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  1. His movement has been good but passing...… its woeful. Two good breaks wasted.
  2. Married with kids I think but you could always chance your arm!!!!
  3. This Villareal bunch aren't bad. Good vision, passing and composure. I think we're doing alright against them.
  4. I agree. I think realistically it wont be Jos's team until the 20/21 season so he's currently working with someone else's players (albeit some very good ones). Its difficult to know if he has ones which fit his system or how many changes he wants to make.
  5. be comfortably mid table. The bigger question which splits the room. What do the fans expect?
  6. There is a fine balance that needs to be struck on ticket prices. You've got a core 20000 attendance that would turn up even if Wednesday slept with their partner and burnt their house down. So it's how do you encourage others? They have attempted to do it with kids for a quid etc. Unfortunately these matches are ones where we play poorly and don't encourage people to return. I remember the days of no money crap players and a horrible atmos.
  7. I managed to twist my ankle when brunt smashed it in from 45 yards out at Elland Rd. Also nearly got cleared out by a inflatable swimming pool when we played Wycombe.
  8. A couple of points they came up the year before and teams often carry momentum through to their first season (ie Barnsley). I think they got found out towards the end of the season. Rumour is that Jack O'Connell is off to Brighton which funded the Egan deal. With this and the impact of Coutts been injured it last year, shows thar Utd lack squad depth whereas Weds have quality in abundance supplemented by some decent youngsters. I think we'll both be mid table with us slightly higher than them.
  9. I expect that I shall be once again disappointed by my half time pie. Football wise - top half will be good considering FFP limitations.
  10. I do like Palmer but would like to see challenging with someone other than Ash Baker. I think wing backs are the only position where we don't have at least two quality senior pros who are natural in these roles. I'm hoping Palmer kicks on this season though and get's appreciated for what he contributes.
  11. Byram was quality who's never really got a chance at West ham and looks less likely now that they've recruited on mass. They've got a habit of recruiting from lower leagues and not utilising them (Byram, Snodgrass, Hugill - with Antonio being the exception). If Malone isn't going to get utilised I'm sure he'd be available on loan. I think Moses Odubajo could be an option currently a free agent but on trial at Celtic. It doesn't look like he's been picked up yet (despite being there for three weeks) so I'd explore him as an option but probably require fletcher and/or a few big earn
  12. For me it's setting up as a 4-4-2 which can switch into 3-5-2 with hutch dropping back. Westwood Baker Lees Van Aken Pudil Reach Bannan Hutchinson Forrestieri Nuhiu Hooper Given the form of Nuhiu last year he deserves the chance to start and lose his place if he doesn't perform. (Puts Tin hat on and ducks in trenches)
  13. From looking at the transfer activity so far I'm being cautiously optimistic. That isn't to say we won't see massive changes in the upcoming weeks but I feel we're on the right track. Where are you on the Whelm scale? -Overwhelmed - positive about the transfer activity -Slight Whelmage - Somewhat happy about what's happening -meh middle of the road; -Underwhelmed - not the right moves so far -Whelm isn't this a small town in Belgium.
  14. He's wearing a watch - signalling his time is up at Wednesday lol. Glad he's signed for longer.
  15. Have we set a deadline for him to re-sign? I envisage his agent will be pushing his name around but how long do you leave it?
  16. Thought Pelupessy played well. Solid contribution and made our 4th.
  17. Best things: -Ash Baker -Respectable send off for Loovens -Sensible refereeing - Nuhiu could have walked but the referee made a sensible decision. -BIG DAVE -Pleasant atmosphere - mingling of fans pre/post match Worst -not getting a clean sheet - Dawson was really annoyed -(from a Norwich perspective) - their teams in ability to put the ball in from 6 yds - their 5 on 2 a prime example
  18. 3-3 - a very open game . Utd to lose 5-0 - Wilder throws a hissy fit because the club have downgraded their coach to the Megabus.
  19. An amazing day and never felt as nervous despite us completely controlling the match. Struggle to remember anything from the match as I was at the bottom of the kop and hit by 3 inflatable swimming pools, 5 inflatable sharks, a blow up (female??) doll and a giant banana.
  20. I'm one for having a leader in each segment. GK - Westwood if he stays, Def - Lees, Mid - Hutch/Lee and Atk- Hooper. All are vocal and been here long enough to understand the club/fans.
  21. I'm relishing this link up with Hamburger
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svIqxbPTJPk Still can't believe this strike again Arsenal never went in. Does it still hold the record?
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