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  1. Yet he kept picking him to play, so he must have been happy with the way he was playing.
  2. Its not about expecting. But all players want to be playing. There’s a difference that you seem to be struggling with.
  3. Injuries are part of the game. But this guy and the team we now have will get the players back playing and up to match fitness quicker. Reducing the likelihood of injuries and speed of recovery is key and this is what this guy specialises in.
  4. hawksmore


    yeah chavez, who last fought in the mid 2000's is stretching it a bit! i think of the current fighters, it goes loma, alvarez, crawford, GGG, Inoue Aside from the robberies and bad judging there's a load of decent match up's to be made in boxing.
  5. i would assume it is a case of we cannot register them yet. if that's the case as the season approaches, then i would think the players would request to be released from their contract in order to be able to continue their career elsewhere. should we say no, i reckon they would have a good chance of winning in court. however, i can't see any of that happening. we must be in a better position that this time last season, just by the number of high earners we have released. we were allowed to sign onomah and hector on loan, so can't see why letting 6 go and bringing 3 in most likely
  6. hawksmore


    ok i was thinking a bit more short term than that. some cracking names on there, but i genuinely think even now Loma is in the top 5 of that list. garcia has just vacated, some saying so he doesn't have to fight loma, so loma will pick up that belt. Spence is going to be a great, but so far he's won 1 belt at 1 weight. Loma is a 3 weight world champion, after only 13 fights. i would say if a fighter didn't unify or win world titles at 2 weights, then already Loma is ahead of them. i would say crawford has to be on that list too. he is a beast and someone i love watchi
  7. hawksmore


    Ok, I’ll bite. Name 15 better in our generation? Edit: actually, don’t. I’ve got the feeling I’ve just been massively whooshed. Facepalms FFS
  8. hawksmore


    As I say you haven’t engaged in any debate. Your views on khan are very very different to most people in boxing. As are your views on lomachenko. As you say, not much point discussing any further as we have different style of debating and just like fights, it’s all about styles!
  9. hawksmore


    Your claim that khan is a poor boxer now rests on the fact he went on reality tv. That is barrel scraping. I thought we were talking about boxing ability. I keep posting up actual stats, but you don't address them. That's not a debate it's just chucking up wild opinions and sound bites, the like you read on shīt rag newspapers. And if you read the post, you would see it's 5 fights and that brook has pulled out of, and that's just from my own memory. I am 100% certain it's been more and i know that because unlike you i actually know a lot about boxing. I'm all for debate, but you'
  10. hawksmore


    It's not a case or debate of whos' dad is bigger, but if you make sweeping statements, you kinda have to back them up with more than just sound bites. Again, comfortably beaten anywhere near a world class fighter, the stats don't show that. SD loss against peterson which he should have ben given the decision, he beat maidana and algieri who had both held world titles, madaina went on to win a world title, beat broner and was classed as the best opponent out there for mayweather to fight after he lost to khan. Khan has his limitations, but to say he's a bad boxer and ov
  11. If he does, i will blame you! If this was a young lad then fair comment, but cattermole is an experienced pro, with many attributes that we need to steer clear of. It's not writing hm off, it's making an informed opinion based on what has been on display for a number of seasons. If he was really so good, then Sunderland, a team who will definitely be chasing promotion would have kept him, instead they paid a large chunk of his wages to let him go. 'accidentally'
  12. hawksmore


    devon alexander x 2, recent joshua undercard june 1st, jul 28th 2018, chavez fight in 2015 the official line is always injuries. but you know, you're the man who 'knows' boxing so i'm sure you really know 'why'
  13. hawksmore


    Again, you've not offered up any facts or stats with regards to khan. He won a silver medal at the olympics at just 17 tears old. Generally winning a medal at the olympics is a good barometer of where a boxers level is and how good they are. Current boxers who won a medal at the olympics include: denotay wilder, lomachenko, joshua, Usyk, Gamboa, Povetkin and your 'all time best ever boxer' golovkin to name a few. Lomachenko is the best boxer of our lifetime, again nobody disputes that who knows boxing. so yeah 'wow' either bring some facts to the debate or stfu. You don't know anyo
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