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  1. MaliceInBlunderland

    Get Up For It

    No more worried then any other Sheffield derby. Admittedly not the best preparation results wise, but we can win this if we turn up. Anyone at the club who's not up for this game shouldn't be here imo.
  2. MaliceInBlunderland

    We Aren't Happy Bunnies

    Can't find full list, but assume pigs fans are happiest. You've only got to jangle your keys in their face to keep them entertained.
  3. MaliceInBlunderland

    Worst Signing Ever

    And I was there to see it, woo hoo. Beswetherick has to be up there surely, despite not costing a fee. The fact that we paid him a wage is ridiculous enough, he should've paid us FFS.
  4. MaliceInBlunderland

    Should Hector and Onomah start v Stoke?

    No, keep a winning side if possible. Have them on the bench if they're ready.
  5. MaliceInBlunderland

    #OnThisDay in 1981

    Thought it was that one of his legs was LONGER than the other, oh well... Pretty sure I went to this, but thought it ended 1-1, unless I'm thinking of season before. Curran/Bannister in same side.
  6. MaliceInBlunderland

    Tonight’s attendance

    13k First game of the season I haven't been priced out of, and was really looking forward to taking the young un, until I was struck down by illness. Sister fate really is in b.itch mode this week, hope she doesn't support Wolves. UTO
  7. MaliceInBlunderland

    Wearing another teams top.

    For some reason in the early 80s, a certain stall in castle market sold the Luton Town shirt of the time for about £2! Word spread until most of our entire class bought one just cos they were so cheap. Next p.e lesson confused the crap out of our p.e teacher (who knew we were all Wednesday) as we all turned up in the latest Luton shirt.
  8. MaliceInBlunderland

    Alex Lees

    Miserable git. I'd have thought with all that parachute money to spend he'd be looking stoked.
  9. MaliceInBlunderland

    Jos’ contract

    I would like him to stay, and rediscover the form from the back end of last season. Not getting my hopes up too much, but that's what I'd like.
  10. MaliceInBlunderland

    Ringing the ticket office is inexcusably bad

    Lucky enough to live a 10/15 minute drive from ground so not an issue for me. As for the staff, they are, along with the fans, the best thing about the club at the moment imo. NEVER had a single problem when buying from Megastore or ticket office in person.
  11. MaliceInBlunderland

    Perspective needed - no need to freak out yet

    It seems you went in to today's game EXPECTING defeat, I would class that as cause for concern Whilst I agree that it's too early to start panicking, it doesn't look great does it? Admittedly, Brentford are no mugs, but we've hardly played the best 3 sides in this division have we, yet we only have 1 point. Not good enough.
  12. MaliceInBlunderland

    Anyone consider this 'their' squad?

    Hodge Sterland Worthington Lyons Shirtliff Smith Megson Shelton Bannister Varadi Feel like Michael Palin on Ripping Yarns, reeling all those off. What I would give to have the modern day versions of some of those at S6 right now.
  13. Absolutely bang on pal. What matters is how they play, not what they say. If the crowd get behind the lads instead of getting at them, and the team have a good go at it from the off, then this really should be 3 points.
  14. MaliceInBlunderland


    Pity Wallace has gone. If anyone can find out what's on that paper, he's the man.
  15. MaliceInBlunderland

    Cardiff in for FF

    Colin's probably just put a bid in to try and wind us all up. I ain't biting.