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  1. Mid to late 70s, Chris Turner, possibly Paul Bradshaw. Roger Wylde supported United.
  2. In which case, look forward to feeling pleased
  3. And it's raining and I've left my washing out.
  4. Yes, very much so. I'll be honest, after the Boro defeat I felt that I wanted another change - I'd have taken Nigel Pearson or Paul Cook - but I've been very impressed with the three signings so far, as well as the coaching staff. I've also been impressed with the way we've responded to the EFL sanction. Football and indeed life is funny. It would be strange that success came when we least expected it, we thought it could happen in Carlos' first two seasons, but I'm strangely very upbeat about the next two seasons.
  5. Read the definition of IOPC and then look who works for that necessary organisation.
  6. I think your views represent the thoughts of many Wednesday supporters. Hillsborough can be an unforgiving environment - sadly for our own players!
  7. Monk has failed and needs to be gone by the weekend to afford time for a replacement to be identified. We've had the 12 points deduction hanging over us the entire second half of the season, but Monk and this squad should have got us to the early to mid 60s points haul, therefore absorbing any points deduction. As it stands, -12 will see us go bottom. I agree with an earlier post. This club only does well when it has a high profile name in charge - it's as if the manager gives the club its self belief back, that we are still a 'name' in English football. Nigel Pearson would fit that bill, as would Carlos if the truth be told, but my choice would be Paul Cook at Wigan. High profile? Well highly respected and with success on his CV.
  8. Context and perspective... Monk achieved 30 of those pre-christmas points, including eight wins. He had Fletcher available and scoring. He made a grave mistake following the Wigan defeat by publicly criticising the players and suggesting there had to be a clear out come the end of the season. He was correct, but extremely naive to say it. He then lost Fletcher to injury, probably lost the support of a few players in the dressing room, some of whom lost form (Reach) and his signings Wickham, Da Cruz and, to a lesser degree, Windass did not come off. The goalkeeper experiment hasn't been a success either. Dawson and Wildsmith have been costly. So some mitigation - he's also given some youngsters a go - but he has failed. It's been tough for him - the Wednesday job is tough - but he's got to go for me.
  9. I would even go as far as stating Owen Morrison was the best and most outstanding prospect we've had at S6 since the Sterland/Smith/Shirtliffe era. Quite sad watching that video again, not least because 20 years have gone in a flash, but because it brings home that Morrison was a wasted talent. Probably attitude had a part to play, but he played under some poor managers who all seemed to last about 12 months.
  10. Another Atdhe Nuhiu thread. I don't say that disrespectfully. It just typifies the debate around him. He has divided the fanbase and opinion like no other player in my 43 years supporting Wednesday. I believe he's one goal, possibly, off his 50th goal for Wednesday. Yes, he's had 7 years at it, but more goals for Wednesday than individually achieved by Fletcher, Hooper, Rhodes, Forestieri, Lucas Joao, Winnall and others. So great respect to the man.
  11. A good story. Not sure if it's because of lockdown, but the nostalgia on Owlstalk is awesome. Basically you lot doing years ago what we're now doing - and some of you still are and were doing it back then. I was 1 when City sent us down. My dad used to say City did all they could to keep us up. Keep all the old stories coming.
  12. He hit the nail on the head in respect of the players who had come down from the premier league on big money contracts. We were constantly in relegation battles in 2000-03 and that squad should have delivered a lot more. Many stole a living in that era.
  13. But football didn't exist until 1992 remember.
  14. If that is indeed his vision, then he is correct in adopting it. I would say yes, continue with him as manager, but he's on thin ice and any poor run of results would see him go.
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