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  1. hawksmore

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Great post. We also need to look at the fact FF is younger too, so we're going to get more out of him, he has a resale value whereas SF is most likely only going to carry on in the same vein as last year, mostly crocked with cameo appearances, which in turn will mean his 'stats' are only heading one way. Keeping Fletcher now does not look like it will be good business.
  2. hawksmore


    You feel at ease knowing we are in the mire because we’ve been financially incompetent for 3 seasons?! How have you arrived at the decision the club is operating sensibly? If that was the case we’d not have signed no marks like Urby on £20k+ a week. Financially and operationally the club needs to improve massively and quickly too.
  3. hawksmore

    Can we all agree on this one?

    So we should just blindly accept whatever the Chairman says when it comes to transfers and contracts?
  4. That’s poor transfer policy, a small part of the financial mismanagement at the club. You can’t blame all of that on Rhodes/the fans who wanted him.
  5. Lacks ambition? You are passing judgement on a character trait, tell me, how many times have you held discussions with Fletcher in order to ascertain his lack of ambition?
  6. How are you sure he's putting the maximum in, what's that based on?
  7. Disagree. He should not be allowed near any other football clubs, just united.
  8. Again, it's not about having 'perfect' and neither does being unhappy with a few things at the club mean everything is bad. I was expecting much better financial management, improved transfer policy and a much better corporate offering, i am also concerned as to why DC could put in £5m for sponsorship but is putting in £1.2m. I am happy with the 2 pay off seasons, but that doesn't mean everything at the club is amazing, some things just aren't very good and as fans we should be able to vocalise our opinions on both the negatives and positives.
  9. Good for you mate, i'm glad you're happy. I'm happy with many many things, but it's not a case of only being happy or unhappy, you can be happy about something, unhappy about others. I'm unhappy at a few things, but namely the financial mismanagement that has lead us to our current situation.
  10. That doesn't answer my question with regards to the point you just made, does it? If you are genuinely unable to find anything whatsoever to be unhappy about with the club and how it has been run, then you're probably the kind of person who walks in on his wife getting nailed by his best mate and apologises saying something along the lines of 'ah well at least she's not getting every hole plugged'
  11. So because we suffered at the hands of unscrupulous owners previously, we should be happy with what we've got, no matter what?
  12. Are we not currently a financial basket case though?
  13. Chansiri leaving
  14. Lol i almost believed you were being serious then, you had me going until you said without those addition we'll finish top 6. Good effort, but not this time sunshine.
  15. Can I have your dealers number please?