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  1. I understand the sentiment and agree that we really need to get better at developing youth. But how many of these released youths have gone on to actually do anything recently. Can't think of one.
  2. So you believe the truth to be that when a manager gets sacked he takes all the players with him that were signed under his watch and are on contracts? Give me strength. Every man and his dog can see Paterson is not a striker, he'll get you the odd headed goal but not enough to keep us up. The difference is Monk oversaw our recruitment and brought in these players, he had a summer to recruit for positions we needed, and didn't. He never played Reach on the wing, where have our goals come from? Reach's crosses. I agree about Harris which is why I alluded to it in my post when I said
  3. I think watching how we are playing at the moment, the signs are much better than Monk in all honesty. Players being played where they should be etc. The biggest problem we have is there is hardly any goals in the team, non of the players are taking responsibility for this and this isnt Pulis fault, Monk signed the dross forwards. So we have looked organised and even created a few chances, but we don't have the quality to finish the chances off. One thing people forget is Pulis is experienced and has connections in the game just like Bruce did, so I'm confident of at least signing a decen
  4. The mistake here was taking windass off for Palmer. We havent got the defence throughout the team to sit back. Quite a poor decision by Pulis in my eyes.
  5. Ahh sorry mate my bad missed what Jim said. Yes he's certainly no nonsense isn't he. Hopefully he'll get the club turned round and the foundations re set.
  6. Tony Pulis is working with an unbalanced squad that Garry Monk has out together. Garry Monk made his signings brought his coaches in, it was still dire. Tony Pulis is now working with that poor squad. Westwood is a funny one to judge, Dawson and Wildsmith aren't good enough, but neither is Westwood anymore sadly due to not playing in over a year. Pulis gave him a chance for his experience. I wasn't enthused over Pulis joining but I also won't judge after 2 games. He may not play the most stylish football but he talks far more sense than Monk ever did and has far more experience getti
  7. I'll give DC his due he gave it a good crack at the beginning. And he's definitely put his money in. But looking at the club all round we are as bad now, if not worse, than when he took over. He's got the money, the ambition and maybe even the heart, but he hasn't got the brain.
  8. We will NEVER get promoted under this regime. Not just management, I mean the whole regime. Far too many things wrong, but I'm afraid were in too deep. We will be safe I feel, but we'll never push on.
  9. An absolutely much needed win and credit for sticking in there. I'm not sure where the goals are going to come from to keep us up though, extremely worrying.
  10. They also said they werent sad to see Dunkley go. Think it's just what fans do. The fact that 3 clubs are interested in him shows me he must not be all that bad. Useful squad player imo.
  11. I'm not sure if this has been asked already but does this mean the -12 won't be applied until the appeal has been heard? Might be a very slight positive mental start for the players if so.
  12. I really don't understand why so many owls believe Charlton have a case. The facts are the hearing was always scheduled for June, in that case the points were never going to be applied this season as the season would be over in may. The only reason it isn't is because of Covid. There also has to be time allowed for an appeal. The offence happened two seasons ago, so why should that benefit Charlton this season. In that respect do they really believe selling the ground in 2017 benefitted us this season. From what I can see we've tried to balance the books more the last 2 seasons and most o
  13. The saga will rumble on. Desperation comes to mind: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53637173 8 clubs support Charlton apparently. What's the betting Middlesbrough are one.
  14. I live a couple of hours away so couldn’t get to the store in person so I ordered online. Ordered the kit Thursday night and it was at my door by Sat morning, couldn’t fault the service from that point of view was really expecting it to take a good few days. Love the kit too and I took a gamble on a small shirt and it fits perfectly. Happy all round.
  15. My apologies but I was wrong earlier, I don’t know how I missed this but wawaw is on the outside of the shirt too. Oops!
  16. The shirts have wawaw written inside the back of the collar area. It’s not visible on the outside. I’m a slim fella and ordered a small. I then read some reviews and was concerned it was going to be too small when delivered. Anyway on arrival today it fits perfectly fine, like a normal 36 inch chest shirt would fit me, so I would say the shirts fit exactly as they should.
  17. Oh how we miss the finishing ability of hooper. The most consist striker we have when fit. Fletch is brilliant and leading the line, and linking up, but he doesn’t score nearly enough. FF needs another game or two I think. We need more goals from midfield too I’m afraid. We’re so much better defensively now which is a positive. Just need to sort out the attack.
  18. I’m quite pleased Thorniley is getting a run out. Out of all the youngsters he has always looked by far the best, and I thought he was unlucky to be dropped after Jos left, although hector and lees have been immense since. I think Lees may slightly edge it at the mo in terms of defensive ability but I do think Jordan’s all round ability is better. It certainly will be interesting to see how Hector and Jordon do defensively, we know both of them can pass. Looking forward to seeing them together today. Good lineup in my eyes!
  19. Very true, I agree when it came to signings he didn’t really have a fair crack.
  20. What about the players he froze out completely? Since these have returned there has been a drastic up turn in form. These 3 players signed by Bruce haven’t played since JL left yet we find ourselves in a much better position. I agree Jos was hampered by not many signings, but at the same time we shouldn’t have been relegation candidates with the team we had. Defo at least mid table to at the very best lower play off positions.
  21. Personally have to agree I feel FF is too selfish at times. Personally I don’t see what the fuss is anymore he hasn’t done a lot in 2 seasons apart from the odd moment. The first season he was immense and by far our best player and talisman. The last 2 have been disappointing from a lack of discipline, at times lack of effort, poor off field antics and yes at times unfortunate injuries. I hope SB can bring the best out of him like CC did in the first season. But I agree he’s not the right fit up top alongside someone else.
  22. Heard it on radio 1 newsbeat about 30 mins ago. Bit of a nothing story on there they just recapped what happened, said Alex Scott stuck up for Bruce, said Murphy and Gullit we’re getting a lot of stick on social media and that’s about it. No apologies from anyone or anything. Tbh our club and our fans have nothing wrong with the arrangement, in fact it’s probably built up a lot more respect between all parties and I have to respect the chairman’s decision for letting Bruce have the time he needs to put family first, not many chairman be bold enough to do that so we’ll dine Mr C. I’m sure
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