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  1. hawksmore

    Can we sponsor the shirt?

    How much has the shirt sponsorship generated in the last couple of seasons?
  2. We’ll have another frustrating season. Then next summer we will have a clear out and bring new players in, struggle again and be fed the ‘time to gel’ excuse. Signing the likes of urby and losing money on players such as mcgugan is going to cost us for a few seasons more.
  3. hawksmore

    Big sam

    Ex England manager who just took Everton from relegation zone to finshing 8th in the premier league. And people wouldn’t have him here. Jos has a few promotions from the second tier in Germany and he’s somehow bether. Lol
  4. hawksmore

    Reach - over not around

    The key attributes required for LWB are pace and tackling, of which Reach scores very low on both. As for Left Midfield, again he is not quick enough and doesn't get past a man very well at all. The only way it would work him playing there would be if we had a very direct centre mid and a left back with blazing pace overlapping whilst Reach sits back to cover We are better off selling and using the money to buy other players.
  5. I bet we sign butterfield and that's it.
  6. hawksmore

    Reach - over not around

    What's his best position?
  7. hawksmore

    Reach - over not around

    If we insist on playing Reach in a position where he can be our most creative player, he will likely get 10 assists every season, which will result in us always finishing <16th. His best position is definitely not opinion, that's a silly thing to say. I never said he gone dun nuffink ivor.
  8. hawksmore

    Reach - over not around

    You’ve got a point, which is more than we got against Fulham. Wait wut
  9. hawksmore

    #SWFC Fun Day Today!

    I’ve been down. Well done to the club for putting it on. Plenty of kids with beaming smiles. I’d like to suggest that there is a changing cubicle in the club shop. Saw some dad bods that could have done with a curtain around them
  10. hawksmore

    Reach - over not around

    But the poster above you says his best position is left back. Who’s on crack, those who are arguing about his best position, or those that realise he’s average and the team lacks balance wherever he’s played. The asnwer is: put the pipe down laddo
  11. I honestly don’t think we’ll get anyone better in as we have no money. He shouldn’t be first choice, but He’s better than Thorniley and Nielsen.
  12. hawksmore

    Reach - over not around

    The 2 key attributes required for the left wing back position are: pace & tackling. Adam Reach’s best position is not LWB.
  13. hawksmore

    Reach - over not around

    It’s a forum, for discussion and I’m pretty sure I’m not a decision maker at SWFC. But youve yet to offer up any constructive reasoning for not selling Reach and investing the money elsewhere next season. If ifs Andy gray, close your windows. You don’t want him heckling the Mrs all night.
  14. hawksmore

    Reach - over not around

    Just realistic mate. I dont think you can argue that he has glaring weaknesss in all positions, you and others have highlighted them too. I genuinely believe we could recoup our money back for him and then with said money, invest In players who can play specific positions without such weaknesses. Maybe Reach’s best quality is also the one most detrimental too. Jack of all trades, master of none. If we can sell him and improve the balance of the team, surely that’s just good business? We can’t reslly sell anyone else.
  15. hawksmore

    Reach - over not around

    Adam Reach. ‘Player of the season with glaring weaknesses in every position played’