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    Dawson slagging after last night

    Ah i didn't realise you were one of those. Let me explain on a level you may understand. There's not much strength in depth with the defence. There is with the GK's. This is a post asking why people are discussing the keeper situation more than the defenders, not a discussion on who to blame. Rightly or wrongly, people are more likely to discuss matters which have a viable option to be changed. Simple logic, really.
  2. hawksmore

    Dawson slagging after last night

    Who in the squad do we have to replace Lees and Thorniley though? There's a very good and once loyal servant to the club fit enough to replace Dawson, whereas our defenders aren't really under threat of being replaced as there's not much quality in back up.
  3. hawksmore

    Lees why...

    He's not a bad player at all, however he's also not a ball playing centre back, so when Jos insists on having us play out like we do from the back, mistakes like that will happen. Lees is good in the tackle, can track a forward well and has decent positional play. He should not be expected to play out from the back.
  4. hawksmore

    Matt Penney Contract

    We just need the club to offer him what they think he is worth, rather than what they think they can get him to sign for. That way, all is fair and whatever decision is made, is done so with goodwill and respect, rather than all this dodgy agent stuff. If the player knows the club value him, have a plan for his progression and want him to be part of the success it achieves, that along side fair wages should be enough for a player like Penney to sign, if it's not, then we should let him go.
  5. hawksmore

    Injured players, real or not real

    I've fukked worse.
  6. And for 80 minutes against WBA too. Both teams with real quality in their side, yet we made them look average.
  7. No point keeping Pudil on at all, he's on too high a wage to be a back up player. It makes no business sense at all, not when he can be easily replaced by someone younger and hungrier, someone that we could even develop. Same with Palmer, we can replace what he contributes over a season with a better player, on lower wages, or even a loan. Matias is someone i would wait on to see how he performs over the full season. Lee i would offer a pay as you play contract too, with the caveat that he needs to play at least 20 games this season. Hooper can do one, his professionalism is definitely questionable.
  8. hawksmore

    Gary Hooper

    You’d have to question it though wouldn’t you, based on last season and this one so far....
  9. hawksmore

    Gary Hooper

    Aye great idea, playing such a hip dominant sport when he's been unable to kick a ball in nearly a year. Anyone who has a clue about how the body works, will know this would not be a good idea, unless he was fully fit.
  10. People like you are proper weirdos. Being disagreed with then going through a number of posters other posts, in non-related threads negging is very worrying behaviour. Statistically, it is highly likely that such a person is unhappy with life.
  11. People who quote such a long post then add one word, are statistically more likely to be bell ends.
  12. hawksmore

    From Doom and Gloom to Top 2.

    People really struggle with the concept of discussing a negative, but still being a fan and supporting the club, or vice versa. But the same rings true in society these days. People struggle with anything that's not black or white. Dawson is a prime example on here right now. He can make a mistake but still have a had a good game, if people mention the mistake it's as if his supporters think he's being accused of not being good enough. Overall there are issues at the club, there's been team selection concerns, players not being treated right, but i'm still happy we are getting results and sat in the play off's.
  13. hawksmore

    Taking two others up

    Us, Leeds and Forest should all be playing top flight football and it would be better for the Premier league too. The likes of Bournemouth can do one back to the 4th tier as far as i'm concerned. Saying that, having the pigs up with us would be good for the city and give us something extra to be playing for. Whilst i don't like them, i do enjoy the rivalry and the matches against them, probably more than seeing them languish. If i could take 2 up with us this season it would be Forest and Leeds, then the pigs come up the season after, so we have an extra year of building. Their transfer policy would get them found out very quickly in the top division.
  14. What we really need is another thread about this.
  15. hawksmore


    I think both loan players are very good and will do well for us this season. Some much needed size and bite added to the team.
  16. hawksmore

    Man of Match & scores -V- West Brom

    I don't care what anyone says, for 80 minutes that whole team were solid 7's & 8's. We were beating a team who will take automatic promotion this season and we were making them play to our tune. What cost us was fitness and poor game management. That bench was way too weak for this game. Hutch should have been on the bench at the very least over both kirby and shaw. People giving Pelupessy a 3 are deluded. You don't get to 2-0 up with 10 minutes to go with one of your players getting a 3 against a team like WBA. Mistakes were made, but that's not the whole story of tonight's game.
  17. hawksmore

    Tom Lees

    So if Dawson made zero attempt to save it all, just watches it go in, by your logic, we still point the finger at the defenders? Really, you assess the defenders, which yes they were poor, but then you also assess Dawson and his role once the ball/shot came in to his domain, in which case he didn't do very well. You could also argue as to why he's not screaming like a lunatic at his defenders to commit a challenge, which if you watch him back, he's not doing. None of this makes him a bad keeper, but discussing his performance, you can say he played well but made a mistake, you don't have to be all one or the other, something which people on here really struggle with as a concept (not saying you do, just using your post to highlight it).
  18. This i agree with, but it irks that tactically we didn't have the nous to see the latter 2 games out from such glorious positions. Leeds had a lot of players out too, they were there for the taking Friday night and tonight was just really poor game management. There are many positives to take from the games against such opposition, but the real acid test is seeing how we address the negatives.
  19. hawksmore


    How can it be 'lack of effort' though?! I mean he came on being asked to play a role he's just not suited to at all, with FF beginning to fade too and the midfield dynamics completely changed as well.
  20. hawksmore

    Kirby Sub

    Penney is class, he will play top level football if he carries on so a few bad touches, the odd bad pass is just part of his growth, he's been given plenty of opportunities to grow in confidence and it's showing in his overall game now. Whereas putting Kirby on when he did, just wasn't fair on the lad, it was a tense situation against a top team with experienced players, you don't throw a youngster on like that who's barely kicked a ball for the club. Terrible decision and will have done the kid no good at all.
  21. I've read my post back 47 times, i can't see where i said it did. Maybe you quoted the wrong person.
  22. Kirby on for Onomah was a terrible decision.
  23. It's ok, i know you struggle sometimes. Make sure they're not sharp, wouldn't want you causing any harm now sonny.
  24. Can you see what the difference is though? * clue - 2 goals for WBA