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  1. lets go and pee on wolves celebration

    I'm hoping we beat them by 1 very good goal
  2. Winnall Hirst and Rhodes won't be here
  3. Derek Dooley Goal Scoring Legend

    Never got the big hero stuff, what did he really do for us, one good season playing, nearly relocated us as manager, run away to the pigs, he did more for them than us
  4. So do we all agree..

    And a 10 from len
  5. Brighton failed twice then nearly went down then won it, can't see Southampton or Stoke being a threat to be honest
  6. Agree 100pc can see Wednesday being a force next season at least top 6
  7. Sean Clare future in doubt

    No players bigger than Sheffield Wednesday including Hirst get rid
  8. Modern Football

    Pretty much agree with that but I have another, an injured player hat to stop off the pitch for the same amount of time as the injury stopped the game
  9. If we keep Jos I'll buy 1 if they don't then I won't
  10. If he couldn't get into our squad, he's going to walk right into there's NOT
  11. Tactics were wrong today...

    Here we go again, another manager in waiting
  12. All this talk of weeds, pigs, and other poo trying to sign him, much rather he goes to a proper club hopefully with add ons, thou tribunals never seem to work for us
  13. So Jos in or out at the end of the season??

    In, think we'll be a force next season
  14. A disagreeable incident

    Should have kicked em int head