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  1. I think I have a pair of shoes still stuck to the carpet in the Roxy........
  2. I think Pullis got a mention on the back pages in this Friday’s edition.
  3. A local lad from Parson Cross, schooled at Meynall. Part of a very strong team who were a joy to watch by all accounts. My late grandad’s favourite player by a country mile. As a cobbler with a shop on Leppings Lane he had the privilege of repairing his boots which he looked after as if they were the crown jewels. RIP Albert.
  4. Would happily trade their position for ours right now.
  5. Am reminded of the creative interpretation of the Battle of Pearl Harbor by the Batley Townswomen's guild...something along those lines?
  6. I seem to remember hearing that Bennett got a pretty hostile reception down at the lane the season after that tackle....not often football can unite both sides of Sheffield.
  7. More chance of us getting Helmut Schtinkenpooper from the lower reaches of the Oberliga Schleswig-Holstein......
  8. I hope DC has already spent it on Hector......
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