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  1. Desperately need to actually play attacking wingers. I don't think this will change under Moore unfortunately. Lets attack and go for it. At least if we lose we can claim we attacked. This is just painful at the moment.
  2. Worst thing about this is we all expect a reaction but they rarely blumming do so. They'll all just come out and produce more slow laboured passing.
  3. We do need to make sure we keep talent we're developing so if he shows the promise we think, tie him down to a long term contract. I expect a conversation between Moore, Weaver, Haslam and Chansiri. Interestingly 3 out of Stokes current squad came from Weds. Jacob Brown was released as a youngster and Davies was never really given a chance. We definitely need to do more with our talent retention strategy.
  4. 1-1. Ipswich have just won so we won't be able to help them break their run of bad luck (which seems a normal things for Weds to do).
  5. I don't have a problem with FFP. You have to live within your means and clubs should try to do that. Football is full of discussion about clubs going bust, etc. The problem is the ludicrous wage rises at the top of the chain 400/500K per week. This has a knock on effect as it works down the quality of player/lower teams. You end up with average players demanding crazy wages as that becomes the average wage for players. It needs a reset but that won't happen until the big boys say enough (if Barca go bust it might happen). Whilst you've still got PSG/Man City paying large sums things will never change. Perhaps if they had a partial fan ownership and a cap on the ticket cost per league (but think this has some wider legality questions associated with). In summary, I just want to talk about football and not business.
  6. From a neb on their forum it sounds like he's dictating the midfield and they're keen to keep him for the entire season. Just noticed that Giles Coke is there too.
  7. Shakes 8 ball...... ask again later.
  8. Don't think we'll see Paterson leave today (he's only just discovering the best fishing spots). I'm assuming we'll have a list of possibilities in case Bannan leaves but won't expect much.
  9. Looks like a complete rebuild but they don't appear to have shipped many out. Be interesting to see how cook does as he's been back heavily. Wonder how they'll comply with FFP.
  10. Everygame is winnable. We just need to ensure we play on the front foot. I'd like us to start with either Corbeanu or Sow instead of Johnson and put Brown at LB.
  11. Given the good work to get Iorfa and Windass to sign longer contracts, I'm optimistic that Moore will make sure we tie these lads down. Should be a minimum until they are 21. No 1 or 2 year contracts.
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