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  1. I just knew we weren't going to hold on, even checked my bet fair balance to lump on nor wish to score. Team spirit was excellent though, cracks in the team and way we played at times, but i think Bruce can iron those out and make us competitive next season. Also very glad that he called the ref out in his post match interview, i always felt we've been too soft on ref's as a club when they need making accountable for poor decisions.
  2. Who do we play for the remaining 4 games of the season though?
  3. This squad if fully fit wins the league. Just need to keep the loan players too though.
  4. This current squad, including the current loan players will win the league if fully fit. Bruce merely needs to trim a few players on high wages/out of contract and ensure he keeps the loans for next season. Those suggesting a full squad overhaul is required, maybe apply some logic to the situation instead of being all mentally weak and emotional. Let abdi, Matias and Jones go, get everyone fit for the start of the season and we’ll be cruising next season. Those saying we are mentally weak as a squad should revisit the form table since jos lef
  5. Heard he was caught with a packet of snide werthers originals bought from B&M bargains.
  6. Sports science aspect of the club could be hugely improved, that would be a start.
  7. So you don’t feel any different when we play them then?! Give over. Any fan stating they’re not bothered about how well our rivals are doing needs to give their head a wobble.
  8. Think my VPN is broken, can’t see any pics mate!
  9. Eaten it’s own tail because it was so hungry Ive tried sucking myself off a few times because I was so thirsty.
  10. Yeah how can we possibly be upset at missing out on an international manager when we had Jos in charge?! Just because Big Mick isn't picking Westwood he's no longer good enough us. Got to love Owsltalk logic.
  11. for those that listened(i'll listen tomorrow) any thoughts on the issues we face, does it look like we have a way out?
  12. Steel city gym, his dad is his trainer. Great prospect who will hopefully go on to fight at world level.
  13. Yes i'm pretty sure i was at that game with my dad. I was sat right at the back, on a railing which i never fell off and down the stairs when we scored. That whole season i went to a lot of away games as well as having a season ticket.
  14. Rhodes will score goals with the likes of lazar, Arrons and Reach whipping them in, especially if he's in a 3 with Fletch of nando too.
  15. Bought 2, first time in 20 years. I’ll probably still have to miss a fair amount of games, but I’m in a position to be able to afford it again and also get saturdays off, so may as well.
  16. How can it be stupid when it was the right decision all along?! If he was still here or did a good job then it would be stupid. Man you are basic.
  17. 10th April 2018, Jos had been in charge only a few months and I wanted him gone. We looked awful against a mediocre QPR, getting battered 4-2 The majority on here still wanted him kept on until only a few weeks before his departure His achievements in Germany though, yeah so great all the fans of the clubs wanted him gone well before he departed. A complete charlatan
  18. Kind of highlights the mentality on here at times though. Whilst we are doing well and should all be happy with the positive results at the club, the moment anyone discusses anything negative its jumped on. Yes Nuihu scored and played well, but we expected much better from his this season pelupessy did well against a decent midfield Saturday but he’s still not championship standard results are going well but many aspects of the club are still in a mess Yet mention these facts and you are labelled a ‘boo boy’. Oddly mention that boo boys discuss
  19. No, fans knock him when he doesn’t have a good game. As I said in the match day thread, it is a myth that any Wednesday fan wants him to have a bad game. If he plays well, we are much more likely to win games. There’s no logic in anyone wanting him to play badly.
  20. You put £2 on to win £49, not £20. Let it run.
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