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  1. Ask Katrien why she left after one year. It's in the public domain thar Chanciri wanted her to sign to say he sold the stadium before he did. Wonder what else he asked her to do whilst chief exec.
  2. How many players have we sold since Chansiri took over the club?
  3. There will be a tweet tomorrow along the lines of "Tough defeat last night but we go again on Saturday".
  4. Chansiri doesn't believe in selling players that much is clear.
  5. Chansiri's whole MO is leave everything to the last minute and that attitude clearly rubs off on his advisors or whoever is in charge of negotiating contracts.
  6. Apparently so, on Twitter. However I don't have that screen shot.
  7. DC literally said a matter of weeks ago that Alonzo was "an advisor" and was "The same as Amadeu" now he was never an advisor at all... Erik is just an advisor Erik is not an advisor
  8. Similar, yes. If they speak up they get fired. Same with every company spilling trade secrets
  9. Dont diss the Elephants. They're doing their best.
  10. You are presuming that Braithwaite did not, in fact, inform DC of the letter? Based upon Chansiri's statment that he was not aware of it? So the Club, and by extension Chansiri ARE aware of the letter then...?
  11. I think we all know the answer to that question. The one and only Amadeu Paixao who signs every player and manager.
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