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  1. Wonder what Sammy would think of all these negative comments and constant bitching, if he was around
  2. used to be two lads who came with us Stuttery Steve and Grebo not sure if you could get away with those names today
  3. went to school with tommos brother steph in Walkley, we all used to drink down in the wicker arches then moved to the Howard we had our own mini bus don't ever remember getting to an away game on time. what a laugh.
  4. Funny how the football was crap in the 70s but I don't think I have ever enjoyed being a Wednesday fan as much, away at boro and getting hammered think it was 8, it was just the best time to be with thousands of Wednesday fans, and lads like Sammy , thomo and all the others made it all worthwhile, here's to all of them and cheers lads thanks for the memory.
  5. This is what I know, it's raining in Chester the dogs barking at the postman and I'm making a Madras for tea, hope this helps
  6. Cannon to right of them Cannon to the left of them Cannon to the front of them Volleye'd and thunder'd Stormed at with shot and shell Boldly they rode and well into the jaws of the EFL Rode the Wednesday FC
  7. Early days but am enjoying the season up to now, if it goes t1ts up that's life just enjoy it .
  8. Don't forget half time scores, some old guy changing the score cards at the side of the pitch, then getting home to find he was wrong.
  9. Boys and Girls it's been a pleasure, see you soon, to the Enchanter Woods Navy rum is still the best
  10. Got to go the voices are telling me to clean my 7.62 SLR and My Ak47 Widowmaker sleeptight
  11. If we are having a riot we need shield men, snatch squads and FRG men oops sorry always been on the other side getting mixed up
  12. Not sure but think I read that the Council and SYP are blaming Brexit, Fracking , and Donald Trump, and unless Hillsborough reduces its Carbon Emissions the Rain Forest will cease to exist,
  13. Am more than happy to hear other Wednesday fans opinions, don't always agree with all of them , but a large 12 star Metaxa brandy always helps, plus am getting on in years so this Betamax computer is hard work!!
  14. Don't often comment on hear but this situation is just typical of what's happening all over this country. As long as we are happy to say it's not my problem, it's someone else's responsibility, nothing will ever change, we have the power to change things. Remember evil prevails if good men do nothing.
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