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  1. OP sums up the world we live in. Everyone wants attention for being offended, demanding apologies because their feelings are hurt.
  2. Whilst we were winning and near the play offs people seemingly accept whatever is going on and justify as though it’s needed for progress. Now or it’s all looking a bit gloomy, people are looking more closely at the club. We can all see that there has been some serious mis-management at the club, from basic things such as not getting the shirts on time, players (on big wages) being bought and not played, lack of corporate engagement, ‘D’s taxis’. The list of wanting signs goes on. Same the manager, where the hell did DC get the info from about this guy. I’m not having a go at the manager, but you can’t argue that it’s a very left field appointment that came out of nowhere, this despite the fact there was some decent and credible managers with championship experience available. There were also some big names mentioned, they would have been a message of real intent. Lastly, look at the lack of activity in the transfer window, despite all the injuries. Very worrying. I know from people who work in the club that the academy runs on a shoe string, office staff think DC is a control freak and we are generally in a mess with so much internal conflict. Now we’ve no success on the pitch it just highlights the underlying issues more.
  3. I think the real point is that the team has been leaked, it doesn't matter on whether it's directly to the opposition or twitter. Plus this is the 3rd match in a row that i know of where the team has been leaked well before they were supposed to be revealed.
  4. If it has no bearing, then why do clubs leave it til the last minute to submit their squad? If you've ever been to a pro clubs training ground you'll know they do prepare for specific players and formations that they expect, some clubs even list the specific attributes of players too.
  5. Andy kalinis is the 'fitness coach' he stepped up when our performance director left. we've not had proper coaches in this department since and no nutritionist either.
  6. this is what happens when we have a glorified pe teacher in charge of the players fitness
  7. Saw chansiri in a city centre hotel at 2pm today. Didn’t look like he was ready to be on the phone doing late deals. Proper chilled fella.
  8. We still had 12 shots last night, even though we were set up to not concede. The positive for me is that even when under pressure, our players are growing in confidence and happy to shoot. That confidence must come partly from being more organised. We've got a top 4 squad, FF, Hoops, Lee, Lees, Bananan, Hutch, Van Aken (could argue Abdi too if he can find form) etc are all excellent players at this level. Give them the structure, discipline of a system and play to their strengths and we will be scoring for fun. I mean this guys got Nuihu bagging a brace. If he can do that, i'm sure we will start seeing some more free flowing football with a fully fit squad.
  9. bought the season pass, worked every time on opera. few teething problems start of the season, but now i hook my macbook up to the tv and watch it, decent enough. Shame about them stopping you from listening to commentary at the same time too, dont get that.
  10. I never bet on an owls match now. A few years ago i had some ITK info about half of the first team squad being out with an illness, we were playing bristol city away and whilst that season we were expected to beat them, the fact we supposedly had so many players out meant that i felt we would get easily beaten. We drew 1-1 and only a couple of players were out injured, not half the squad as i'd been told. I've now gone back to my rule of never betting on the owls.
  11. Football like most sports now invests pretty heavily in sports science, yet we still have some bloke who's basically a PE teacher in charge. We had a fella a few years ago who was performance director and he was never replaced. It's unfair to solely blame it on Carlos when the clubs infrastructure is lacking. Huddersfield brought in guys who were top of their game in sports science at the beginning of last season and it paid off, again we don't have the set up for sports science like they did before they went up. We are still giving the players crap sports drinks and foods before matches. Most football clubs these days know what their players skin fold and other optimal anthropometric measurements should be, there's plenty of research available on it, but looking at our players, not many look to be in the optimal ranges.
  12. JVA will be, i think he will be a top drawer player next season. Lees is good enough when on form, lets not forget we were solid the last couple of years and we were talking about him being worth £15m. Hunt is not good enough end fox needs the hounds setting on him.
  13. At the moment, we need to prioritise strengthening the weak positions, rather than improve on who has been arguably one of our best and most consistent performers this season. A pacy left/left wing back would be ideal, someone who can overlap Reach and go past a man, as well as actually being able to defend too, because Fox is truly awful at times. I'd honestly see if we can entice Jeremy Helan back from Saudi Arabia, what he lacked in terms of footballing skill, he made up for in athleticism and he frightened defenders to death.
  14. Wildsmith Hunt Lees Van Aken Reach Lee Hutch Hooper Banan Forestieri Joao 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 Barcelona style. Hutch able to drop back in to the back whilst Reach and Hunt press forwards, Banan also able to drop back in to a midfield 3. FF to play the the floating role and hit the channel between the RB and CB where he causes a lot of problems, leaving Hoops to support Joao, who is arguably our most mobile and athletic forward.
  15. probably easier to list who we should keep Saying that, Fox needs to go sooner rather than later, you could tell last night he didn't want the ball.
  16. The current guy is Andy kalinins isnt it? before last season huddersfield brought in an exercise physiologist guy from the FA, Dr John Iga (goggled it) and he brought on board one of the top nutritionists in the country who is also a Dr too. They had a full team focussing on the players fitness, nutrition and recovery. Their set up went from that of a non-league to the best in the championship and better than some premiership set up's. We've got nothing like that which is a big reason we've struggled last season and this season so far.
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