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  1. All will be made well over the holidays. My understanding is that Dejphon’s dad is gifting each player a new kit, home and away, with a new local shirt sponsor: Richard III. Elephants replaced with a pair of horses. Also freshening up Hillsborough with a fresh coat of paint for the seats.
  2. Seriously, I expect that this part of the proposal will be removed.
  3. I am up way past my bedtime, trying to offer a contrary viewpoint. It is the best I can do.
  4. It permits the continued playing of football, a beautiful game.
  5. No, it is about the survival of the EFL. The naysaying here offers nothing to help with that.
  6. I do not understand the focus on jealousy of the Big 6 / 9 in so many comments. Its not like we are in the Premier League and have any voting rights there that we would be losing. We are in the second tier, maybe headed for a long stay in the third tier. The current economic structure of the Championship is impossible. This proposal offers some prayer of an actual rational economic structure to the EFL, and would probably offer the best chance of a level playing field that would permit a return. Whining about the evils of the big greedy kids seems not that productive. And probably that demand
  7. Length of current stay? Or were you being ironic to make a point?
  8. Do one question is what will the counter proposal from the plebeian premier league clubs look like?
  9. Fair enough points. i do wonder though whether the Great Nine might be better friends of the 2nd tier than the Lesser 9. The Lesser 9, like our competitors in the 2nd tier, have their own interest at heart in all do, and that is part of the problem with the current set up-everyone is calculating how to set the rules so that they can bend them to their own benefit. The Great Nine could function kind of like the House of Lords were once supposed to-take a longer view and all. I can’t really pretend that I think this is a wonderful system, but keep on coming back to the fact that the
  10. It appears that the Glaser-Henry-Parry proposal is not popular with Owlstalkers. There is very little engagement in the first 10 pages of the thread that 1) as an alternative, the status quo is a comically inadequate alternative; 2) the proposal permanently shares a lot of PL tv money with the EFL whilst eliminating parachute payments, which are good things; 3) the money, like it or not, belongs to the PL, and in practical terms to the top 6, which are the clubs the tv networks are willing to pay for. These clubs are not going to share the money whilst indulging in some nostalgia
  11. Why on earth we Americans cannot see the superiority of promotion/relegation I will never understand. Would clean up acrimony in college athletics in a second.
  12. In the United States, a strange and pathetic country in many important respects, sports teams and players do negotiate a set of rules to split the revenues that levels out some so that teams in Oklahoma City and New York City can compete on an approximately level playing field, the players get a guaranteed share of the revenues, and everyone makes money. It is not rocket science. It is a failure of imagination and character that the overlords of British football can’t or won’t figure out a way to organize that is better than the current arrangement.
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