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  1. HUAWEI (huawei) WE'RE WEDNESDAY (we're Wednesday) Repeated text in brackets reflects an echo effect. Linked to a Shirt and Stadium sponsorship deal as I hear they are looking to invest. I'll get my coat............
  2. Palmer for me. Worked his socks off and didn't et dragged out of position.
  3. It currently belongs to a Belgian foundation for sick owls but I'm sure we could come to an arrangement.......
  4. I think those that went to Carlisle should get free entry and a fiver........
  5. Was half expecting this to be directly after the Shrewbury Town v West Ham Utd game. Apparently it is on BBC Two tomorrow eveving, around 7:10pm. We are ball number 32. I will be putting the clock back by around seven hours, closing my eyes and pretending I have just run home from school to listen to it at lunchtime on the wireless. UTO
  6. Pronounced Yos (according to my Dutch wife). Perhaps Jos can get Radio Sheffield to correctly pronounce Loovens (Low-vans) which always annoys her. UTO - Genuinely excited about this appointment.
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