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  1. Cannon to right of them Cannon to the left of them Cannon to the front of them Volleye'd and thunder'd Stormed at with shot and shell Boldly they rode and well into the jaws of the EFL Rode the Wednesday FC
  2. Early days but am enjoying the season up to now, if it goes t1ts up that's life just enjoy it .
  3. Don't forget half time scores, some old guy changing the score cards at the side of the pitch, then getting home to find he was wrong.
  4. Boys and Girls it's been a pleasure, see you soon, to the Enchanter Woods Navy rum is still the best
  5. Got to go the voices are telling me to clean my 7.62 SLR and My Ak47 Widowmaker sleeptight
  6. If we are having a riot we need shield men, snatch squads and FRG men oops sorry always been on the other side getting mixed up
  7. Not sure but think I read that the Council and SYP are blaming Brexit, Fracking , and Donald Trump, and unless Hillsborough reduces its Carbon Emissions the Rain Forest will cease to exist,
  8. Am more than happy to hear other Wednesday fans opinions, don't always agree with all of them , but a large 12 star Metaxa brandy always helps, plus am getting on in years so this Betamax computer is hard work!!
  9. Don't often comment on hear but this situation is just typical of what's happening all over this country. As long as we are happy to say it's not my problem, it's someone else's responsibility, nothing will ever change, we have the power to change things. Remember evil prevails if good men do nothing.
  10. Been watching Wednesday for over 50 years and if there is one thing I have come to realise what ever the football Gods throw at us we have, and always will bounce back, it may not be as quick as some would like but we will succeed, its like a boxer, sometimes you have get back up of the canvas after being knocked down and dust off the gloves and come back out swinging, watching Wednesday hurts as much trust me
  11. Been watching Wednesday for almost 50 years, only time I missed a season was when I was away on duty, missed the boxing day massacre was in Belfast, walked around the Ardoyne with the biggest grin any squaddie has ever had, seen lots of crap times with Wednesday and some good but even when it was crap, the old third division etc never once thought of giving up, its what we are, Wednesday fans, I have laughed cried and said I would never go again so many times over the years and guess what ? I will be still going to watch the lads when I am dead and buried, I will be that cold spot to the right of the Kop
  12. Hi Cestrian , Have not been to as many as I would have liked due to work, but I am now Retired and got my Levi jacket and a new pair of Doc's ox blood red of course, I nearly died at the cost of Doc's my 1st pair cost me £5.00 from Army and Navy stores. Don't think I will be running across the pitch as we did at Preston a long time ago would have to stop half way for a nice cup of Yorkshire Gold Tea, this getting old lark is crap. Will be getting to as many games as possible,
  13. I was at Catterick finished my service there, missed the boxing day massacre was in the Ardoyne and Falls Road in Belfast, have got a photo somewhere of a wall at the bottom of the falls road it has IRA, INLA, Provos sprayed on it and underneath SWFC, still don't think they have worked out what terrorist group SWFC stands for,
  14. Hi Cestrian owl I was at that game at Boro with some lads from Killamarsh one of the lads we called big Steve as he looked like Henry the 8th when Boro scored the 1st goal Steve said he would kick a Boro fan every time they scored he gave up as his foot was in too much pain ! crap game but never stopped singing and laughing back home for a beer and re grouped ready for next game. it's what supporting Wednesday is all about, we all laugh together and cry together the clue is in the word " support " that's what we do for the club and each other.
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