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  1. Yeah that was the best game I have ever seen, were it 69, never been serpassed anyware for me, jack signed for Liverpool shortly after that for 90,000 I believe.
  2. Yes that was also mine, Mickjj, didn't John Ritchie get the other, I think we were losing 3.1 at half time, they had just won the European cup also,
  3. Do it up, put another tier on the top, and use it for away support freeing the west stand for wednesdayites
  4. Agreed, I'd remove the offer and tell him to do one after all that time
  5. I thought they were both rubbish, bannans passing were awful
  6. Stop moaning, give the season a chance
  7. Yeah so now leister's got him for nowt when they could have got 2 mil for him, tipical Wednesday
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