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  1. Reach needs to get more involved for us to stand a chance of winning this game. If he clicks and can remain composed on the ball then we’ll start to open these up down that right hand side with nando and Banan playing around them. Aarons speed remains a threat to them, but we are just not composed enough on the ball to really cause their defenders problems.
  2. No alcohol where I am. Thought it would be served in the hotel at least, the closer the game gets the more willing I’d be to pay Singapore prices!
  3. Room for a little un? I’m 8 hours ahead too. Will be watching it in my hotel room with an empty minibar
  4. It’s called a discussion, rather than me go and look at what people have been discussing, can you look up what the word ‘abuse’ means. Logic and critical thinking are truly on their way out in this world.
  5. What a weird statement. It’s called discussing a players performance and ability, not abuse. Reasonable and rational adults are able to discuss such matters without tying emotion to it. Unless you can specifically point to abuse he’s received?
  6. Never thought I would say this, but quite disappointed to see Fox dropped from the matchday squad completely.
  7. "rock solid" come on, it's against Millwall, it's not like they're smashing goals in and creating plenty of chances! What would a player ave to do to get a 2,3 or a 4 if a 5 is terrible? For comparison, here's the PSG ratings from their win against Man Utd last night PSG: Buffon (7), Kehrer (7), Thiago Silva (8), Kimpembe (7), Bernat (7), Marquinhos (8), Veratti (7), Alves (7), Draxler (7), Di Maria (8), Mbappe (8)
  8. Considering you are a numbers man, some of your ratings have zero correlation with the overall performance and score. God forbid we scrape a 1-0 win against Rotherham, it will be 10’s across the board!
  9. Fletcher is 32 next month, he won't be going anywhere as nobody else will match his wages, however for me, despite some solid performances and him being a tryer he can go for me. FF - needs to start looking interested and quickly, otherwise he can go Joao - he's 25 does have some great attributes and with decent players around him, such as Aarons he will score goals Hooper - pay as you play or he can go Winnal - we can't really lose money on him and he's not had a chance so i would keep him Nuihu - release tomorrow Rhodes - i would keep him in the hope Bruce brings in the speed and some width to give our forwards some service We had 20 shots today, against a very poor Reading, we need our forwards to be putting some of those away, but we also need to play a system that suits who we have on the pitch for the full 90 minutes.
  10. I'm not being a pr1ck here, but surely a team with those scores, you would expect that either they won, or that the opponents were a top team they held at bay. Reading were quite poor and it's clear to see why they're doing so badly, despite goals scored and conceded very similar to ours. I can't give anyone more than a 6 today. Mainly 5's, wit possibly Hector an exception as he never looked troubled and organises well. The rest underperformed against a weak team.
  11. What's to google, i just asked a question I just put your reply through google translate though, it came back with this: 'i don't know' it must be difficult being as thick as you.
  12. Today at the match i sat in front of a guy who was on his phone for the first 25 minutes. a guy a few seats behind me moaned about every backwards pass. A fella a few seats down on my row insisted on shouting instructions to hutchinson every 5 minutes. There are posters on here who are so confrontational and aggressive in general that away from the keyboard they're probably getting pegged every week by their Mrs and on here it's just deflection from their weakness and inevitable prolapse. Most people are weird, especially on the internet. Once you realise and accept that and just get on with your life, it all becomes much easier.
  13. Ok answer this: If sugar in the form of sweets is so good for the players energy why don't they have bags of haribo by the side of the pitch during matches? Also, if sugar is so important for energy and you think i'm wrong about the nutritional strategies at SWFC, why are there bottles of a isotonic stevia (a low calorie alternative to sugar) drink at the side of the pitch? Also why are there no research papers on pizza as a recovery option in professional sports on pubmed? Let's say i am lying and unemployed, i've just kicked your balls with basic logic kidda
  14. I'd have brought him on 15 minutes later to be honest.
  15. I completely disagree, he was assured and confident today, but somewhat exposed by Boyd's poor showing. The only issue was how isolated he was with Boyd on, this seemed to be a concern when Aarons came on as he had a few chances to get up and support and held back. The Steve Bruce comment is a complete lie too. No way could you have seen as he was on the touchline all game, unless you had binoculars and sat on the North facing the dugout? In which case why were you watching Bruce's face instead of the game? maybe you were just looking for confirmation of your bias against Fox.
  16. And yet here you are, virtue signalling like a true keyboard warrior. People like to discuss performances of players, their contribution and ability. This forum is shocking for those want to be offended at so much as a negative comment. Normal rational adults can discuss the performance of a player without it meaning they want them skinned alive. Your reaction is somewhat flouncey. Don't take people's opinions on how a player played so personally.
  17. He spent far too much time on the floor today. Very frustrating to see him half commit to a high ball only to spin and then end up on the floor. However i think overall he’s a great player and we should keep him. I think he will have been frustrated himself today.
  18. My Nan should start over Boyd and she’s been dead 20 years.
  19. I can’t ever Imagine being so offended because someone has an education and does a job that you pretend to know about and therefore comments with both knowledge and experience on the topic matter. The fact you’re so intent on being right to the point you resort to being insulting says a lot more about your mental health than it does about your knowledge too. I genuinely hope you’re ok fella.
  20. Performance nutrition is about a LOT more than ‘calories in Vs Calories out’ of it wasn’t you’d probably get the nutritionist job at S6.
  21. There's no difference of opinion on the underpinning science, what Owl14 is highlighting is the basis of the science behind energy utilisation during exercise and more specifically the role of sugar, or as he said glucose, but if we're being more specific it's stored glucose which is glycogen that needs to be converted to glucose to fuel ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) through a process glycolysis. None of that can be disputed, it's just the science of fuelling exercise. What i disputed was the need for sugar in the form of sweets in professional sports. If a player is reaching for sugar in the form of sweets to fuel their training then something went wrong along the way. Either they missed meals and didn't fuel as they should or someone forgot the more optimal fuelling solutions such as cyclic dextrin. Owl14's point about improved performance is somewhat vague too, it infers sugars are necessary for all performance improvements or that performance cannot be improved without sugared up full glycogen, however for aerobic based activity a case for training low state (not carbed up) or even just on fats could be beneficial.
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