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  1. No he was brought in to manage a team ,not to just fix up the defence,coudnt give a t@ss if we win 2 -1 every game,could you.??
  2. Hughthecone

    JOS OUT!

    What with the Bedwetters on here ,there will be no clean sheets,mark my words.
  3. Hughthecone


    And so do we.
  4. Hughthecone


    Backed him and his only signing from day one will continue to do so ,wether we win lose or draw ,this season we are in transition and I believe that his trust in the youngsters will bear fruit in seasons to come.
  5. Could you please repeat Neil ,missed it the first time.
  6. Maybe a visit to Specsavers should be on the cards.
  7. Room Service More sheets for the Bedwetters please.
  8. Hughthecone

    Time to haul in the optimism

    Possibly the most sensible post that I have seen on here for a long while. UTO
  9. Another gem Snoots,these OMDT's make my Saturday morning and other midweek mornings ,they bring the world into perspective. UTO
  10. Hughthecone

    Luhukay - Sacked or Backed?

    Yes don't you read all the posts?
  11. Hughthecone

    Luhukay - Sacked or Backed?

    What a stupid survey,end of
  12. Hughthecone

    Any live stream for tonight

    Owls on red button on Sky ,match 3
  13. Great OMDT as usual Snoots,there's a lot of handy information too.
  14. Hughthecone

    Where to start?

    What continual losses ? Explain if you can ,3 wins 1 draw .