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  1. How can it be stupid when it was the right decision all along?! If he was still here or did a good job then it would be stupid. Man you are basic.
  2. 10th April 2018, Jos had been in charge only a few months and I wanted him gone. We looked awful against a mediocre QPR, getting battered 4-2 The majority on here still wanted him kept on until only a few weeks before his departure His achievements in Germany though, yeah so great all the fans of the clubs wanted him gone well before he departed. A complete charlatan
  3. Kind of highlights the mentality on here at times though. Whilst we are doing well and should all be happy with the positive results at the club, the moment anyone discusses anything negative its jumped on. Yes Nuihu scored and played well, but we expected much better from his this season pelupessy did well against a decent midfield Saturday but he’s still not championship standard results are going well but many aspects of the club are still in a mess Yet mention these facts and you are labelled a ‘boo boy’. Oddly mention that boo boys discuss these and the op is shot down because we should all just be positive all of the time and there’s no need to be negative. Quite strange really.
  4. No, fans knock him when he doesn’t have a good game. As I said in the match day thread, it is a myth that any Wednesday fan wants him to have a bad game. If he plays well, we are much more likely to win games. There’s no logic in anyone wanting him to play badly.
  5. You put £2 on to win £49, not £20. Let it run.
  6. Well we are definitely in the mix now and should be getting talked about by the media as contenders. With how tight it is, there is simply no room for error. We just need to keep grinding the results out. There’s no other manager I would want in charge than Bruce for this run in. He knows what it takes.
  7. Only Blackburn fans. Its a myth that any Wednesday fan wants him to play badly.
  8. I’ve no doubt in my mind that we are heading to the premier league soon, if not this season then in the next couple. If the blades get there first then so be it, we are building a very strong model from which to be promoted to and stay in the top tier. The blades if they go up will come straight back down. As a club they’re not ready.
  9. GSo going on form, we would finish on 69pts 5th would be Preston with 75 points 6th would be us, boro or villa based on goal difference
  10. So it’s not a myth if it’s happened then, on average 1 out of every 9 seasons so far.
  11. Your level of stupid is way too low for me. Anyone who states we will be under an embargo this summer but then states we’ll be signing players for fees is beyond help. The club and chairman have lied to fans. Denying that is a bit silly. It’s not out of the question that things won’t be all rosy come summer time. If you cant see that, no problem. It’s just a forum to discuss things on.
  12. Except that’s not what I said at all. I mean you can deflect all you like, but I’ve been pretty clear and consistent in what I’ve said. Unlike you. Embargo but still signing players?! Right, have a think about how that one works. You choose to think all is rosy at the club, whilst a modicum of logic shows it’s not.
  13. You were one of the very few on here still defending Jos in the final few days. We we had our fair share of back and forths on the subject, but I like the fact you were honourable about it and made very valid points about the issues going much further than just the coach. Like the cut of your jib fella
  14. Ok, so you have said we’ll be under an embargo but then said we’ll sign players for money. No conspiracy. But that’s some weird logic.
  15. Death me. What is with the members of this board always getting so defensive and trying to make it personal rather than just having a logical discussion?! Let’s just stick to respectful discussion shall we. Therss nonneed for you to get so emotional. It’s jusg a discussion topic. If bruce thinks he can sign players in the summer and get we get hit with an embargo, yet he’s been lead to believe we’ll be fine, then i would understand him wanting a word with his employer and not being happy. In terms of lying, things may be looking good but we as fans have been lied to and mislead numerous times by the club.
  16. And yet Bruce ha stated we will be bringing new players in this summer. So you think we will be under an embargo and yet Bruce thinks we will be bringing players in. Hmmm yeah, I can see how you’d think we have nothing to worry about
  17. If it’s between us, Preston and Bristol for 6th spot then I’m sure we’ll get it. Neil is being linked with the WBA job too, hopefully that unsettles Preston. Bristol we’ll finish above.
  18. Looking at the facts as we know so far, do you think we will be under an embargo this summer?
  19. I can’t see how we avoid an embargo come summer time and with so many players due to leave we’ll have a threadbare squad. We know the club have a track record of spinning a few stories in recent years, what’s to say SB wasn’t spun the same lines of bent truths and when reality hits he’s off. Lets hold off on the praise until we see what unfolds in the coming months. There is still a lot wrong with the way the club is being run.
  20. All of this just makes the lacklustre performance against Reading and Millwall even more annoying. We were over achieving against WBA, so the results weren’t as hard to swallow, but those 2 games against teams who showed no real intent and were there for the taking show just how Jekyll and Hyde this team can be.
  21. On at least 2 occasions he stood still in the middle of the park when we had a thrown in, plenty of spaces to run in to. Now, that’s unusual for him and he did actually make space a couple of times later in the game too, so I’d assume he played his role exactly how SB asked him to last night for the team.
  22. May be an unpopular opinion but I really want to see the back of the likes of Reach and Boyd. Weak, gutless, poor in the tackle and only mediocre pace as well as being too scared to get injured.
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