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  1. Safe journey home everyone, but to some I know, enjoy your stop over and a safe trip back tomorrow. Great support as ever.
  2. So one good performance and result gets you to 5th does it? I know football is about opinions, but some people come across as either having no idea or simply refusing to budge from entrenched positions.
  3. To try and answer your question, I recommend Sunderland ‘til I die on Netflix. They remind me of Wednesday. Or at least their fans do.
  4. Come on. Sixteen managers in 22 seasons and three relegations to the third tier - it’s a proven formula.
  5. All of it, to be honest. I’m 53 next and been going since 1977. You get a little older and stop taking things for granted. Certain things in life become precious: the wife, family, kids, friends, Hillsborough and SWFC. It’s still as magical for me as it was in ‘77. I walk down Penistone Road and into the ground and I see the present, but also a brilliant past and as ever, remain hopeful for the future. There’s a lot of frustration and cynicism about watching Wednesday these days, but for me watching them home and away is a way of life. (I almost feel I need to apologise for the happiness and positivity I’m displaying. I’ll be called a happy clapper).
  6. But we won 4-0. Harrogate’s all out attack left gaping holes for Wednesday to exploit, which we did very effectively. I know football is about opinions, but in your assessment one manager is a “Joke” and the other some master tactician. You’ve got it the wrong way round. The “joke” manager’s tactics won the game comfortably.
  7. I thought the Plymouth and Harrogate attendances were poor, notwithstanding a good following from the West Country. I was talking to a Wednesday fan last night who’d travelled from his native Hull and on the way he’d picked up two Wednesday supporters from Scunthorpe he’d met via social media to share travelling costs. They attend every home game. I thought they’d made a commendable effort - as did my sister from Pudsey, West Yorkshire - and I wondered why more Sheffield based Wednesday fans couldn’t attend, some of whom will reside less than half an hour from the ground, dotted around north Sheffield. Not sure what the answer is, or even what the question is, but I just thought the two crowds should have been higher.
  8. Didn’t mean to sound a clever sod mate, I just knew the answer to your question.
  9. Did you have your back to the game? Must have been doing more chatting than watching. Some good performances today. Quite happy with that.
  10. Some great memories. I was at most of those games. Thank you for putting them on here.
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