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  1. Best goal was away at Leeds. Remember the stadium in shock. What a left foot. Such a talent and very humble chap.
  2. Be sods law that he gets back to fitness and utd try to poach him.
  3. As stated above think he's missing the 1 before the 6. Then we're talking a realistic figure. Think Wolves are in a better place than most expected so not sure they'll make a move in Jan.
  4. For me we need to first achieve a good number of points(probably 60) then i'll relax. Conscious that FFP may have some bearing at the end of the season.
  5. Damn my faux-pas for stealing that one. Guess I need to research my variety for a stronger range of puns haha
  6. I thought he wasn't given mush-room to manoeuvre in the transfer market. I'll get my coat.
  7. Classless individual, who has enhanced my hatred of the pork. He can't be gracious and say they were resolute and dogged. No he always says something to detract from the opposition and support his own god complex. Hopefully this will be the start of their midseason decline. Really can't stand him but you've got to accept he's a good football manager.
  8. Utd have taken the allocated amount of penalties for Sheffield so we getcdidly squat for us. Tempted to be on drawscwhen wevgot two up.
  9. Im waiting for it all to kick off 2hen he drops bannanfor abdi
  10. The more matches he plays the sharper he'll get but do you let Nuhiu come straight back in or do you leave Fletcher? I'd keep Fletcher in for the cup game to build up that sharpness. Can't wait for Hooper to come back.
  11. FFS its two games in and do we know we Joao got injured. Perhaps we trained all week with him leading the line but assuming this was a last minute change. Also, if Fletcher remembered his shooting boots we could have won. Perspective is needed.
  12. Love the metaphor but that picture of the cake is actually my best attempt at baking.
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