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  1. Could be, but i don't think Reach is right for the wing, he always looked too lightweight there and didnt make as much of an impact on games as he does through the middle. Either way, it's going to be interesting to see what Bruce does.
  2. I’d like to see us ship out Reach for decent money and bring in 2 rapid wing backs. Next season I think Bruce will go with fletcher and Rhodes up front. Middle of the park will be Bannan, Hutch and forestieri. 3 at the back and wing backs.
  3. The more you waffle the more you weaken any validity of your point. Your first paragraph was enough. You actually don’t know at all. Just trying to join dots up through nothing more than a few posts on here.
  4. it's quite common, but completely unrelated. Are you sure that's what you mean?!
  5. So you've said people deluded in one post before and now in 'cuckoo land' yet you've bleated on about form plenty yourself. Are you confused? If you genuinely think that having a fully fit Lee and Hooper back in the team will not improve us and be the difference between lower mid table and pushing for the play off's, then it is you who is deluded. Both players are exceptional at this level, fully fit they had so much to the team that we have been missing. Whether you agree or not, we look stable and solid, we look more likely to create chances and that's just in the last 4 games, there are maybe 3-4 teams above us who we should fear playing, the rest are nothing special and we can beat them all, especially with the likes of Lee & Hooper fit. Our form between now and the end of the season will be top 6 worthy, of that i am sure. Whether it's good enough to close the gap, well that depends on how other teams perform, but it is very open. Fair comment o Abdi though, not going to debate that point.
  6. I hope we scrape in to the play off's on the last day of the season, we play Derby in the semi's and smash them over both legs being the limp bottle boys they are, whilst Villa play the grunters in the other semi, who draw their last game of the season to drop out of the top 2. The pigs having bottled automatic, crumble against Villa, who are heavy favourites heading in to the final against us. We smash the Villains harder than Collymore bounced Ulrika's head about and Bruce helicopter's his chombie from the side of the pitch to a crying collymore sat n the stands Collymore can do one
  7. The difference now is that i am absolutely willing to give DC and Bruce time, because i believe the former has began to listen and learn from his mistakes, whilst the latter brings to the club a lot of what has been missing since DC took charge, a real football man who knows how clubs should be run. I knew of Jos and his ways from friends who support his previous clubs, he was never a good fit for us, in fact anyone in this league, which is why i was so vocal against him, even from early on. Bruce has been at clubs pushing for promotion, he's not always been successful but he's definitely going to have a plan and make us competitive. I also think his teams play the type of football i like to see, much of which is listed in the OP. I want us to be competitive on the pitch and the club to be well run. I think we're now on the right tracks for that.
  8. I’d rather we go sh*t or bust than just sh*t so if he throws the lot at it this month so be it. Love a good ride me
  9. So why do you think has he been so much improved in the last few games?
  10. Bruce is a football man through and through, he knows the game and how clubs work and he's had to deal with some issues before at clubs, even recently at Villa with the mental owner. Knowing the game and especially this division should help the club out too, we should start to make progress off the field now as well. This is a sign DC is learning and wanting what we all want, if he's chucking a £2m salary at Bruce i can't see him doing so without the intention of us getting promoted in the next season or 2. Nearly 30k there today, who wouldn't want to manage us, we're MASSIVE!
  11. He wasn’t bad for 75 minutes, just the Last 15 where he got a few decisions wrong and was a bit whistle happy
  12. He was often quite isolated today when he received the ball, no fault of his own, just how we were set up to play. Not the quickest switching play with that formation despite that, he played some good balls, covered well and overall looked comfortable against Jota
  13. Eh I don’t get this at all. Ive been moaning on here since I joined, called Jos out within weeks, called Reach on not having a genuine position and have constantly berated the owner on the running of the club BUT we have just beaten an in form Preston despite not playing great, went to play off certs Middlesborough and not only took the 3 points but matched them this despite looking awful against them at home a couple of months ago. We then go to West Brom and look like we are the team pushing for auto’s which is also what happened when they came to hillsborough too, then today we faced 7th placed Birmingham who we should have beaten by a couple of clear goals, they looked like the team languishing in lower mid table. In addition, we have a new manager coming in, on a reportedly big wage and we have Lee, Hooper and foresteri all to come back. Like it or not but we are very much in a position now where we can push the top 6. Remember the start Fulham had a few seasons ago and they then pushed the top 6 all the way. Seeing us play today, with the like if Boyd, Palmer, Hector and Fletcher all busting a gut, doing the basics right and with a touch of class, I am confident we keep this team together and we are not getting rolled over by anyone. Who really wants to play us at the moment?!
  14. It’s so odd that people feel a need to try and ridicule him because of this. i cant ever imagine having such a sh*t life where I derive pleasure out of stuff like this. Weird
  15. Maddison is an exceptional player and young too, he will certainly play regularly for England Reach will never play for England and he’s not worth £15m.
  16. For 80 minutes we absolutely bossed these at Hillsborough, they’re nowt special. I really like this set up too, winall and fletch to come on later once Nuihu is knackered and Jones to come on and tidy up when Hutch runs out of steam. When we let these players play to their strengths we have a good team.
  17. I have 2 IPTV links, only game I can get on one of them is the Rotherham game. Theres a link for the WBA Vs Owls game but it won’t connect, it’s been similar the last couple of weeks too, can see a link but won’t play.
  18. Can i pay to download/stream it from anywhere? I dont have a dvd player anymore.
  19. Only a week or so ago there was a thread on here about how bang average he is, now some people think he's worth £20m! He would really struggle in the premier league. No big team is coming in for him, which means it's the likes of cardiff, palace, newcastle etc where he will have to dig in and show some fight, something he's not very good at. Reach is a good player in a team doing well, playing freely and with positive players around him.
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