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  1. Onomah and Aarons on a season long loan with option to buy lazaar half season loan Bidwell in on a free Based on what Bruce has said I can’t see how a deal for Hector can be done, shame but I’m happy with the defence as it is. Winnall out but keep Rhodes and see how he gets on first half of the season, see if he can get firing with a more direct system with pace out wide. If not ship him out on loan or on the cheap in January If that wrapped up our business this window, id be very happy as we would have a squad that’s familiar with each other aside from the new signings, morale would be high on the back of last seasons push and we would be pushing top 6 imo.
  2. Aneke yes as I think he’s got a touch of class to go with his pace and directness. But if we go with a front 3, I’d rather see forestieri, fletcher and harris. Although I believe Aneke could have been a solid squad player if we are in for Aarons again on loan I’d be happy with that instead though.
  3. You do realise he barely played over the last 2 seasons, don't you?!
  4. Real lack of intelligence when people post this kind of thing. There's not a Wednesday fan on the planet who actually hopes this. It's a ridiculous comment aimed stopping logical discussion about the possibilities and uncertainties surrounding the club.
  5. I would be really happy with this. As well as the freebies on their way, then i think we can really compete.
  6. Absolute fùckingLOL at that. If you actually knew anything about 'just business' you would know the newco and all that surrounds it is a very shoddy move. You know you can be happy overall and accept that it's not all glowing and great too, that some things are bad. I'm happy with many things, but also unhappy and concerned about others. It's called balance, again something a handful of people on here really struggle to comprehend. Things are not good at S6. It doesn't matter to me whether some people can handle it or not, i'll still be there next season. It's deluded to gloss over the issues though.
  7. - the shirts being late for sale and generally poor commercial arm of the club - the likes of the urby signing, plus dubious others - involvement of doyen/paxo pulling the strings - lack of transfers out - that we are taking multiple 'sponsorship' from companies with no operations - this is very distasteful in my humble opinion - hiring of obscure managers - highest season ticket prices in the league - be under an embargo (x2 potentially) - fans blamed for signings - lack of youth development I want the club i have supported for over 30 years to be ran with some values, not be constantly looking to exploit loopholes to get out of stupid holes he dug us in to. I don't believe anyone is generally happy that we are operating in the 'grey' so much.
  8. Serious question: in general, are you happy with how the club has been run since DC took over?
  9. This season will be the first in nearly 20 years that i have a season ticket, but let's be very clear, the club has not been ran accordingly since DC came in. The club has been ran in a shambolic way and let's not forget that only 7 moths ago the owner was flouncing around saying he was selling the club. There are some delicate souls on here who simply cannot handle the fact it's not all rosy at down at S6. Some stuff is good, some is bad, some is downright shocking.
  10. Anyone with a decent IPTV subscription they can recommend feel free to pm me as I need a new one
  11. That's all i've got sweetie. Trying to discuss football or club matters with you is pointless.
  12. Ask the owner to start running the club properly. He's been here long enough now. However, what a lot of people are missing/choosing to ignore is that the move that has been made is very often the last move before a sale when it comes to business.
  13. The term 'bed wetter' keeps popping up when anyone points out this might not all be ok. What i'm seeing is a lot of people who cannot handle the fact that all of this is not a good sign, it is far from ideal. They're the bed wetters, hiding under the duvet with their píss stained sheets, hoping that we somehow mange to steer through this. A holding company nobody can find the details ff, but has not had to pass any EFL tests, now owning the club. New share issue to the tune of over £20m Deathly silence from the club on the matter Accounts being held back until the last minute I don't think anyone can actually believe they want SWFC to be ran like this, it's not good, but our only hope is that somehow Chansiri actually manages to pull it off, because if he doesn't there's going to be a lot of smelly sheets that need cleaning when all the fragile folk on here lose their head about it. Pulling these strokes is only needed because of the hole he dug us in. People saying it shows how much he wants the club to succeed are living on another planet, if he was an elected MD with a full board he would have been booted a long time ago. This all screams of damage limitation and i'm not seeing anything that tells me he's learned his lessons yet.
  14. I expect play offs this coming season, at the very least, with next season we spend to stay in the premier league. The club has cut a big chunk from the wage bill and I expect that to be reinvested in free’s and quality loans that fit around the quality we already have. Unless we have money to spend from somewhere, in which case I expect some very good signings such as the likes of turnbull. In addition having the likes of Lee fit and system the players we have are happy playing and I think we have what it takes to compete for promotion.
  15. A club is interested in Nuihu? ill get the cart started....
  16. how did i manage it physically or how did i manage to pull such a beast? 1) how did i manage it physically - i'll just say getting legs that big over your shoulders requires some strength, but i'm no quitter and pb'd that night 2) how did i manage to pull such a beast - 12 pints and 4 pills i've fvcked worse, woke up the next day, plated it out, had a second go and made it breakfast before dropping her off
  17. We need a rule on this thread, whereby the thread cannot go more than 3 pages without a rumour being posted. Some reyt bumders on here at times.
  18. Our player of the season not worth £5m, so what does that do to the value of the rest of our team?! joao touted as being worth £4m+, forestieri £8m+ and reach £10m+ But hector seemingly not worth a carrot now Mind blowing on here at times.
  19. In the right system he will be excellent at this level and i would expect as he matures and improves his game under the right manager he will comfortably make the step up. We did not see the best of him, due to a poor manager, poor performances and then injury, he never really got going with us last season. Some have mentioned Diame on here, i would take Onomah over him every day of the week.
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