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  1. Cockers

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    This is one of those social media one on ones I've heard about. You've lost me fella. All the best to you.
  2. Cockers

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    I'm not saying it's right. You may have misunderstood.
  3. Cockers

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    If Owlstalk existed in 1989-90 you'd have read the great John Sheridan being at best, constructively criticised, at worst, verbally abused. We've always had to have a whipping boy.
  4. His celebration with a packed north west corner in the background: who was that against? Was that the Southend game. I started going the following year.
  5. I hope so mate. Just got a feeling, or possibly just dreaming, that Rhodes will be an absolute Wednesday legend in 12 month's time as we get promoted.
  6. Which in itself is a positive and shows how much Atdhe has developed and how Jos has got the best out of him.
  7. 83 championship goals in 159 appearances for Blackburn up until 2016 makes me believe he's a quality striker. I'd love him to be at the club next season. I hope he starts the next three games and shows Wednesday fans his true class. Wednesday started the season with seven strikers - certainly two too many, if not three. I hope we trim the squad and build around quality. I admire Atdhe Nuhiu, and am grateful for his goals since Jos arrived, but I sense and fear, that many would like to see him stay ahead of Rhodes next season. That's a mistake and I hope Jos perseveres with Rhodes.
  8. Cockers

    One more for Nuhiu

    Why don't you look up "democracy" and freedom of speech and freedom of expression. You enjoy the benefits. How about letting others enjoying doing so?
  9. Cockers


    Wildsmith has made many excellent saves and won us points. He is one for the future, without doubt. But he has also made basic errors and cost us points. Young goalkeepers do - I go back to Bob Bolder and Chris Turner just starting out. But he needs a rest and Dawson deserves a chance. Either way, anyone who believed we can release Westwood is misguided. I personally hope Dawson and Wildsmith merely fight it out next season to be sub keeper, both understudies to Westwood.
  10. Cockers

    Hutchinson. Keep or release

    I went to Leeds where Hutch started the game. He played like he does, he played well. But the thing for me was just how the other players around him suddenly had belief and confidence and took the game to Leeds. In other words, they were not in the shells they'd occupied under Bullen and in the early Jos games. The players looked like they felt they had got one of their best players back. He must stay.
  11. Cockers

    One more for Nuhiu

    His critics will perhaps not even recall he has reached double figures previously. I am really pleased for him. I hope he is one of four strikers we have at the club next season.
  12. Cockers

    Nuihu & Joao

    And it also suggests Jos knows what he's doing. Atdhe and Lucas Joao were forced on Jos to an extent, but they've been brilliant.
  13. Full credit to Sunderland. The ticket prices were very reasonable, which afforded the best view I've had at an away ground in years.
  14. Cockers

    SWFC Fans

    That an adult might decide £39 for themselves to go to Leeds is not as sensible and responsible as paying £39 to go to Sunderland and for the same money, being able to afford to take your kid. Doesn't mean the ones who chose not to go to Leeds are less deserving. For some, the bottom line is indeed the bottom line (£££).
  15. Cockers

    SWFC Fans

    I understand the sentiment, but not sure I agree. I chose not to be in the away end yesterday, but I'm going to Sunderland. I went to Millwall on a Tuesday night, so am I eligible for a weekend in the north east? I was at the game yesterday in the East stand, having paid £29. Not sure I'd have paid £39 to be honest. It's a principle thing. I guess what I'm saying is thousands of people around the globe love this club and I would suggest can still love the club in their own way, even if they don't go to many games. When the winner went in, I sat smiling contentedly watching the Wednesday fans. You looked and sounded fantastic. Well done all. Made me very proud surrounded by Leeds.