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  1. A good story. Not sure if it's because of lockdown, but the nostalgia on Owlstalk is awesome. Basically you lot doing years ago what we're now doing - and some of you still are and were doing it back then. I was 1 when City sent us down. My dad used to say City did all they could to keep us up. Keep all the old stories coming.
  2. He hit the nail on the head in respect of the players who had come down from the premier league on big money contracts. We were constantly in relegation battles in 2000-03 and that squad should have delivered a lot more. Many stole a living in that era.
  3. But football didn't exist until 1992 remember.
  4. If that is indeed his vision, then he is correct in adopting it. I would say yes, continue with him as manager, but he's on thin ice and any poor run of results would see him go.
  5. There are a few up there, or down there. The Derby 3-3 because it was a massive disappointment at the time (and still is). Losing to Everton in '86 at Villa Park, because we played well and lost. Losing to Arsenal in '93, of course. But what still hurts, is still raw and a sore point all these years later (let it go, let it go) is losing to Brighton 2-1 at Highbury in 1983. They were there for the taking, bottom of Division One, they ended up relegated. We didn't play well and seemed overawed. We did the double over them the next season.
  6. Eric Taylor's spendthrift ways? My dad said he was more interested in spending on the ground. Thank you - fascinating stuff, full of "if onlys".
  7. Couldn't agree more mate. That 80s era even pips the early 90s for me. I loved that Howard Wilkinson side - still do. Had a brilliant time following them all over the country. Thousands of us. Great, great times.
  8. Brilliant photos of how Hillsborough looked in my youth. I'm almost back there. Thanks for putting them on here.
  9. A good post. Way before my time, but when we came runners-up to Spurs (1961?) didn't we have a points total which would have ordinarily landed a team the title?
  10. I was at the 84-85 and 85-86 Old Trafford victories. I watched the '86 game on youtube tonight and it's left me feeling a bit sad if I'm truthful. Sad that 34 years have gone in a flash, sad we are no longer in those days with those players and sad that we are so far away from being a top ten club again. It's also the case that it reminds you of the disconnect between club and fans today. You felt those players in '86 fought for the club, the manager and the supporters. I remember that game well. We followed a coach all the way back from Manchester to Stockbridge to discover they were all Man Utd fans. Went down Ecclesfield 'Square' that night - Griffin, Stocks and Bear. Happy days.
  11. A nice summary of a lifetime watching Wednesday with your mates. If you've not read 'Wednesday rucks and Rock 'n Roll', which is mainly about the 70s, I recommend it.
  12. Yes, I recall Barry being a selfless lad who just wanted the best for the club and Wednesdayites. We've lost one of our own.
  13. I was in the middle of the kop that day - aged 15. A great photo. A great thread.
  14. Go on Inspector, enlighten us.
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