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  1. 'Kin ell have you been stalking me? Pretty much nailed how I was back then, 91 is also the year I turned 19 - SCARY!! Reading your post also brought back some very happy memories of the time, and not just the league Cup win - so cheers.
  2. Thank you for brightening up a very boring 45 minute walk to work.
  3. Wouldn't expect anything less from someone who, in a time of national crisis, was recently trying to get us to believe that Sports Direct are something like the 4th emergency service ffs. As for DC, not his biggest fan but credit where its due - Nice one.
  4. First and foremost, football is not the priority and should not resume until it is 100% safe to do so, regardless of when that actually is. Secondly, no matter what decision is taken, some clubs aren't going to like it and legal challenges/issues will probably be involved. As far as I can see there are 3 options... 1 - Finish the current season For me, the season has to be played to its conclusion, considering over 3 quarters of it has already been played, if we were only 10 games in then it would be a different story. Obviously, this scenario would produce a problem with contracts as the season isn't going to be concluded before 1 July, but imo it's the lesser of 3 evils. It would also obviously delay the start to the new season, but I don't see how you can begin that anyway until you have the final standings for the current season. 2 - Declare this season null and void Fans of certain clubs, most notably Liverpool, would quite rightly be furious were this to happen (not that I'd lose any sleep over them). Far from ideal, but imo more preferable than option 3. 3 - End the season now allowing current positions to stand. This would be ridiculous and cause all sorts of problems imo, including... - Although some outcomes are obvious (Liverpool, Bolton etc..) nobody has ACTUALLY won or lost anything yet. Any titles would therefore be tainted by the fact that they hadn't actually been won, not properly anyway. - Scenarios similar to and including Aston Villa, who would be relegated despite having a game in hand on the teams around them which, if won, would relegate Watford instead. - Then there's our own situation. What would happen re any points deduction? The people dishing it out would know EXACTLY how many points would be needed to relegate/save us, and this would DEFINITELY rub someone up the wrong way, whether it be us, or Gibson and friends. Unless of course we started next season on minus whatever instead. For those of you still awake and paying attention , like I said at the beginning, football not the most important thing at the moment, but it will resume.. eventually.
  5. Abdi / Urby playing football in a Wednesday shirt. Latter was only for about 15 minutes but I WAS THERE.
  6. Now THAT'S one hell of a football kit. Pity we didn't get to lift the cup whilst wearing it.
  7. Just like real life then. The elite few get the lions share whilst the rest of us get to fight over the scraps. So, so wrong.
  8. Apart from the fact that there are far more important non footballing matters to worry about at the moment, just remind me again how many of these clubs have actually already won promotion as we speak? Any one of them could miss out on promotion if the season were to be resumed. Maybe they should actually win something before moaning about it being taken from them.
  9. Only if he agreed to a significant drop in wages with performances related bonuses.
  10. It seems to have been our turn for the best part of the 21st century so far, with a few good seasons chucked in to give us false hope. Really feel for the young uns who have known nothing else, and weren't around to witness the teams of the early 80s and 90s. At least I have my memories of better days.
  11. Please don't remind me, if I could sell my tears I'd cry. I'd then use the proceeds to buy the club /ground from DC, fund the best academy /scouting network outside the prem, and still have plenty left for transfers.
  12. Thought OP was talking about the team. They stopped defending long ago.
  13. There isn't a single player at the club who I would lose sleep over if they left. In fact, I'd keep the megastore staff (always had good service there), but that's about it. This club, our club, is now THE yardstick for how NOT to do things.
  14. Whilst DC is in charge its gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets better, it truly scares the poo out of me. The problem is of course, who's gonna want to take us on if he decides he's had enough? There is also the increasing possibility that we will start next season a division BELOW toytown ffs!!!
  15. Upvoted your post but can't agree with last line. I'll NEVER fall out of love with this club, just falling out with the people who are running it into the ground.
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