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  1. Don't read it then. I think the poster makes some interesting points.
  2. Cockers

    Man of the match - Rotherham (A)

    A good post mate. I think you're bang on, especially in respect of Bannan and Hutch. Individually, we have some good players. But both collectively and offensively, we lack quality and do not create enough. Probably explains why we are 15th.
  3. Cockers

    Out of Contracts

    I would like to see Westwood offered a new deal. But I would definitely release the rest. Steve Bruce has a perfect opportunity to transform the whole squad. We start again this summer. Bruce has used the media to publicly praise Forestieri. I think of all the players with contracts which extend beyond this summer, Forestieri is the one he most admires, calling him one of the best players in the championship. The two years we reached the play offs Forestieri played 30+ games, scoring 15 and 12. I think Steve Bruce likes him and will get the best out of him. I would be very happy were Wednesday able to sell/move on Winnall, Reach, Atdhe Nuhiu and Van Aken.
  4. Cockers

    Foul on Forestieri

    It's a potential career ender. In the radio commentary, Ronnie Moore was amazed he wasn't shown a straight red. On two fronts: a dangerous tackle and Fernando would have been clear through.
  5. Cockers

    Clean Sheets

    I hear Westwood's high clean sheet bonus, rumoured to be about 30k a pop, precludes him from playing.
  6. Cockers

    Passing out from the back

    First noticed it at Millwall in February. It cost us the game that night.
  7. ... Jeff King, Ian Porterfield, Derek Dooley...
  8. Cockers

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    Remember being in the Leaking Boot Public House in Grimsby with a hideous number of Wednesday fans in 2000-01 season. It was just raucous and riotous (in a pleasant way) and me and the mates still reminisce about that day all these years later. We met a lad who had travelled to Cleathorpes on the train straight from a night shift on Saturday morning. He was plastered in the pub, watched a 1-0 win, and went back onto another night shift Saturday night. That's dedication.
  9. Cockers

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    Remember Stockport about 2001. We were soaked on the open terrace behind the goal. Lost 2-1. Bob the builder scored. We'd been drinking all morning and early afternoon in Manchester and gave serious thought to staying there, but then decided to go to the match at about 2pm after a skirmish with some Spurs fans who were in Manchester I believe for an FA Cup semi final. We had two sides of the ground. Back into Manchester and the last train back to Sheffield after more (heavy) drinking. The support then was the same quantity and quality as it is now.
  10. Cockers

    50 Years AgoToday

    A fantastic read about a match, era and families which occurred about 10 years before I started to attend. Fascinating. We need those times back. Eighteen years out of the top flight is far too long. Is this our longest spell out of the top division?
  11. Cockers

    North Stand tonight

    I thought 3-1 but the memory is fading. I think Wrexham still got promoted.
  12. Cockers

    North Stand tonight

    Used to be commonly referred to as the cantilever stand. My dad would ask, "you sitting in the Cant?" He also referred to the ground as Owlerton and never called it Hillsborough. He started watching Wednesday in the late 1930s.