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  1. JC_owl66

    Las Vegas for Boro Game

    I was at MGM in june, resort fee was $30 but with great facilities there it’s worth it they have a great sports section, you will definitely get Wednesday game there
  2. Agree, very poorly advised tho’
  3. JC_owl66

    next seasons captain

    Charlie Adam
  4. Was in the Army for 3 years out in BAOR during late 80’s before the days of t’internet we lived for world service - with all the lads from different towns was great rivalry at the time also getting to games when home on leave was easy with POTG
  5. Love the positivity, I think you are right , looking at our fixture list it was a tough run. I think that 40 points will be good enough my only nagging doubt is our lack of goals, but i hope to see Fessi, hooper, Bannan back to see us safely over the line
  6. Good questioning for a change in the press conf - overall its nice to hear an honest manager who just answer the questions
  7. I think he did OK, he was very nervous on the ball, strong in one on one, but when there was movement, he always seems to give a chance to run off him. It happened couple times in each half where he let a player get in behind him and we were lucky they didnt take advantage On the ball he passed back to Pudil about 90% of the time and never took the ball on until late in second half, but am allowing for the fact that might have been instructions.. ? I want all our players to do well, just glad he has had a decent 90 minutes and hopefully give him some confidence.
  8. JC_owl66

    George Boyd

    Boyd did well today, nothing spectacular but tidy in possession i wasnt too enamoured by the starting line up but think it was a good performance and nearly nicked it at the end, defensively immense
  9. JC_owl66


    Quality production- very well done
  10. JC_owl66

    The Magic of the FA Cup

    Coming home to Yorkshire for the weekend all the way from Scotland , me and my 2 boys going, so that 3 more than usual :-) UTO!
  11. JC_owl66

    Well done Jos

    Balls of steel to give Clare a debut against top 3 side, Wow ... imagine the pelters if it went wrong instead it gives the whole team a Massive lift.. proper managers take risks
  12. JC_owl66

    Go West

    Lol, at least he wasn’t a wife beater :-)
  13. JC_owl66

    Go West

    the poor mans Lee Chapman
  14. JC_owl66

    Carlos not the problem?

    I would be careful setting the bar so wide from genius to stupid Way too many people looking for easy options that don’t exist, wake up - there are no magic billionaires waiting to parachute into Sheffield to take us to the promised land. i honestly think we will do a Cardiff - struggle this year and grind to the top next year