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  1. I think more has been made of this because of how the last year has gone at our club. I fully agree with Chansiri valuing his brand, ie swfc, and not accepting a lower offer from the BBC, who lets face it are happy to throw money at the PL and it’s well known employees. At the same time it’s not the right thing to do to then offer an alternitive service to fans they then have to sign up and pay for, especially as its unreliable, even if it’s a relatively small amount. I’m sure all will be revealed on Monday, but until Chansiri at least has his say it’s probably not fair to judge. I do agree though that there has been quite a few poor decisions made in the last 2 years.
  2. Lemi_the_owl

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Is Michael Gray?
  3. Yeh I did think maybe it had been changed, hence why I searched elsewhere and couldn’t find anything. Ahh well maybe the Fred deal is still on for us then.
  4. According to Wikipedia Villa have signed Fred on a 5 year contract for £1.5 million. Can’t see anything anywhere else though. Would be a bit gutted if we didn’t get that deal done for that sort of money.
  5. To a degree maybe his hand is forced a bit. Although you could argue that before he arrived we had as many injuries and the youths were never played under CC. Under CC we would still be playing 442 and in that case probably Venancio and Pudil would be at CH with Glen replacing FV after suspension. JL has been brave enough to change the system to a 3 at the back we are more suited to, which has in turn given an opportunity to youth players. And he hasn’t shied from using them. Only thing that concerns me is we have a youth team that seem to be doing really well but we never seem to see or hear of any midfielders or attackers making progress to the first team (don’t go there with the obvious one who maybe could have). Surely we must have a bit of pace in the youth team to add to the attacking element of our first team?!
  6. Can’t fault the endeavour, can’t fault the commitment, can fault the finishing. Some good performances today, were looking solid defensively again even with a back up defence. But the sooner Jos can get someone that can finish the better. Should have had 3 goals at least......
  7. It’s coming.... imagine if hooper had those chances!