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  1. Also the stupid reporter from the BBC sports who claimed that it was blatant handball
  2. Now BBC sports are quoting Rooney as saying that the Fourth official saw the the incident and it was a definite pen , on my understanding the Fourth official doesn’t get involved with decisions of that nature, only ref and linesman.
  3. BBC sports reckon it was blatant handball, think reporter still p!seed from New Years party.
  4. Happy New Year to you all and tight lines when you get back fishing and above all STAY SAFE.
  5. All the very best to everyone and tight lines for 2021 and above all keep safe.
  6. Had a day pleasure fishing at Raker fishery on the High Bank lake, had a carp about 6lb on the first cast, then nothing for 2hrs , finished up with the carp and 4 skimmers all on double red dead maggots, it fished very hard as the temperature never got above 2* ,but no blank again.
  7. Had a day pleasure fishing at Raker fishery, it was -2 when we started and it got up to 3* during the day. I fished in 2 and half foot of water to a bank side, with method feeder and shute, had quality roach and skimmers up to 2 and a half pound , finished off with a bream of about 5lb all were caught on two dead double red maggots , had between 50 -60lb at the end of 6 hrs, couldn’t believe that the fish fed so well in the cold conditions, was hoping to get a couple of bites per hour, but it turned out that I had about 8 bites per hour, so well pleased with the result.
  8. Not had a rod break for umpteen years now, but have worn a couple of carrier sections out, all my rods are Tricast feeder rods 8ft ,9ft and a couple of Triology 10fts, don’t own a float rod now, but have a couple of poles that the granddaughters use more than me. I really like the Shimano reels, all mine are Stradic 4000 GTM’s , either RA’s or RB’s, had some RC’s but didn’t think that they were as good as the older ones , so got rid.Some of the RA’s are approximately 15 years old and are as good as new.
  9. Hi Jeff it’s that time of the year, patience is a virtue in these conditions, I usually leave the bait in for a least 20 minutes, before recasting and I feed very sparsely, maybe only 3-4 pieces of corn etc every 30 minutes or so.But isn’t it great to just get out in the fresh air and do a bit of fishing.
  10. Had a day pleasure fishing at Raker fishery, fished the High Bank lake, it was cold overcast and no wind at all, we had just one heavy rain shower, had just 8 bites all day 2 carp biggest about 10lb , 5 big skimmers biggest about 2:5lb and a roach about 3oz, all caught on 2 dead red maggots on shute feeder with the usual mix, there were only 3 of us on the lake, my mate had 1 small carp and a couple of skimmers on the tip and about 10 silver fish on the pole with live maggots, the other guy had 1 carp and a couple of small skimmers, it was what you call a hard day, but good to be out on the ba
  11. Had a day pleasure fishing at Raker lakes we fished the Acorn lake,went for a couple of pegs that were quite sheltered, it took me an hour to get a bite, nice common carp about 4lb on a couple of dead red maggots, it was very slow , I alternated between shute feeder and the method, with corn and dead red maggots as hook baits, finished up with 4 carp biggest about 5lbs and a dozen big skimmers, biggest about 2& half pound so a good day despite the wind and rain, my mate had a lot of silver fish, roach and hybrids on the pole but nothing on the tip rod, he fished double red maggots.
  12. Had a day’s fishing at Redwood fishery, mate has a winter league starting hopefully after the lock down, so we went to give the new lake “Lagoon “ a try out for a few hours we both caught F1’s a few carp , he had 3 barbel and I had a big skimmer , he caught on single corn on the straight lead , I caught on dead red maggots and single corn on the shute feeder, we both got seen off by big fish although the owners reckon that there are no really big carp in the pond.It is really good to get out of the house and get a bit of fishing in even though the weather isn’t great.
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