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  1. Just having a neb at Charlton, Peterborough and Sunderland. All around around prices so seems fairly reasonable to me. I will be buying pay on the gate as I can't commit to every match. I'm just hoping relegation is a turning point and we move to a better system with Darren Moore.
  2. There's a different culture about being a blade. Half of my family and friends are blades but I could never bring myself to be one. What we need is realistic wages and stick to that. Don't pay anyone above xxxxx and make sure prices are kept at a reasonable level. If that means we stay in League one so be it but I don't get how a club with our fanbase is in constant financial trouble (well I do - the people running it don't have a clue).
  3. Joined. Put loads of goals in there, so pretty much guaranteed it will mostly be 0-0s
  4. It would be interesting to see what happens. I don't think we'll cease to exist but it will take a long time to recover. Weren't Coventry, Portsmouth, Bolton, Wigan in similar positions? Its whether Chansiri will cut his losses and accept he won't see his investment ever again and sells the club for a reduced price. If its another club i'd probably still support them as I couldn't bring my self to support another club (with the exception of Hallam or Sheffield FC). I think we need a strategy even if it's paying £15/20 to watch our youngsters play (perhaps supported by the a few pre
  5. Beat me to it. It will cover all bases. If we stay up huzzah (what a miracle) if we go down can buy beer to drown my sorrows.
  6. I cant un-see this now. Its forever burned into my retinas
  7. Guaranteed Derby will get a result. Swansea have put out their second team. I don't think the result from us will matter. Still not an effort you'd expect from a team scrapping for their lives.
  8. Sheffield Utd had ben extremely lucky with their injuries since he took over but this season there had been a reversal of fortunes with key players out. They didn't have other players that suited their plan A and plan b was just crap. Guessing he left so he can he say he was never relegated and would have kept the up if he had the January signings he wanted. If they are going to push for going back up they'll need cover but don't think that will be possible with their wage budget. My guess (and hope is that it will be a Sunderland style plummet).
  9. Wasn't Vardy one of our products? I've been disappointed with the lack of loan opportunities for our lads in recent years. Quite a few around the squad could play at a lower level. I think if we keep the academy them we have to sign them up to longer contracts earlier and taken the gamble that it might pay off. Surely, 10 youngsters wouldn't equate one ageing veteran we keep seeming to acquire using our current transfer strategy (transfer strategy do we actually have one?)
  10. I cant imagine anyone willing to buy a club whilst COVID 19 is around. You've had to be a madman willing to multimillion pound loss. We're shafted but perhaps this is shot that football needs to look at how football clubs are run. Think I read that brighton had a substantial financial loss this year. If so wants the point of running a football club??
  11. Might force us to attack with some substance. Paterson on for Pelupessy/Harris on for Penney.
  12. Looking far better than what I thought we might have to put out. Think we'll miss Odubajo.
  13. 102 pages for the next manager odds thread. Need to do a sweepstake on when it stops. Guessing 150.
  14. Same happened with Dawson. Linked with Rangers gets a bumper contract. Think it's often the agents or those linked to the players who start these rumours to give the players a better bargaining position. I'd say his development is better if he stayed (using the likes of where George Hirst, Sean Clare as an example of moves) are now. Grass isn't always greener - although the big negative is the shower that we are currently in. Hey at least he'll get opportunities if we're in League 1 next year.
  15. I was just saying that are glimpses of hope for moving forward, then brown just whacks it out for a goal kick.
  16. Just want Weds to have a shot from outside the box. We're in good positions but trying to walk it into the box.
  17. I'm doing it but is slightly spoilt as you know the result of free kicks, etc when it freezes the betting.
  18. Agggghhhhh so many missing. Just put £5 on there being at least 5 goals.
  19. You get what you deserve in this game. Wasn't expecting this but we finished our chances, they didn't. Boys have put in a solid shift over last few weeks and they're reaping their rewards. Cmon Wednesday.
  20. As someone who just missed out on the good times in the top flight and having to endure several torrid periods over the years (some really truly awful football - a 0-0 with Bradford springs to mind), I just want a club that's not continuously embroiled in drama. Personally, I'd love this scenario but then you would have to lower your expectations. We should generate enough gate revenue to build a decent squad but if that takes a few years in L1 focussing on a max wage/maintenance/other expenses that comprises of 75%. A good proportion of the remainder can be focussed on building u
  21. I don't think we'd be looking to spend big if we had. Chansiri will be bankrolling the club without fans so investing in players seems a stretch too far. What's the status of the most recent accounts? Haven't seen anything in a while.
  22. Was looking at the championship table and noticed we'd move up. It's like the reverse of checking your bank balance.
  23. They've brought in some creative talent to add to a good core team and have beaten everyone in the league so far. We outperformed them in the first half but need to explore how to keep that going in the second half. Definitely need an added striker but four points from two tricky away ties and a former prem team at home. I'll take that.
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