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  1. I said from very early on just how bad Jos was and how awful we would be under his regime. Absolute crack pot and completely inept. I am sure he will enjoy his retirement and big cheque to keep his tash trimmed.
  2. i would have happily paid to download this as don't have a dvd player Will give this a watch tonight though.
  3. hawksmore

    Morgan Fox

    What i liked was how when Bannan got taken down in the 2nd half near thier box, Fox came over and pushed their player away. It was good to see him getting stuck in.
  4. If I don’t get tickets tomorrow I’ll be going in the Chelsea with lad of 10. Welcome to join us so if anything boots off we have 2 kids to stand behind/throw at them?
  5. hawksmore

    Any possible streams for today?

    Yeah, that's what it says. I reckon we'll lose* Its showing today's match, just labelled as last weeks game.
  6. hawksmore

    Any possible streams for today?

    No idea what channel, on min it's channel 1035 EFL8 Hull vs Sheff Wed I have now got video and audio for the 2nd half though
  7. hawksmore

    Any possible streams for today?

    i've got audio only on ifollow on my smart iptv app
  8. I'd be up for it, as long as; Badeshater birley owl casbahowl dj mortimer are all banned from voting/joining, as that's not a circle jerk i want to be anywhere near.
  9. hawksmore

    Chairman’s statement

    The losses 'allowed' under P&S are not in line with the current game or state of the finances in the Championship, however, there's no denying that commercially as a club we have got many things wrong. We employed a top guy from Shahktar and saw no difference. What is happening now is those errors are catching up with the club and the restraints set by the league just further compound those mistakes. The club knew the rules, were bullish in their commercial endeavours and now need the fans to bail them out. Nothing he releases under any membership scheme will fill the gap, we need an 8 figure some to make a dent in just staying out of an embargo. This is what having the right business and football people around him at the club would have avoided too. All that said, whatever is released i'll be seriously considering buying, ive been very vocal against how he's ran the club, but i do believe he genuinely wants the club to be a family and knows it's a 2 way relationship. Holding his hand up and asking for help is absolutely something i can get behind and respect.
  10. I heard over half by tea time tonight
  11. hawksmore

    Well done Nuhiu

    Crazy? I think that is you. Let's just break your post down a little: - You are comparing Nuihu to Salah - that's embarrassing, let's leave them out of the same sentence - Nuihu has been dreadful this season and despite a purple patch last season he has looked very poor value for his new contract - His goals ratio since joining is woeful - compare THAT to Salah's at Liverpool - Not only has his goal scoring been poor, his work rate this season has been too - You honestly think any fan wants to see us lose to 'point score' about Nuihu? What a moronic suggestion He is the worst forward at the club, if people just removed emotion from the discussion we'd have a lot less of these discussions and just accept him for the cart horse he is.
  12. hawksmore

    Well done Nuhiu

    Scored against a league one team. Thats his level.
  13. hawksmore

    IPTV..... ifollow

    i have 2 IPTV links, neither have any iFollow games working
  14. Could be, but i don't think Reach is right for the wing, he always looked too lightweight there and didnt make as much of an impact on games as he does through the middle. Either way, it's going to be interesting to see what Bruce does.