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  1. hawksmore

    A few names.....

    he would still manage to sign half of africa.
  2. hawksmore


    So have i and then plated it out the next morning before cooking it a full breakfast
  3. hawksmore

    Some analysis

    Most of all i want to know what's for tea. After that, i want to know what Ash76 thinks about the graphs.
  4. hawksmore

    Some analysis

    What is your opinion on the graphs posted in the op?
  5. hawksmore

    From a player.......

    No you're not.
  6. hawksmore

    Some analysis

    So let me get this right, the most annoying and infuriating thing to you right now is that some people are calling Jos 'dross' or 'loss'? That's what angers you the most, despite the unrest around the club, the poor tactical decisions, the shambolic financial situation or the ever deteriorating relationship between the owner and fans? Do you not think that maybe you're worrying about the wrong things?
  7. hawksmore

    From a player.......

    Do you know the meaning of the word 'contradiction'?
  8. Hang on, do some people still think Jos is the right man?!
  9. hawksmore

    Already a txt from a blunt

    100% nailed on that he voted for Brexit.
  10. hawksmore

    20 yards or 30 yards

    Watch Jos post match interview. Proper mind numbing stuff.
  11. hawksmore

    From a player.......

    Do you really think that people would sign up, confirm their email and stick around to log on every day and make thousands of posts, just in the name of wanting Wednesday to fail? I mean, i see a lot of posts of this ilk, with other posters calling each 'oinkers' or inferring they're a blade. But to say people post this discussion, because they want the club to fail, well i personally think anyone doing that would have some mental health problems. As for Jos, i have been vocal since day one about him. I have family in germany and i have friends who support Hertha, who when he got them promoted were nailed on to go up, it was no master stroke from Jos to get them promoted and in truth the fans did not enjoy the football at all. He's just not that good a coach and his disciplinarian ways which have isolated players at just about every club (according to my mate) have been key reasons for him losing the jobs he's had before.
  12. hawksmore

    Bannan last niight

    It's just called discussion. It's what people do and what most people on here come for. My lass once gave me a bad blow job, proper grating teeth and gum roll jobbie, i discussed it with the lads, but i still let her suck me off.
  13. hawksmore

    The City is Ours

    It's called context. In the context of one game, it was good to get the clean sheet and the point. But in the context of the last few years, it's pretty gutting to be happy to hope for a point and play without ever looking like scoring against a club like them.
  14. I don't think you read my post, at all. Imagine 3 seasons ago if we were praying to hold on against them, like we are tonight. THAT is my point here. WHOOOOSSHHHH
  15. I just can't help but feel absolutely gutted at how shocking our whole club is now compared to only a couple of seasons ago. We are setting out to nick a draw against Sheffield United. Absolutely gutting to be proud of a 0-0 against such a team. Watching tonight just left me feeling bitter as to how far backwards we've gone.