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  1. I don't think we'd be looking to spend big if we had. Chansiri will be bankrolling the club without fans so investing in players seems a stretch too far. What's the status of the most recent accounts? Haven't seen anything in a while.
  2. Was looking at the championship table and noticed we'd move up. It's like the reverse of checking your bank balance.
  3. They've brought in some creative talent to add to a good core team and have beaten everyone in the league so far. We outperformed them in the first half but need to explore how to keep that going in the second half. Definitely need an added striker but four points from two tricky away ties and a former prem team at home. I'll take that.
  4. I thought this was going to be a boon related thread. What a TV show.
  5. 1) What was the first Wednesday match you can remember ever going to? Sheffield Wednesday vs Everton - We lost 2-0 I think. 2) Who was your Wednesday hero growing up? Waddle. Who else? 3) Who's the greatest ever Wednesday player? Roland Nillson 4) What's the best match you've ever been to? Wycombe 2-0. Never experienced anything like that at Hillsborough with 4 side all Weds. 5) What's the best away day you've ever had? Tricky split Leicester 4-1, Leeds 3-2, Burnley 7-2 but it has to be Cardiff. 6) What's the
  6. Given the current situation with the potential to have empty stadiums until next year I envisage clubs operating with smaller squads. Players will probably jump at the opportunity if an offer is made. For us I'd like to take a long term view and identify people on frees or loans from the premier league.
  7. Agree with CJ. With the uncertainty about fans, I can see smaller squads with a massive pool of free agents. Some clubs may have to sell to meet FFP so its going to be an interesting summer. Thankfully we've shed quite a few high earners.
  8. Does anybody know what evidence we have to support our case? It sounded like we cleared the approach with them previously.
  9. Feel sick, feel sick, feel sick...……………….. god why do I love Wednesday!!!!
  10. 23 yr old attacker with a 13 goals/assist in 18 games. Sounds like the player we should be looking at. Not sure what the standard is at Serie B though.
  11. Love it and that the first person congratulating him is Rich O'Donnell.
  12. Set up one/scored one - not bad in 20 minutes, although that cross...……………… A great impact player.
  13. Think Fletch was cursed when the media kept mentioning he's going to break his goal scoring record. Argggghhhh. Get in Reach.
  14. Comparing to last year we are in a similar position to where Utd were. Hopefully Leeds replicate their Jan to May form.
  15. It's not just the form table, its the manner we've gone about each game. We've out performed the top clubs in this division. With a few astute signings in January, it could be a huge boost. The EFL case will cast a shadow but until we've actually been punished I will keep looking at the top of the table. Hoping Leeds continue to bottle it.
  16. Wasn't just their keeper. Watch when Bannan struck the ball. I spotted at least 5 Bristol city players within a few yards of him. They came here to stifle us but we played well given the tactics against us. Keep this form going and we can beat anyone.
  17. Bristol City probably doing the sit back frustrate them and get the crowd on their back. To be fair, usually works.
  18. 10 out of possible 12 points. Beat two of the top 8 teams in this division. Blummin marvellous.
  19. Are they still called Derby County? I thought they had a casual renaming process - was Frank Lampard's Derby County, now Wayne Rooney's Derby County..... Got to fancy our chances but will be another close game. Win by 2 and we're 3rd.
  20. Have we sorted him out a contract? be the Wednesday way to lose him for a packet of pork scratching to some stupid affiliation of a UK team.
  21. Interesting stat on Rhodes since 2012 - he's scored the second highest amount of Championship goals (behind Grabban). He needs to motivate himself to go forward and try to salvage something out of this move to us. Be good to have him fire us to the prem (or safety).
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