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  1. Yet he kept picking him to play, so he must have been happy with the way he was playing.
  2. Its not about expecting. But all players want to be playing. There’s a difference that you seem to be struggling with.
  3. Injuries are part of the game. But this guy and the team we now have will get the players back playing and up to match fitness quicker. Reducing the likelihood of injuries and speed of recovery is key and this is what this guy specialises in.
  4. i would assume it is a case of we cannot register them yet. if that's the case as the season approaches, then i would think the players would request to be released from their contract in order to be able to continue their career elsewhere. should we say no, i reckon they would have a good chance of winning in court. however, i can't see any of that happening. we must be in a better position that this time last season, just by the number of high earners we have released. we were allowed to sign onomah and hector on loan, so can't see why letting 6 go and bringing 3 in most likely
  5. If he does, i will blame you! If this was a young lad then fair comment, but cattermole is an experienced pro, with many attributes that we need to steer clear of. It's not writing hm off, it's making an informed opinion based on what has been on display for a number of seasons. If he was really so good, then Sunderland, a team who will definitely be chasing promotion would have kept him, instead they paid a large chunk of his wages to let him go. 'accidentally'
  6. his instagram is pretty awful. he's definitely a mirror wânker
  7. how do you think he knows he's 2st over weight?!
  8. Maybe Chelsea could offer him a new contract and just keep loaning him out i know that’s been a tactic of theirs in the past with players.
  9. What a horrible little Cünt he is and his advisors. Fück Leicester too. I hope they implode as a club. Truly disgusting that they have done this and they’re firmly cemented as a club I hate now. I really wouldn’t mind DC being publicly vocal about all of this. We are punished by the EFL for not abiding by their ‘fair’ regulations yet other top flight clubs are pulling tricks like this, ripping away our investments, how is that fair?!
  10. Its not whingeing though is it? It’s having a discussion, engaging with opposing views and applying some critical thinking. Seemingly, something you’re finding quite difficult to engage with at the moment trying to reduce any points made to ‘what are you going to do about it’ is very basic and petulant. I find it so odd on here, the mentality of some, that you must be positive about everything going on at the club and any attempt to discuss issues is just shot down and dismissed.
  11. Reading this I feel like I’ve had a line of ket.
  12. Bilbo’s brother. Decent player, considered a bit of a wizard.
  13. So spurs and blades are already doing it but we think it’s a waste of time?! i think this is a great move. I wish the club would take it one step further though and offer a digital option either via email or through an SWFC app.
  14. Just the fact Bruce has brought Strudwick in tells me things are going to be very different. You don't work at Man Utd for 10 years in a senior role id you don't know what you're doing. The guy is very knowledgable with a tonne of experience too. Fitter with less injuries is what we should expect now. On paper there's still a balance issue within the squad, still a few too many weaker players but nevertheless with the financial restrictions i really think we'll be a tough team to beat. I'm not happy wit how the upper echelons of the club have been operating, but the fo
  15. Where has it been mentioned that we have sold the ground, anywhere credible?
  16. I really hope the lad we have taken on trial to Portugal is Lazaar. Have the new performance guy take a good look at him and see if he can hold up for the season. He is a class player and someone i think could come good with the right fitness support to keep him fit.
  17. Wasn't denying it! But you are clearly smoking spice after your Bidwell comment!
  18. You should take the rest of the week off after your 'Bidwell is definitely in Portugal' post.
  19. Another vote for Warhurst, was pretty mental at the time, unreal turn of pace and eye for goal. Would probably say Lee comes a close second, from an ok right back to a midfield maestro that i really wish would have had a chance of plsying in the premier league (for us of course!).
  20. He says he wants 4, but you think he wants more. Seems legit.
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