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  1. Also, saying Harris scored his first goal for us in Midweek. I'm pretty sure he's scored before. I don't know why but Powell irritates the hell out of me when he does these.
  2. Bannan for me. Not just the range of passing but he broke up play, recovered and set us on the attack so many times. The most complete performance I've seen from him. Followed closely by Fletcher for the laugh in the keepers face.
  3. Lee Bowyer at the end "Could have gone either way". What were you watching?
  4. It will be, what it will be. We've move in cycles of good and bad. We'll still be here at the end of it. Happy to write this season off and build on the solid signings we've made this season. WAWAW
  5. I think Fox and Palmer are starting to gain recognition and more importantly support of the crowd. That belief is spurring them on and starting to shine. Amazing what a positive atmosphere can do to players. Let's keep it going.
  6. Expectations have raised significantly over the last few weeks. I keep looking back to the mess we were in at the beginning of the season and thinking how have we got to this point? We're still developing under Monk and performance wise there are improvements to be made but we are going in the right direction. Credit to Monk, Bullen and rest of the backroom staff.
  7. Fessi could make the difference. I don't know what's the matter with murphy but he seem to panic when he gets near the box. If Fessi was in that position he would charge in there. I'm hoping that will be an area Monk focuses on during the international break and works with Murphy to rebuild the lads confidence.
  8. Burnley we won 7-2. Cant remember the order of the scoring as it was the most ridiculous games I've ever been to.
  9. and to be fair those two places are very difficult away grounds where we rarely get anything. The league is wide open and the relegated premier league teams aren't running away with it, as we might have expected. I'd say there are 7/8 teams in it to win it.
  10. That assombalonga miss. That's a specsaver ad right there.
  11. Just keep giving the ball to Bannan. C'mon Wednesday
  12. They were nervous and you could see it but required a high press. unfortunately, we sat off them for most of the match and their attacks came mostly from our mistakes. We had some decent chances two unmarked header, a one on one and a strike on goal from 6 yds which either side of the goalkeeper goes in. Their timewasting frustrated me to high heaven. I expected more but at 2-0 they seemed reluctant to push on for me. A 2-2 draw would have been a fair result.
  13. Probably waiting for the Ashes to finish before we appoint our new manager.
  14. I don't know if he's the right man but a Manager needs to have decent support staff. Bullen is currently missing the support structure, with whom he could bounce ideas off/invite critical challenge. This might have changed one or two results in our favour. One thing for certain DC needs to make a decision as to who is our manager and we can build from there.
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