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  1. The players shouldn't take responsibility for their own fitness levels at all, that's not how it works in professional sports. The person responsible for the players being correctly conditioned is actually still at the club. Would you expect any football manager to know each of these metrics for all of their squad players, or would you expect someone to be employed to monitor their performance...? I was done with CC a long time ago, last season we got lucky i felt and the football was terrible, but lamenting the poor fitness on CC when it's not his job and the team in
  2. Proper salty ladybit. Chill out. Instead of swearing so much, you could have just answered the questions and points i raised.
  3. What do you base that assumption on? are you saying that fringe players, like joao has been up until January, need more than 8 weeks to be able to play more than 1 game per week? Pretty sure that pre season is about 8 weeks long and most would agree that the returning players aren’t in a much worse position than they would be at mid season point.
  4. Deary me, i guess i shouldn't be surprised at having to spell it out, but anyway... we are not in Bundesliga 2 he never had to deal with any such constraints at the clubs he's managed that even get close to the one's he's currently having to deal with, namely: injuries, players fitness, lack of transfer activity I wouldn't call him a charlatan, far from it as a football manager, but his selections thus far have been very concerning. He's been in this job nearly 2 months and is still struggling with the players fitness levels too, at what point do we stop blaming Ca
  5. Let’s say that assumption is correct, it will be difficult for him to justify with logic some of his selections. Those discussions will soon lose any confidence the players and staff have in. as per the post match interview, he’s struggling somewhat to justify his selections after the game to the press. Staff lose confidence when they no longer believe the manager knows what they’re doing.
  6. Good man management would be to bring them on slowly, amongst seasoned pro’s playing in a balanced and settled team, this would enhance their progression. Not throwing them to the lions and playing them out of position and then dropping them for no real reason when they’ve done a good job. Its absolutely bonkers man management.
  7. This manager is out of his depth, but it’s not his fault, he was out of work and offered a cracking job on what is probably very good money compared to others he’s had. Everyone would fake it, hoping they make it. More of these strange team selections to come. Then we’ll get rid and bring our 3rd unknown manager in on the bounce.
  8. Much more significant is the fact that when nuihu Has poor stats, we were finishing 6th and then 4th in the league.
  9. Let’s be honest and optimistic too, say we get all our first team players back for the summer and have a fully fit squad for next season, does anyone think this guy gets us promoted? Now say we are just realistic and say what this really is, it’s a massively left field appointment of a guy none of us had heard of before and he’s not been allowed to sufficiently strengthen the squad in key areas in the transfer window. Maybe he just came for the cash because on paper this is a strange job for him to have taken.
  10. there will be a mass exodus in the summer, all these top players with injuries will leave and we'll bring in freebies for Jos to work with. The chairman is skint.
  11. Me neither, if that's what it takes to get them all back, i dare say i'd take it! Actually, nah i just couldn't ever accept that! What i would like though is some form of communication from the club as to the current status of many of the players who are injured.
  12. We've had FFP rammed down our throats since before we signed Rhodes, that's always been a concern for me, in that it's been used as a smokescreen. Now with the lack of credible info coming out about key players, it's pretty worrying, especially on the back of a very unsatisfactory transfer window. If we had long term injuries to key players, we should have signed a couple of players on loan at the very least.
  13. They're probably on appearance fees and we cannot afford to pay them. Hence the second string.
  14. This is a thread about Nuihu though, thus we talk about him, his contribution, the team with him in it, etc etc. It's not singling out, it's called staying on topic. More than happy to discuss the stats for fox, wallace, butterfield et al another thread though, because they are horrific too! You are correct in that the numbers do not offer up evidence that causation sits just on Nuihu's high up shoulders, but i think there's a strong case for identifying correlation, as for Nuihu to achieve those numbers requires a longer and more consistent run in the team, which almost always coi
  15. You can post all the comparison stats you want, the fact remains nuihu is simply not good enough. You've mentioned context, but then distorted that too. He would not get in the team if we had a fully fit front line. The main reason he's got so many minutes is because he's filled in so many times due to injuries. I don't get this love in with a player who is just so poor. Saying 'well everyone else is poor' is just no reasoning at all, if nothing else it simply proves we are inept and probably skint when it comes to the transfer market. He's probably a really nice guy,
  16. we won't cope with their pace. Carlos knows our players inside out. He will most likely play everyone on the right wing to terrorise Fox.
  17. It will be notts county, then we'll lose to them. Ive been a fan long enough to know the script.
  18. I’m kind of with the op to be honest. Ive enough proof myself to be worried, I put a post on social media a while ago about something that should be much improved and that I’d contacted the club to help for free and not heard anything back. I was contacted by someone at the couple who highlighted the fact his department was on a show string budget and were ‘doing the best they can with the resources available’. In addition to this ive heard some really worrying things about how the club is being run as well as how chansiri acts. As as the owner of a busin
  19. OP sums up the world we live in. Everyone wants attention for being offended, demanding apologies because their feelings are hurt.
  20. Whilst we were winning and near the play offs people seemingly accept whatever is going on and justify as though it’s needed for progress. Now or it’s all looking a bit gloomy, people are looking more closely at the club. We can all see that there has been some serious mis-management at the club, from basic things such as not getting the shirts on time, players (on big wages) being bought and not played, lack of corporate engagement, ‘D’s taxis’. The list of wanting signs goes on. Same the manager, where the hell did DC get the info from about this guy. I’m not having
  21. I think the real point is that the team has been leaked, it doesn't matter on whether it's directly to the opposition or twitter. Plus this is the 3rd match in a row that i know of where the team has been leaked well before they were supposed to be revealed.
  22. If it has no bearing, then why do clubs leave it til the last minute to submit their squad? If you've ever been to a pro clubs training ground you'll know they do prepare for specific players and formations that they expect, some clubs even list the specific attributes of players too.
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