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  1. That was my sons first game, he was 5 and had to take him for a leak on 90 minutes, he was busting - then heard the cheer - just caught crossley running in front of the Kop
  2. Good luck at the ‘Spaghettihad’ arena
  3. Realising a dream to play at the tony macaroni stadium Seriously should be a good test to play in Scottish Prem - good luck to him
  4. Wonder why he didn’t start at a lower league club then? Championship is not a trial run. He would be found out in 3 weeks
  5. After Jeff Stellings cryptic comment about ‘Wednesday looking for a new manager , saying nothing’ with rowett on the panel wouldn’t be surprised to see Rowett
  6. Wondering why would we split academy from first team? All big academies tend to train at the same facilities to incentivise the younger squads, would you agree?
  7. 27 | Both Hutchinson and Dehm are unable to continue; Dehm has left the field on a stretcher, while Hutchinson is back to his feet but will be replaced ⬅️ Hutchinson ➡️ Pelupessy
  8. Pulis makes Allardyce look like Pep.... teams begging to get rid of him, including Stoke - I’d rather be entertained and stay in the championship
  9. What skill set can pulis offer from last 3 seasons ?
  10. You might want to listen to Boro and West Brom fans who were begging for him to go...
  11. The transfer under Carlos is primarily the reason we are in the sh..t money wise, awful manager
  12. I wouldn’t necessarily agree that getting pumped 10-0 would be classed as a good run out, I do agree that friendly results overall are meaningless - but you won’t have much of the ball if you get destroyed...
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