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  1. Start with the same side we did against Villa. However, we really cannot afford to bring Nuihu on late as it slows our whole game down and in that last 20 minutes Leeds look pretty relentless and our midfield just cannot get up to support the big man enough to stop the ball coming back. If Nuihu plays then he has to start with Joao and Matias and Fletcher starts on the bench to come on late on. I do think Joey and Onomah playing together could cause Leeds real problems too, breaking play up and moving it forwards quickly. Actually f^ck knows, i just hope we beat the scrotes..
  2. 'doing a decent job' & 'can't see a reason to agree he will be a manager' are contradictory. He's still only 39. His knowledge, reading and understanding of the game was exceptional even in his teens. You're basing your comments on the fact he didn't particularly shine as a player for us. But Mourinho, Alex Ferguson, Sven Goran Eriksson & Jurgen Klopp to name a few were all pretty average players, that excelled as coaches. It's not a very good measure to compare their playing careers, as many top players have found out when moving in to coaching. It is no surprise to me that Haslam is doing such a good job with the Academy. He's a nice bloke, very intelligent and someone who is getting results under pretty tight budget constraints with regards to bringing players through.
  3. Haslam will make a great manager one day and it would be great if it’s with us.
  4. hawksmore

    Bruce Grobelaar

    My mate nailed his daughter. She was bangin.
  5. hawksmore


    'certain degree of trust in Nuihu' earlier you were going about his lack of game time in previous years, under previous managers. Really only Jos has actually given him a fair crack of the whip which to date (going by your previously mentioned barometer) he's repaid thus far, despite a few uninspiring performances of late. Being completely honest and fair here, to really judge Nuihu he needs that consistent run in the team even when we're not playing great. The actual real problem with him is his lack of versatility in comparison to the likes of Hooper who can drop deep and influence a game, Joao who can play either side in a front 3 and brings pace and skill, Forestieri who can play left or No 10 and is dynamic, & Fletcher who does have more of an all round game in comparison, but a good manager who chooses Nuihu to lead the line sets the team up to play to his strengths. Right now i'd say only Jos has actually done that consistently since Nuihu came to the club, although the last few games that's not been the case and Nuihu hasn't looked very good for it. When you look at it, the situation is similar to Pelupessy, who gets slated on here, unfairly imo, but when he's given very clear instructions and the players around do their job, he is very effective.
  6. hawksmore


    You know how we've had to re-jig the defence and midfield and bring in the kids to cover, we could have done that too with the forwards.
  7. hawksmore

    Barry Bannan

    Never have i walked in on a pair of c*nts and wanted out of the situation so quickly as i do now.
  8. hawksmore


    Yeah sorry but you've lost me now. I just asked why your barometer was the correct one we should be measuring Nuihu by, you just keep waffling though and clearly using words you have little understanding of.
  9. hawksmore


    I knew you'd just choose waffle on. * And yes i had the framework of that ^ response ready, as you are that predictable Your name calling and meek attack just shows you as insecure, no need for that. Engage in a debate, throw up some stats, apply some critical thinking and don't be so afraid of being wrong sometimes, it makes for a good learning experience. It's not the end of the world to be challenged on your viewpoint, in fact i wish you'd have thrown some better justifications up, instead of flouncing so much. Some of what you say is bang on, you're just not very good at justifying it.
  10. hawksmore


    I'm not defending anything, i am just asking you to think a little more about your own replies as they're contradictory. You are the one defending a position, i haven't stated mine. I've just asked how long we do go back to compare and why your barometer is the correct one to judge a player. Which as yet, you've flustered along without actually offering any justifications for your own preferences. You talk about 'spectacularly simplistic viewpoint' but look here you are, offering nothing but meaningless words to justify your stand point. Throw some stats up, legitimise 'your' <20 games measure of success and let's go from there, but it's ok if you just want to waffle on again and avoid any meaningful discussion.
  11. I said after the QPR game last season we should be looking to sell him asap. Get a decent fee to reinvest/offset P&S because he's a no man's land player. By playing him we weaken the team overall in the hope he has a 7/10 game, when in actual fact he's just a steady 6/10 with glaring negatives to his game in terms of tackling and positioning. Saying all that, i cannot fathom why Jos did not spend all of the end of last season and pre season moulding him in to a left wing back.
  12. hawksmore


    But you are doing just that, using the correct barometer for you to justify your own narrative. It's the same thing. You could look back over his whole career at clubs where he was starting games overall, you could similarly look back at his average ratings too. Rather than just look back at a small number of games as you are doing. If it is based on stats, then it's not prejudice either. That's just a bit silly to make such a claim, unless you don't understand what the word means or how to use it within the correct context.
  13. hawksmore


    Why only the last 15 months though, is it maybe because that's how you now choose to judge strikers bit it fits your narrative?
  14. Because we are having to play the kids (sorry i mean 'give youth a chance'), because we were under a transfer embargo until very very late in the transfer window, because Forest have spent a lot and have a seasoned manager at the helm, because we had to rely on a league one level left back to step up, because 3 of our key player (lee, hooper, forestieri) are all unavailable. Put some perspective in your pipe and smoke it instead of the crack. Forest are decent, we're a struggling club top to bottom, but we are still grinding out results and performances, it's just not possible against every team and especially not with 3 very tough games in 7 days.