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  1. Good questioning for a change in the press conf - overall its nice to hear an honest manager who just answer the questions
  2. I think he did OK, he was very nervous on the ball, strong in one on one, but when there was movement, he always seems to give a chance to run off him. It happened couple times in each half where he let a player get in behind him and we were lucky they didnt take advantage On the ball he passed back to Pudil about 90% of the time and never took the ball on until late in second half, but am allowing for the fact that might have been instructions.. ? I want all our players to do well, just glad he has had a decent 90 minutes and hopefully give him some confidence.
  3. George Boyd

    Boyd did well today, nothing spectacular but tidy in possession i wasnt too enamoured by the starting line up but think it was a good performance and nearly nicked it at the end, defensively immense

    Quality production- very well done
  5. The Magic of the FA Cup

    Coming home to Yorkshire for the weekend all the way from Scotland , me and my 2 boys going, so that 3 more than usual :-) UTO!
  6. Well done Jos

    Balls of steel to give Clare a debut against top 3 side, Wow ... imagine the pelters if it went wrong instead it gives the whole team a Massive lift.. proper managers take risks
  7. Go West

    Lol, at least he wasn’t a wife beater :-)
  8. Go West

    the poor mans Lee Chapman
  9. Carlos not the problem?

    I would be careful setting the bar so wide from genius to stupid Way too many people looking for easy options that don’t exist, wake up - there are no magic billionaires waiting to parachute into Sheffield to take us to the promised land. i honestly think we will do a Cardiff - struggle this year and grind to the top next year
  10. There is nothing going on in your head, no one can deny it i buy 4 pack of tuna every week and that’s surely enough to keep the team afloat
  11. Carlos not the problem?

    Wake up mate - if Newcastle can’t find a buyer , whose going to come in for us ? How long did we have to wait before chansiri came in? personally the premier league is overrated - I would be happy being a top half championship club, with a chance of promotion Carlos acquisition of players who never contributed is one of main factors that we are where we are How many teams can cope with amount of players unavailable we have currently and still compete ! We have to be content for a rough end to the season question we should be asking is exact extent of injury of all the players and when they are expected back.. that’s reasonable
  12. Refund

    Go away and don’t come back
  13. From that replay, looks like a shocking decision from the ref
  14. Yes it’s a very poorly worded survey, question 11 is completely leading - it feels a bit like a school / university questionnaire BUT - on other hand at least they are asking fans for their opinion