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  1. A clean Brexit, and a government of national unity led by an equal partnership of Jeremy and Boris? In the ensuing confusion, we might slip through unnoticed.
  2. I expect the Championship WILL be tough this year. My best guess is that not more than 1 in 8 sides in the Championship will be promoted to the Premier League, and also that a like share will be relegated to League 1. You heard it here first. Well, maybe not. Strictly speaking, there is little evidence-based meaning to the idea that a League is good or bad in a given year. What would validate the claim from evidence is how well the League does against other opponents. That would have to mean in Cup play, against the PL and the lower leagues. But the sample size is relatively small, and there is a lot of randomness in football, so it is hard to judge. What we mean by a difficult League I am guessing is: are there any sides at the beginning which seem destined to blow the others out of the water? Like maybe it seemed with Wolves last season, or Newcastle on their last visit to our division. Implicitly lowering the odds for everyone else to at best 2 in 23 rather than 1 in 8. I suspect what we really mean by an easy League is a balanced League. This past season was a pretty good example. When the League is balanced, the outcome seems more or less random. For example, that team that plays in our old cast-off pitch near Shoreham Street seemed to win promotion more or less randomly. Were they really better than Leeds and West Brom and Villa, or some others--including us? Not clear, but they won. Ironically, an easy league, that is a balanced league, is a league in which every most every fixture is fiercely contested. And a hard league is a league where those who do get promoted frequently find it to be easy, because they are better than every one else. Balance might be interpreted as mediocrity, but that may be a psychological reaction to the inability to put together long runs of success, rather than a reflection of a lack of quality at the top. Right now, it seems likely the League will be balanced next year. But that is before transfer business has been done.
  3. When I tried the ifollow technical help chat, I was advised to clear my cache and turn off my ad-blocker. I had already done those things.
  4. Watching in Hawai'i, I have been treated to a blank black screen in Firefox and Chrome. Edge sends me to the App store for a non-existent app. It has worked fine on the IPAD in the app.
  5. Straight swap with USA. Jos Luhukay for Jim Mattis. Both have strong reputations for organizing the defense.
  6. So what with be wrong with Doyen buying the club? I thought that the problem with them was the conflict of interest--they mis-advise clubs to push their own assets, not meet the needs of the club. But if they owned the club, our interests would be aligned. I mean, they would still be blood-sucking vampires, but if they were sucking the life out of other clubs for our (i.e. their own) benefit, that would be good for us, right?
  7. In my opinion, his most rational behavior, acting in his own interest, would be to gut the squad in January by selling all playing assets with a positive value, accepting point deductions and relegation (to L1 and maybe eventually to L2), and let the P & S sanctions sort themselves out over a couple years. With time, the current malaise will be forgotten. Hillsborough will be filled with 35,000 enthusiastic supporters on the day we win promotion back to L1. With this strategy, he ought to be able to stop the hemorrhaging of money from his own accounts, and eventually mitigate a portion of his losses. Not a good strategy for the club and the supporters, but maybe for himself. But if that is what I intended, I wouldn't announce it at a fan forum with 1,000 people, I'd just do it.
  8. So why do you think that? To be precise, what is the evidence that he is not that stupid?
  9. So Nilsson the new DOF and this Rostov fellow the new coach, then. Glad thats sorted. Does it have its own thread yet.
  10. Sad, but unfortunately true. Being respectful to us family children doesn't seem to be in his interpretation of what it means to be a family.
  11. Agree 100%, but that has me concerned, because it is a little hard to imagine what he has in mind. Any actual action would seem better handled by a statement than a forum. And he doesn't do forums well.
  12. But what can that be? A fan forum is not a decent place to announce the firing of a manager, or even really the appointment of a new one. Not the time to announce intentions in the coming transfer window. If the sale of the club, the new owner should organize, not the old. Is he selling half the club for a shilling?
  13. I think by tradition, we fire on Christmas Eve. You may be out of luck.
  14. After 22 fixtures, we are in 18th, 5 points off the drop. About meets pre-season expectations. Best I can do.
  15. Excuse me, but isn’t this discussion, and any like it, deluded? On the off chance that our club paterfamilias sees any problem with the current on field management, is he not likely to replace Jos with an Uzbekistani manager who last worked 3 years ago in the Finnish second tier as a technical director? (No offense to any Uzbekistani or Finn or technical director intended.)
  16. He should have played Westwood. If he had played Westwood, we would have kept a clean sheet and won by 3. Jos Out!
  17. I have a great idea for how the EFL should do VAR review, to minimize the disruption from boring delays whilst the evidence is reviewed. Don’t wait for the review to happen. As the game progresses, have a committee of League officials review the video evidence, and make a decision when they believe they have the evidence they need, on their own time. To signify the extreme dignity of this committee, it can be called the Star Chamber, and its composition and reasons for its decisions deemed closely-held secrets. So, 15 minutes after a goal has been scored, the Star Chamber can remove it from the score board based on its interpretation of VAR evidence. Or a red card can be issued after the fact, based on Star Chamber review. Or rescinded, and the player can come charging back on to the pitch. In some cases, adjustment to the score line can be made retrospectively, days or weeks after the match is concluded. To further expand the role of the Star Chamber, an extra goal can be awarded to teams based on the Chamber’s judgement that their players were particularly decorous. Goals can be subtracted if a team’s conduct, while not raising to the level of a card actually being issued in the game itself, is decided after-the-fact to be collectively disrespectful to the match officials. OK, this is a stupid idea. I didn’t mean it, and I wouldn’t watch football if that is how decisions are made. Which pretty much seems like what the League is talking about with their P&S “rules.” Are there any rules? They can’t share them publicly if there are, and they can’t or won’t reveal the specific evidence. It is hard to believe that there are actually hard and fast rules, because so many of the decisions will have to be one-offs. For example, Mr. Chansiri puts money into the club through personal shirt sponsorship. How much he is allowed to put in is likely a one-off. Presumably, the commercial value of a shirt sponsorship varies by club, and different amounts will be allowed based on a subjective judgement of what a fair value is for a particular club. Teams such as Watford that earned promotion partly through loans from a partner club in another League will have their own subjective judgments made. None of this can be made transparent to the supporters. Precise breaches likely rest on the back of many such subjective judgments. Are there really rules? I find the suggestion that Birmingham City may or may not be subjected to a point deduction of uncertain size at some point to be revolting. Based on what? How deeply the club chairman genuflects to League officials while pleading for mercy? How many points are needed to insure relegation? Are there really rules? They might as well implement my idea of Star Chamber assisted VAR.
  18. We won, so can we have a sure thing for automatic promotion thread?
  19. I dont think we are that dreadful. We have 3 strengths that may carry us forward: QPR, Rotherham, Reading.
  20. I missed exactly what the list was--i thought is was immediate bounce back. I am not disagreeing with your main point. I agree that the parachute payment effect is over-rated. I would just like to know precisely what it is to advance the discussion.
  21. So is that 21 out of 78. Better than 1 in 4. For the remainder, working quickly, that would be something like 57 promotions out of about 546 opportunities, closer to 1 in 10. Still, I take the point that it is not necessarily the extra money that creates the advantage. My sense of the way that money works is that you need money to win, but having money doesn't mean you will win. Easy to lose a lot of money with no advantage by spending it stupid, which many clubs do. I wont cite a recent example close to home in the spirit of positivity.
  22. I count 21 clubs in that list. Clearly a large statistical advantage to the just relegated teams. Chance of promotion every year for the average Championship team is 1 in 8. In that list, closer to 1 in 3. Of course, it isn't necessarily attributable to relegation payments, as the advantage existed back in the 1990s as well.
  23. I want to see the statistics that have been asked for that show that there isn't a statistical advantage for the relegated clubs with the payments. Subjectively it seems that there is. Has someone worked it out yet?
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