs had been completed, I was also aware that even if all that went ok & I got the go ahead, I wouldn't actually know if the transplant had been completed until I was woke up after, as the transplant going ahead depended on whether or not enough IV access could be established for me to be able to survive the operation, any complications & post transplant recovery. A 4 hour drive, at rush hour, on a Monday morning, whilst driving carefully, against the clock, whilst trying to beat the traffic, so u can get to the hospital within the allocated time (time the organs have to survive in order to be transplanted) isn't easy.. it's got to be the most difficult drive of my life. We got to the hospital & all the checks were done without any complications, & I got the news that the transplanted organs were good. This was it! My chance! My time to step up & face 1 more fight was upon me.. & I was more than ready! I got my game face on, & when they called for me..i said goodbye to Lisa & Brian & I walked into the operating theatre, head held high, ready to go the distance, whatever the cost! Come what may I was doing this.. as I had no other option if I wanted to have the chance to survive! Well what followed was a 14 hour long operation performed by a team of transplant surgeons, plastic surgeons, vascular surgeons anaethetists & theatre staff.. a team that consisted of about 20 people in all. The operation itself went as well as it could have & I had come through it, ALIVE! & still fighting strong. But had i not got the call & chance when I did, I was told afterwards, I only had 1-2 weeks left to live, as my bowel had already begun to die! I or no-one else could have known, it was only apparent when they were isolating my bowel for removal... Over the next few days in intensive care I had to return to theatre a couple of times, once cos my central line slipped & the second time cos my abdominal wall started rejecting & had lost blood supply, so it required another 6 hour operation to debride (remove dead tissue) the wound & re-etsablish blood supply. Again all went ok & by the Saturday I was released from the intensive care & back onto the transplant ward.. by the Monday I was back on my feet! Nothing was keeping me down & never will! Since transplant the Bowel side of the transplant has been as good as it could be really, the abdominal wall on the other hand... I've had quite a lot of issues with trying to get it to heal properly, this included further operations, vacuum pumps, special dressings & skin grafts from my leg.. it's only just nearly finished healing (1 tiny area to go but nearly there). Some of the anti-rejection medications I have been put on have also affected my kidney function & have had to be tinkered with quite a bit but it's all part of the process, finding a balance is the key & hopefully we're getting there now. I'm backwards & forwards regularly for clinics & monitoring but needs must.. receiving this transplant was never about a cure for me.. it's not intended to be a cure for anyone.. it's a last resort when all other options are no longer available or have been tried. Its not just 1 operation & abracadabra ur fixed... it's a long process & another journey that lasts the rest of your life.. I wouldn't voluntarily choose transplant or advocate for someone else to either.. but if it's try either transplant or die... u have to go for it! I've always said all my life I would do whatever it takes to survive... & I have done.. I have had a lot of help in surviving this.. but without that help.. I wouldn't be alive today...FACT! I want to firstly thank my donor & their family for what they have done for me.. I am & will remain eternally grateful for their immense generosity at such a difficult time for them.. it's because of them in still alive & writing this now! 2nd I want to thank the amazing team at the Churchill hospital in Oxford, especially Georgios Vrakas who has been the main man in making sure I received nothing but the best & for coordinating & managing my care. The whole team have done & continue to go above & beyond to make sure I Survive. The vast majority of the staff have been exceptional, caring, supportive & encouraging to both me & Lisa. Helen u might not be staff... but u did the same & more, whilst still dealing with all your own issues & looking after ur daughter Amy (another amazing transplant warrior for anyone reading this) we will be forever grateful to u too x lots of love & special thanks x for being there & being super amazing friends x love u guy's too XX Then i want to thank Lisa, for being my rock! Standing by me & supporting me as well as she has, despite all her own issues. I LOVE YOU LISA X MORE THAN ANYTHING! THANK YOU! Also a very special thanks to Lisa's dad Brian, he took the time to come with us & stayed with Lisa in Oxford for the 1st 10 days to help her & support us both! He's a very kind caring man who has treat me as his own son, I am always eternally grateful to you for everything u have done & continue to do for us both x Lots of love Brian x Then my big sis Jemma who travelled from Melbourne Australia leaving her family behind in order to support & help me & Lisa. Jembo, thank you for everything! U kno that no matter what, I'll always do whatever is needed & should u ever need anything, I'll always be here for u like u were for us x Love u Jembo XX When Jemma went back to Australia, My dad & younger brother Elliott also came over from Perth Australia too, they also came to support us. Again it was nice to be able to see u & thank you for all your help x Love u guy's X I also want to send a special the k you to everyone at owlstalk for their outstanding hard work & support in helping to raise some much needed funds to help us through this transplant journey especially @Spencerowl & @trevdi9 Finally, I want to thank everyone else,, some of u I've known my whole life..& some of you not so long.. but everyone who took time to visit, sent messages of support, well wishes & encouragement... it really helped to kno so may people were behind me & us, if not in person... at least in thought... it really has helped us alot. So thank you.. from us both, all our love & best wishes & thanks. Rick & Lisa XXX Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all XX
  2. P.S I hope to be at the 1st home match of the season WAWAW
  3. Hi all, sorry it's been a long while since I've posted, as you have all heard I had my transplant on 18th June. 1st of all I would like to thank each & every one of you guys for helping us raise our target for our gofundme appeal, it allowed us to be able to have my wife by my side throughout the whole ordeal, something that wouldn't have been possible without your help & generosity. Secondly I'd like to thank @Spencerowl for keeping everyone on here updated, it's very much appreciated. Now for the update, the transplant went as well as could be expected, I made a very fast recovery considering the massive amount of surgery I had to undergo. The surgeons told me that during the operation they found the narrowing on my bowel (which we already knew about), the surprise was that whilst they was preparing my own intestine for removal (isolating blood supply & beadles etc) the narrowing was where my small bowel joined my large bowel, it had actually closed my vowel completely off & my bowel was necrosed (black &dying).. the surgeon then told me that if I hadn't got the call & the donor when I did I had 1-2 weeks left to live before my bowel would have killed me. & I didn't even know! A scary prospect had I known beforehand. Anyway, I'm here, I made it through safely, I'm back on my feet & most importantly.... After 18bdays post transplant... IM HOME! I've broken every record for the fasted recovery form major transplant surgery & have the healthiest blood results ever seen post transplant. My be bowel is working properly, I'm slowly introducing food & getting nutrition from it. I'm still on the intravenous feed but reducing with a plan to eventually stop it.. the issue I have at the moment is that my abdominal wall transplant wound is coming open. The plastic surgeons are keeping an eye on it. I am back at Oxford tomorrow 12/7/18 to see the surgeons in clinic & also to see the plastic surgeon who will review me & act as they see fit where my woundnis concerned. This is a very long journey & extremely difficult process, with many many more hospital visits. But having this operation is the 1 & only thing that could save my life. & That I will never ever forget. I'd also like to say a huge thank you to the donor & their family, cos without their generosity at such a difficult time, I certainly would have been dead. I will forever be indebted to them & will do everything in my power to make sure their gift does not go to waste.. by making the most of every opportunity to make the most of life.. . Finally I would like to say please? If you can? Sign up to the organ donor register, if you can't, or don't feel it's for you, then please? Have the difficult discussion with your loved ones & tell them your wishes should something happen to you? #shareyourwishes it's just as important. As without talking, if something was to happen to you, the difficult questions are then asked of your loved ones at a very grief stricken time & they may decide something that you yourself didn't or don't want.. so please again? Share your wishes? Thank you all, lots & lots of love & huge amounts of gratitude to you all. Your msg's of support mean the world to us X Yours sincerely Ricky & Lisa Moate
  4. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/medical-miracle-sheffield-man-needs-urgent-transplant-to-save-his-life-1-8995911 Thank you all @OWLSTALK once again special thanks to @Spencerowl & @trevdi9
  5. It's taken 33 years & 8 months of literally blood (& lots of it) sweat, tears, a hell of a lot of fight & buckets & buckets of determination.. Years in hospital... (& I mean years)... 66 major operations, multiple bouts of sepsis, peritonitis, anaemia & lots & lots of line infections, failed operations, years of tube feeding, years of intravenous feeding.... A catalogue of errors, a multitude of battles with numerous senior drs, nurses, surgeons & hospital administrators... I've lost count of the times I've had to kick, shout, scream & stamp my feet at people...I've been doubted.. I've not really been given much hope.. I was expected to DIE lots of times... I've never fitted into the neat little tick box the NHS system likes to be able to put u into... But through it all I've defied multiple odds, I've proved people wrong, I've stood tall when no-one could think I could. I've found strength when most would have simply given up (with just cause)... To live my life you can't do half measures... You can't turn & run cos if you do?... You DIE! Simple as that! I've faced fear multiple times, I've taken risks with the odds stacked against me.. I've given everything I have to be where I am today... & I sure as hell wouldn't have met my amazing wife Lisa, who I love with all my heart!... back in 1990... Yes I can be crazy at times... Yes I can be a stubborn poopydoo... Yes I can be argumentative & combative... But without that.. I wouldn't be who I am today... From the way I was born... & Everything I have been through.. all the fights.. all the blood, sweat & tears.. all the determination...all the exhaustive long drawn out extensive battles.. all the years in hospital.. it's shaped the person you'd see today! The person who despite all this has tried to NEVER LET IT DEFINE ME! Now here we are.. after 9 months of more fighting.. proving points I've proved many times before & standing my ground... SO TOMORROW THE DAY I finally go live on the TRANSPLANT LIST... For a Small Bowel, Abdominal Wall, & maybe Large Bowel as well... My life is now hanging on a phone call.. a phone call that can change my life forever! Am I scared... Yes... Am I nervous... Yes.. it wouldn't be natural not to be... But like I have before... I'm gonna face this head on.. give it everything I've got...& Get through this... I haven't got this far in life to give up now! & I don't intend to! I have a reason to live! I have a reason to fight! Thank you! For all your help & support X special thanks to @trevdi9 @Spencerowl xx
  6. We're really grateful for any donation... But massive thanks & appreciation goes out to @Spencerowl & @trevdi9 for all the hard work... The waxing was a piece of wee wee btw... We raised £158 in cash & we have another £100 here in cheques so we have exceeded the £5000 mark! Which is absolutely fantastic! @Utah Owl special thanks to you for allowing the print of the other pic too... @trevdi9 the poem on the bottom of one of the prints? What does it say plz?
  7. Big thanks to Those Old Crown Pub on Penistone Rd Hillsborough last night, they had a bucket on the door to raise even more money towards the fund & have allowed us to hold another opportunity to raise a bit more money & are letting us have the WAXING done in the pub... That's right... Me & 3 friends have said we'll have our chests/legs waxed to raise more money.. (this was arranged before the target was smashed by all at @OWLSTALK). So if you fancy something to do today & would like to see grown men cry all for a good cause... Then get yourselves down there this dinner time & come watch the fun... & Support us... We'd be most grateful.. thanks once again guy's for all the continued support... Much love to you all
  8. Trev you 2 are fantastic people & have gone way above & beyond.. lots of love to you both XX
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