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  1. 24 minutes ago, torryowl said:

    maybe but dean smith gets the best out of players and  he couldn't get mceachran firing ….. bruce is a good  manager at our level but he as to have the tools to do the job and signing players who's best days were 3 or 4  years in the past isn't usually a recipe for success .obviously if that's the only kind of player he /we can afford/allowed to sign then lets hope he can pull a few rabbits out the hat to make us competitive  but he'll certainly earn his million quid a year if he does..  


    Yet he kept picking him to play, so he must have been happy with the way he was playing.

  2. 2 hours ago, Birley Owl 1867 said:

    Not everyone can play.


    If you have a whole team of players who expect to play week in week out, that's where it goes boobies up.


    You need players who you can rely on and call upon when needed, who don't lose morale and confidence because they don't expect to play every game.


    Its not about expecting. But all players want to be playing. There’s a difference that you seem to be struggling with. 




  3. yeah chavez, who last fought in the mid 2000's is stretching it a bit!


    i think of the current fighters, it goes loma, alvarez, crawford, GGG, Inoue 


    Aside from the robberies and bad judging there's a load of decent match up's to be made in boxing. 

  4. i would assume it is a case of we cannot register them yet. if that's the case as the season approaches, then i would think the players would request to be released from their contract in order to be able to continue their career elsewhere. should we say no, i reckon they would have a good chance of winning in court. 


    however, i can't see any of that happening. we must be in a better position that this time last season, just by the number of high earners we have released. we were allowed to sign onomah and hector on loan, so can't see why letting 6 go and bringing 3 in most likely on lower salaries would be an issue. it should show the efl we are getting our house in order.

  5. 1 hour ago, 2roland2 said:





    klitschko probably x 2


    de la hoya







    jones jr



    for starters, obi this is based on my views, i could go back another 10/20 years too and name about another 10/20 maybe, 


    Im not denying he is a very talented boxer and still has a potential to move up this rankings of all timers, i might change my mind in another 3/4 years when he's fought a few more



    ok i was thinking a bit more short term than that. some cracking names on there, but i genuinely think even now Loma is in the top 5 of that list. 


    garcia has just vacated, some saying so he doesn't have to fight loma, so loma will pick up that belt. Spence is going to be a great, but so far he's won 1 belt at 1 weight. Loma is a 3 weight world champion, after only 13 fights. i would say if a fighter didn't unify or win world titles at 2 weights, then already Loma is ahead of them. 


    i would say crawford has to be on that list too. he is a beast and someone i love watching, so clean, fast and accurate. 



  6. 6 minutes ago, 2roland2 said:


    yep we will have to agree to disagree, lomachenko is a very good fighter i haven't said any different, but pound for pound i could give you about a minimum of 20 maybe even 30 better in our generation


    Ok, I’ll bite. 


    Name 15 better in our generation? 


    Edit: actually, don’t. I’ve got the feeling I’ve just been massively whooshed. 






  7. As I say you haven’t engaged in any debate. 


    Your views on khan are very very different to most people in boxing. As are your views on lomachenko. 


    As you say, not much point discussing any further as we have different style of debating and just like fights, it’s all about styles!




  8. 23 minutes ago, 2roland2 said:


    Your trying to convince me to take khan seriously, the man went on a reality show , that shows who he is. A nobody who just wants to be somebody. 

    And brook pulling out of two fights wow. Your scraping the barrel now pal. 



    Your claim that khan is a poor boxer now rests on the fact he went on reality tv. That is barrel scraping.  I thought we were talking about boxing ability. I keep posting up actual stats, but you don't address them. That's not a debate it's just chucking up wild opinions and sound bites, the like you read on shīt rag newspapers. 


    And if you read the post, you would see it's 5 fights and that brook has pulled out of, and that's just from my own memory. I am 100% certain it's been more and i know that because unlike you i actually know a lot about boxing. I'm all for debate, but you've made some pretty outlandish claims, which in truth i have generally been happy to discuss, because i enjoy talking boxing, but you've not offered anything of substance. 


    It seems you are way more interested in being right than actually having a discussion, yet you have no substance to your arguments at all, literally nothing at all. You're an arm chair fan and there's nothing wrong with that, but you're on here talking like you know more than anyone else



  9. 19 minutes ago, 0wl18 said:

    My dad's bigger than yours! 




    Khan has been comfortably beaten whenever he's been anywhere near a world class fighter.


    Barring Porter, Brook is the same. They're both massively overrated by the British fight fans purely because, they're the best we have in the most exciting weight classes in the game. 


    Should they fight, Brook wins IMO. Khan's hands aren't what they once where and, Brook's size will be far too much if he lands clean. Of course, that's just my opinion, there's every chance I could be wrong. They key thing is, it's a fight that absolutely should happen. If it doesn't, there's only Khan to blame. 


    It's not a case or debate of whos' dad is bigger, but if you make sweeping statements, you kinda have to back them up with more than just sound bites.


    Again, comfortably beaten anywhere near a world class fighter, the stats don't show that. SD loss against peterson which he should have ben given the decision, he beat maidana and algieri who had both held world titles, madaina went on to win a world title, beat broner and was classed as the best opponent out there for mayweather to fight after he lost to khan. 


    Khan has his limitations, but to say he's a bad boxer and over rated is ridiculous. 


    Brook and kahn fight won't happen and like you say it will all be down to khan, because he doesn't want the grudge match L on his record. people say he's ducked brook, but whenever there's been a chance he's actually stepped up in class of opponent. All brook has left is the khan fight now, sadly. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Royal_D said:


    Cattermole isn’t coming here 


    If he does, i will blame you!


    2 hours ago, swfc1983 said:


    Tell you what’s pathetic, writing people off before they’ve even set foot through the door....crazy. Not every signing works think everybody acknowledges that but at least give the buggers the chance to fail.


    If this was a young lad then fair comment, but cattermole is an experienced pro, with many attributes that we need to steer clear of. It's not writing hm off, it's making an informed opinion based on what has been on display for a number of seasons. If he was really so good, then Sunderland, a team who will definitely be chasing promotion would have kept him, instead they paid a large chunk of his wages to let him go. 


    2 hours ago, Bigger Guns said:


    My missus has faith in me but when I accidentally stick it in her arse she says I’ve done it wrong and doesn’t wait until the end of the season to do so


    'accidentally' lol 


  11. 1 minute ago, 2roland2 said:


    Just out of curiosity which fights has he pulled out of?  And for what reasons ?


    devon alexander x 2, recent joshua undercard june 1st, jul 28th 2018, chavez fight in 2015


    the official line is always injuries. but you know, you're the man who 'knows' boxing so i'm sure you really know 'why'

  12. 10 minutes ago, 2roland2 said:


    Trust me mate, I have watched a lot more boxing than you, I watch boxing far more than any other sport, and I mean professional and amateur. 


    I spent plenty of time in around Ingles  gym too. 


    GGG is the best pound for pound boxer possibly of our lifetime, losing to him is no embarrassment. He was in the fight but his power caved his face in and it had to be stopped, he would have kept going even though he shouldn’t, Khan wouldn’t have even took a jab from someone like GGG. 


    And yep let’s forget Brook for a second and concentrate on Khan. 

    If your judging boxing at gb level in the olympics to being a good let alone great professional fighter then wow. 


    Again, you've not offered up any facts or stats with regards to khan. He won a silver medal at the olympics at just 17 tears old. Generally winning a medal at the olympics is a good barometer of where a boxers level is and how good they are. Current boxers who won a medal at the olympics include: denotay wilder, lomachenko, joshua, Usyk, Gamboa, Povetkin and your 'all time best ever boxer' golovkin to name a few. Lomachenko is the best boxer of our lifetime, again nobody disputes that who knows boxing.


    so yeah 'wow' either bring some facts to the debate or stfu. You don't know anyone at the ingle gym either. driving past it is probably the closest you've come. 

  13. 39 minutes ago, 2roland2 said:

    Btw, you can only beat what’s in front of you, and Brook hadn’t lost a fight until he fought the best pound for pound boxer in the world, and only other loss is against possibly the future best pound for pound boxer in the world.  He had a lot more talent than khan but didn’t fit the profile for tv big fights so it took him a long time to get the bigger fights.  Btw if your trying to tell me GGG destroyed him and he didn’t fight well then sorry but you know fizz and I mean fizz all about boxing 


    Just for the record I agree Brook has made a mistake leaving ingles gym, I watched him from a young age, just as I did Galahad and junior witter. But Brook would destroy khan if he didn’t even bother training. 






    I know a lot more than you bout this. more talent than khan, but was overlooked for team gb?! didn't fit the profile but was signed up by frank warren at 21? Has been guarded by Eddie Hearn for years too. He's pulled out of more fights than any other current boxer, that's why he's stagnated and had to keep having 'tune up' fights against nobodies. And yeah Golovkin destroyed him, which is why Ingle threw the towel in. Brook even said he was hitting golovkin with his best shots and it didn't stop him coming forwards. 


    If you're not an armchair fan then, what do you do in boxing? Have you ever boxed?

  14. 39 minutes ago, 2roland2 said:


    lol armchair fan, dearly me I have watched more boxing at every weight than you have had hot dinners hawksmore. 


    Khan has has lost five fights and he’s only boxed against two good fighters both put him flat on his arse because he wasn’t anywhere near good enough to be in the ring with them 

    he’s also lost 3 other fights to average fighters. The rest of his fights have been absolute nothingness. 


    Every time hes stepped into the ring ring with anyone even above average he’s been sparked out. 


    You are not saying anything with substance though. Only boxed against 2 good fighters, i assume you mean canelo and crawford then? so you are saying maidana (he beat), collazo (he beat comfortably), garcia (got dominated by), algieri (he man handled), lamont peterson (he lost SD against a drug user, manu had him winning) to name but a few are all bad boxers then? All of them held a world title at some point. All are decorated fighters. Let's leave the brook comparison to one side, it's irrelevant in this discussion.


    Next you think winning an olympic medal is a sign of a bad boxer, again how can you justify that? with facts please.


    You've not put any facts or stats forward to justify your opinion that khan has always been a bad boxer. Other than he lost a few fights. you think he's a bad boxer, but Brook is great, but i have no idea what you are using to measure this?!


    Very silly comment about seeing more boxing than i've had hot dinners too. I eat a lot. Plus i would bet a hefty sum you haven't even seen more in your life time than i have in the last year. Drop me pm if you want to take that bet ;) 



  15. 10 hours ago, 2roland2 said:


    Sorry mate I can’t take you serious after this, anyone saying Khan is a decent boxer doesn’t know much, every half decent fighter he faced he got sparked out, even some of the poorer opponents did him. Brook was possibly the only fighter to give GGG any trouble , unfortunately for Brook he got his face caved in, but he stayed up and carried on, u like khan who gets his glass jaw hit once and collapses like a Deck of cards. 


    Brook could fight him if he hadn’t trained for five years and still knock khan out.


    the only two fights Brook got were two fighters at the very top of their game, and I mean the very top, he gave a very good acoustic t of himself against ggg but spence was just phenomenal and I dont think anyone would have touched him that night. 


    If ggg or Spencer’s had got in the ring with khan I would be frightened for his life tbh because if they hit him on his glass jaw I do t think he would ever wake up. 


    That's just a bunch of soundbites and ridiculous claims, no real boxing knowledge at all. Brook's only legitimate win against a live opponent was against Porter, a fight many said was too close to call, he didn't blast his way to a world title by any means.


    Nobody in boxing thinks Khan is a bad boxer, absolutely nobody, so if you think that, it is you who cannot be taken seriously. He's had his china chin clipped by big hitters, yet only been ko'd 3 time and that was by Garcia a p4p notorious banger and Canelo a guy 2 weight classes above him and then an early defeat to prescott, again a fighter regarded as a huge puncher. He has an olympic medal, something brook couldn't get as he didn't get the place he wanted in the gb set up, wins over maidana, algieri and alexander who were all at the time he fought them ranked in the top 10. Virgil Hunter, Andre Wards trainer thinks Khan is an excellent boxer, yet you disagree. 


    Brook can't fight his urge to open the fridge door after 5 months out of the ring, never mind beat another boxer when he's been inactive. 


    I know your whole personna on here is now about being on the flip side of every debate, but seriously, you are no more than an arm chair fan, calling people out saying khan is a bad boxer without any facts or stats is basic and makes you look stupid. 


    'gave a good account of himself' he got battered lol 

  16. On 04/07/2019 at 15:25, 2roland2 said:


    But that’s the point he can’t take a punch and his game is boxing. Harsh maybe but true nontheless 


    The aim of the game is to hit and not get hit. plenty of boxers made a very good career out of not having their china tickled. 


    Khan is a decent boxer, he has some good wins on his resume and he's faced some genuine p4p fighters at their peak. Having thought about it, I wouldn't be so confident that Brook beats him now. Brook has a poor trainer, can't get motivated for fights, walks around 3st overweight and is a pretty basic boxer who plants that front foot way too heavy before throwing the left hook. Brook should be keeping active, but he thinks because he got destroyed by Spence and GGG that he somehow deserves to be in with the big boys. He's only beat 1 legit top 10 fighter and that was porter, which was a very close fight. 

  17. What a horrible little Cünt he is and his advisors. 


    Fück Leicester too. I hope they implode as a club. Truly disgusting that they have done this and they’re firmly cemented as a club I hate now. 


    I really wouldn’t mind DC being publicly vocal about all of this. We are punished by the EFL for not abiding by their ‘fair’ regulations yet other top flight clubs are pulling tricks like this, ripping away our investments, how is that fair?!



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  18. 2 hours ago, Mycroft said:


    I'm OK with the status quo.  


    Didn't think you would do anything, carry on whinging then. 


    There are loads of things you can do, get networking, get together with like minded fans reach out to possible buyers or investors. 


    Its not whingeing though is it? It’s having a discussion, engaging with opposing views and applying some critical thinking. Seemingly, something you’re finding quite difficult to engage with at the moment trying to reduce any points made to ‘what are you going to do about it’ is very basic and petulant. 


    I find it so odd on here, the mentality of some, that you must be positive about everything going on at the club and any attempt to discuss issues is just shot down and dismissed. 

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