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  1. Absolute bobbins about Hooper. The guy is class and was by far the best forward at the club, you can't replace payers like him easily. He's only being replaced due to his injury record.
  2. Didn't we get a new catering manager this season too? Nice to see the club are consistent throughout when it coms to recruitment as we must have employed the Almen Abdi of catering!
  3. He was poor today, but he's still a great player that we should be focusing on keeping fit
  4. Minimal composure, so his decision making is woeful I really hope we get rid.
  5. Smart thinking by Bruce, players can't get injured if they don't train
  6. BBC site says a number of league one clubs are interested. So I’m sure we can afford/attract him. At 32 I’m not sure double the £25k a week we could pay would be worth the move to China or America.
  7. Joe Hart possibly available on a free transfer. If we are to lose Westwood, I think Hart with his experience could be good for a 2 year deal, to also help with Dawson and Wildsmith’s development
  8. And this is exactly why I’ve bought a season ticket for the first time in 15 years. I’ll likely still miss a lot of games, but when I’m able to I’ll be there and I’m happy this guy gets the money to spend.
  9. I like a lot of these suggestions. Especially selling Van Aken, Rhodes, Winnall, Pelupessy, Nuhiu, Fox, and Joao. Selling Joao would be very good business because i just don't think we'll ever see the player we have hoped for. If we could twist Newcastle's arm to let us have Gayle for the season along with Hooper, Fletcher, Nando, Matias and Rhodes then i think we have very solid options up top. Aarons, lazaar, Hector all on season long loans would be very good business too, especially if we get them early and Bruce can keep them fit, plus i think a but mo
  10. If we had to sell Reach and use every penny to buy Hector, that to me would be excellent business.
  11. I really hope that's not our starting midfield next season, it's so slow, will sit too deep and invite pressure by being over run. Bannan, Hutch and Lee with Aarons on the right and Forestieri on the left, would be an exciting midfield. Fletcher (on current form) up top and i'll probably be wánking on the North stand every week.
  12. hawksmore


    He could take all the drugs in the world and he would do zero damage to AJ as he's just a fat shít.
  13. I would relish playing the scrubbers now, reckon we'd turn them over.
  14. It's been 4 months now since he left, best we just focus on the positives otherwise we just sound terribly bitter.
  15. Agree with all of this, aside from seasons best player, i think that has to go to Hector. The Villa game he looked immense until going off. I do feel that we have been somewhat short changed with him, not like he's been earning his wage since day 1.
  16. We don't know the facts, followed by a massive sweeping statement about his mental health?! What a strange post.
  17. I'm sorry you had a poor English teacher at school.
  18. He wasn't great at all for the last 15-20 minutes, looked very tired and should have probably been taken off. But overall he's the type of player that will cause Bruce to earn his wage as it's a big decision as to whether we keep him or not. If we didn't have ffp issues i'd say we let go and replace, but as it stands, we may better off keeping him for another couple of seasons.
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