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  1. Which just proves how little you know. P.s. i am one of the experts you refer to, which is why i know you're full of pish
  2. What a weird comment. Making such sweeping statements about a field you have little to no experience in is a sign of low intelligence too.
  3. Nah this is not a good sign at all. Speaking from a sports science perspective, there are many better fuelling strategies. For example highly branched cyclic dextrin mixed with water would absorb quicker and offer a much better uptake than all of these sweets, which are not pure sugar, but also containing gelatin too. A pro footballer during weekly training should be able to hit his nutritional requirements without needing sweets, however, if they fancy eating them go for it. Just a bit odd and dated our club still buys in to this. Sports science at Wednesday may have come on a lot in recent years, but it's still lacking in comparison to top championship teams.
  4. Slash £50 off last season's prices and keep POTG to £30 a match. Get the place rocking and everyone buzzing for Bruce's first full season in charge. On 20k season tickets it would be £1m less, but if we could sell 1500-2000 more it would cancel out that loss, but we would have more people at the ground spending. I'd hazard a guess that if we even do remotely well from now until the end of season we'll see record season ticket sales. Same with the corporate boxes too, get them below pigs prices and filled up. Let's see some ballsy commercial nous from the club for next season.
  5. Nope We'll sneak in on the last day of the season, just as they drop to 3rd on goal difference from the automatic spot. Over 2 legs we smash them and then go on to beat Hull in the final. That would be epic.
  6. Nobody hates a playing doing a solid job and playing well for the club. Anyone who thinks that is a bit weird. It's just a discussion, people will talk about positives and negatives of the club, players, team performance and whatever else goes on down at Hillsborough. Thinking that some people prefer to be right and hope certain players fail or we lose is nothing more than fantasy.
  7. Derby and Bristol are hitting a 1.6pts per game average now. For us to beat them to a play off spot we would need to average around 2.1pts per game for the remainder of the season. So it begs the question do we have a squad capable of automatic promotion form. I think we do and Bruce is the man to get them firing. I predict we’ll sneak in to the play offs last game of the season, just like the pigs who drop out of the automatic position. We play them in the semi’s and smash them over both legs. Then we beat boro in the final.
  8. So what are you saying? it does make £50k a week, but it also doesn’t?! Lol
  9. I bet he loves a finger up the back channel though
  10. But at that point he was our star player, on the back of a great season coming in to a season where we all expected to push for promotion again. Selling a player under those circumstances would have been bad business. We all know we should sell players when they fetch the most value, but that's all hindsight.
  11. Yeah. all the seats empty in the chelsea end and yet one decides to go to all the trouble of buying a season ticket, going to a dozen away games just to get the points to be able to get a ticket in the Wednesday end. Strong logic right there. Even the touts outside were saying there was no chance of getting a ticket for the away end! Some of our fans are stupid as fizz, saw one lad trying to push a young kid out the way in the ground, nearly knocked him over, young kid must have been no more than 10. Best part was the bloke who must have been with the kid, he was big unit and had hold of the lad and told him to calm down. WAWAW - but not it seems for all the scrotes, racists and wannabe thugs who don't care about the others who don't want to throw coins and get bans.
  12. I really wish he had been able to play alongside Loovens, even just for the 1 season. His game would have come on so much more alongside a such a good leader and game reader. However, he is still a great prospect for us and he did well yesterday
  13. Things you might not have seen or hesrd then: racist comments aimed at Odoi way over the top sexism about the lineswoman the many coins thrown at the Chelsea players after their penalty Overall great support, but there are some absolute weapons too. Funnily it always seems the sorts who would poo a brick if they walked in a boxing gym and laced up
  14. Everyone wants players like that. But players are not robots. i Don’t get your last comment either. Seems you’ve got a lot of emotion tied up in your point of view. Its just a discussion.
  15. It means your knowledge is lacking, what you post it is often rehashed fence sitting googled tripe. As per the 'rules' then, the content of your post is ballax. Do you even go to the games?
  16. Yes better, who do you think when both fit is the better of the two? Do you think Reach is a good left back? Is that his best position?
  17. Ah another stupid post from the resident copy and paste expert.
  18. Another way of looking at the Reach Vs Forestieri debate is to ask that if Lee, Hutch, Bannan, Hooper, Forestieri were all fit, does Reach even start in the position he's played over the last season? Personally i think he's either pushed out to the left midfield or even dropped to left back.
  19. Joey played 90%+ of the games during jos' tenure here. Now i'm not saying Joey is as good as Reach, but what i am saying is that there's more to consider than just how many minutes a player has been on the pitch. Kieron Lee would keep Reach out of the side every day of the week, if he was fit, so would FF, so would BB too. Ideally we keep them all and they all stay fit and we win the league by 20+ points. But that ain't happening. Quoting minutes played is clinging on and a blinkered view too, imo. £14m for FF is great money, whether he's played a lot or not, he should be sold for that money. But no team is paying anywhere near that for a fit, in form, never miss a game Adam Reach, are they?
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