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  1. Great to see Lee getting back to his best. Got a feeling he'll push towards the top 6 this season.
  2. ……..that Abdi was actually a cardboard cut out and the real one never left Watford.
  3. Bullen understands the club unlike most people as he's been a player and on the staff. Not just down to him but I think the youth coaching set up and development of talent has improved vastly from where we were. He's a very open and honest guy who loves the club. I just hope whoever the manager is doesn't get rid of him. He's my favourite player of this modern era.
  4. Any reviews on him from the match? Saw that he cam on at 55 minutes.
  5. It's difficult as Ashely and Lee C were expecting we would put up a fight and we'd let him go for a pittance, despite us being in Mid July. So you want Chansiri to hold out for a higher fee. However, with all our financial problems you can't afford to put him on gardening leave and pay for another manager. So frustrating being a Wednesday fan.
  6. To Mr Brightside. You say destiny is calling you. You've opened up the Wednesday eyes. Just go to Tyneside (subject to suitable compensation).
  7. I don't think we should negotiate. We've got the morale high ground. It's not like he's been treated badly. DC has been very accommodating and Bruce is deciding to leave at this point potentially putting us up the creek. If Ashley actually wants him he can pay. Fed up of power being with players, agents and managers.
  8. I think this opens a more interesting question about whether clubs are protected enough in developing youngsters. Fulham and West Brom are having similar problems with their youngsters rejecting contracts at 16 because their heads are being turned by lucrative offers. For me Leicester have circumvented the rules and the Hirst's have helped them to deprive the club of funds which could be used to continue to support development of others. It may reach a point where clubs become frustrated and academies will be the one suffer from reduced funding/support.
  9. Why doesnt the owner create a cup competition and a large prize for the winner. It could be us and Weds under 18. Although knowing our luck we'd come second.
  10. Its Utd not us. Id be suprised if they paid that amount though.
  11. Just looking at his goals per minutes ratio (every 108 min) and hes better than most championship strikers last season. In the Premier League that could prove vital. If you were Norwich wouldnt it be better to taken a proven striker who fits well within the squad (and a natural leader as described by Farke) or take another gamble (that has worked for previously with Pukki). I think a similar price to what Boton got for Madine is reasonable. Perhaps we want Jordan to waive any loyalty payments we may owe him, if we sanction a sale.
  12. Proves they're still obsessed with Wednesday and most likely trying to unsettle our players knowing that we have a realistic chance of doing well next year.
  13. Weds or Sheffield FC for me. Rather than support I've got teams I prefer in each city. Villa over Brum, Rangers over Celtic, City over Utd, AC over Inter.......
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