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  1. Sorry I misunderstood this originally didn't realise at first these are comments from Sunderland fans, my bad.
  2. He was also our midfield maestro when we pasted you boys 3 - 0 at Hillsborough when we had less injuries and hadn't had 2 weeks off for Covid. He also scored the League 1 goal of the season and had more assists and scored more goals than Pilkington. One game doesn't define a player or season. We were relegated last season because of a points deduction, without that we would have been mid table. And trust me there was interest in Bannan when we got relegated but he decided to stay. We'll see over the 2 legs anyway.
  3. Had a little snoop on the Sunderland forum. They are pretty confident, they feel Neil is much better tactically than Moore and that Moore only has a Plan A. A couple of them also think Bannan is overrated and Pilkington is better. I believe if Bannan is for Moore will stick with a similar team to the Portsmouth one. Possibly a slight change in Defence.
  4. So I've not been for a few years since moving out of the area and having kids etc. I've never sat on the LW. I'm bringing my kids along for their first taste of Hillsborough, 5 and 8 year old. Anyone any experience for families on LW Stand?
  5. Yeah last year the first 4 rounds were apart from odd matches on sky I believe. The ifollow website hasn't been updated for this season though. About right
  6. Same here. Can't find a thing which is strange as we're the only football match on today you'd think they'd want to put it on.
  7. Glad now Portugal are out I don't have to endure this again. Free kick given a few yards from the 18 yard line. Cue commentator "and it's Ronaldo territory". Looks up Ronaldo freekick stats. Ronaldo has scored 2 goals from 69 attempts with a 5% conversion rate over the last 2 years. Might as well say Barry Bannan territory.
  8. I understand the sentiment and agree that we really need to get better at developing youth. But how many of these released youths have gone on to actually do anything recently. Can't think of one.
  9. So you believe the truth to be that when a manager gets sacked he takes all the players with him that were signed under his watch and are on contracts? Give me strength. Every man and his dog can see Paterson is not a striker, he'll get you the odd headed goal but not enough to keep us up. The difference is Monk oversaw our recruitment and brought in these players, he had a summer to recruit for positions we needed, and didn't. He never played Reach on the wing, where have our goals come from? Reach's crosses. I agree about Harris which is why I alluded to it in my post when I said it was a terrible decision to bring Windass off for Palmer and in turn out Harris upfront. I'm not a Pulis fan by any means but I can at least open my eyes enough to see what he is trying to do and give him a chance.
  10. I think watching how we are playing at the moment, the signs are much better than Monk in all honesty. Players being played where they should be etc. The biggest problem we have is there is hardly any goals in the team, non of the players are taking responsibility for this and this isnt Pulis fault, Monk signed the dross forwards. So we have looked organised and even created a few chances, but we don't have the quality to finish the chances off. One thing people forget is Pulis is experienced and has connections in the game just like Bruce did, so I'm confident of at least signing a decent loan striker in January. One thing that did sorry me yesterday though was Pulis subs, Windass for Palmer was a shocker and that is the reason we lost that game, we invited pressure and had little outlet upfront to ease the pressure. Then add to that it didn't shore up our defence either even though we had 6 defenders on. But I suppose ATM he's working with what he's got. I think the next few games will be more telling.
  11. The mistake here was taking windass off for Palmer. We havent got the defence throughout the team to sit back. Quite a poor decision by Pulis in my eyes.
  12. Ahh sorry mate my bad missed what Jim said. Yes he's certainly no nonsense isn't he. Hopefully he'll get the club turned round and the foundations re set.
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