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  1. S/T holders staying away is one thing, but it's a whole new level of desperation when even the Fkin car refuses to go
  2. Think we can safely assume. Think we need to DRAMATICALLY improve to earn the right to be described as either of the above.
  3. 3rd place - 39 points Less than 8 weeks later, with only 5 points from a possible 27... 12th place - 44 points NOW is the time lads (playing AND management staff)... - time to wake up - time to get off your backsides - time to start EARNING your money, like the rest of us have to. MAKE IT HAPPEN - UTO
  4. Friggin in the riggin Friggin in the riggin Friggin in the riggin cos there's fk all we can do
  5. I wish it was, with the squad we have now. Westwood, Bannan, Fessi, Fletcher etc all 7 years younger.
  6. It's just sheer frustration for me. If we see out the last few minutes against Blackburn and Cardiff then we wake up this morning top of the table. This division is wide open this season, and just waiting for someone to go out and grab the opportunity to take control. In a division this tight, it's very fine margins between success and being an 'also ran.' Generally speaking, I'm happy with the season so far, but we must develop that 'killer instinct' to take us to the next level because, without it, we're going to plod along having chances to do something, but not actually achieving anything. Hopefully, yesterday was just a blip, and we come back stronger because of it, but I'm just so frustrated right now.
  7. I've got a sneaking suspicion that my answer to this question is likely to be the exact opposite of the replies you'd receive if you asked the same question on an English RU forum.
  8. True story... ... Was on holiday in Scotland a few years ago and was in Ayr tourist info office asking for directions to Somerset Park. Despite ME having to explain to HER that it was the football ground of Ayr United, she still couldn't help me as she didn't know where it was. Ended up finding it misen. As for tonight, got to be winning at home against team 2nd from bottom. 3-1 The Wednesday.
  9. Anyone who gets involved with that 'mauled by the tigers' poo needs to visit their doctor ASAP to find out what's wrong with them. Looks like they've got a serious affliction. Doubt tonight will be as convincing as Saturday, so only 3-1 to The Wednesday.
  10. Whilst epic failures against the likes of Stevenage, Yeovil etc are hugely embarrassing, and cup final defeats are extremely hard to take, NOTHING makes me as sick to my stomach as losing to pigs or, to a slightly lesser degree, dirty Leeds. Especially the 2-4 at Hillsborough, as it was my daughters first ever Sheffield derby. Dishonorable mention to Hull play off final defeat, as I had to watch my teenage daughter sat with head in hands, refusing to leave her seat and crying her eyes out for a full 20/30 minutes after final whistle. Nearly broke my heart.
  11. Not nice to see this happen to ANY club. Bolton and Bury both have decent histories, sharing half a dozen FA Cups between them. The extra p155 take in Bury's case (although it's the least of their problems) it's that their none too popular chairman/owner has the surname DALE, the nickname of one of their most hated rivals. Good luck to both of them and hope they live to fight another day.
  12. Fair point, and I'm obviously not going to argue against his record. However, for every Cloughie, how many up and coming lower league managers DON'T make it at this level? I'm not saying that Cowley wouldn't succeed at this level either, he may well be the next big thing for all I know, but it would be more of a gamble imo than Rowett, who does have championship experience and a decent record (imo) to go with it.
  13. *Other managers are available but, out of the above... ... Hughton is allegedly not interested (would be my first choice if he WAS interested) Cowley is tempting, but no experience at this level (just look how Paul Hurst struggled, and more recently Nathan Jones) Of the rest I'd personally go for Rowett, but wouldn't be over excited about it. As much as I like Bullen I don't think he's the answer. Agree with OP though, something needs doing sooner rather than later.
  14. Had a dream last night where we were 1-0 up, but they got an injury time penalty. Unfortunately woke up before penalty was taken. Going on previous, I'm gonna guess that their players got sent off fighting each other over who was going to take it, so 1-0 to The Wednesday.
  15. Is the woman on the left saying 'htf did you get down there Bannan, you cheeky monkey?'
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