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  1. What a brown nosing 2 faced cut, fkuc him off
  2. Archie irvine

    Squad or Ground

    That's new a porky remoaner
  3. Archie irvine

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Yeah so now leister's got him for nowt when they could have got 2 mil for him, tipical Wednesday
  4. Archie irvine

    Would you rather...

    Top 2 for me
  5. Archie irvine

    Derek Dooley Goal Scoring Legend

    Total cobblers to you to,Utah that's in America ain't it
  6. Archie irvine

    Owls in the park.

    There's a bar
  7. They played that safe
  8. Archie irvine

    Mel Sterland in the Star

    I wouldn't listen to out I THINK I'LL GO TO LEEDS AND fizz WEDNESDAY,has to say
  9. I'd rather have a good design than insisting on stripes
  10. Archie irvine

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    Exactly, you couldn't have front of kop cos back of kop would have to stand elegaly
  11. Archie irvine

    Surely bloody not!

    Jos seems to know players, I bet he couldn't get buttercup out the door quick enough, don't call us we'll call you
  12. To much time on your hands pal,
  13. I think we going to be a different animal next season
  14. Would be nice, the earlier the better for me, Jos said gonna have be patient, which is more wednesday
  15. Agree, there must be a recall clause