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  1. Addin Will Vaulks and maybe we should change our name to Rotherham Re-United.
  2. And our big coup in the close season is signing a couple of their cast-off players.
  3. Not build a team around aging oft-injured players on the hope that they will suddenly reclaim their youthful form.
  4. We are in the same boat, or at least ocean, so I know what you mean. I’d still sleep on it for a week before making a rash decision. Loyalty and perseverance are their own reward. i am looking forward to this summer’s L1 reboot 2.0.
  5. Lock down Darren Moore to a long term contract.
  6. That’s not the spirit. Wednesday til I die!
  7. In the US, ESPN has the US rights to the EFL, and is doing the semis on ESPN+ as per usual. Pretty good bargain as you get Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, select EFL, and some other stuff for a fixed quite reasonable monthly or annual charge. I assume everyone here pairs the Espn+ subscription with ifollow for complete Wednesday coverage. Can probably sign up for a free intro week if you haven’t yet. I haven’t checked to see whether they are putting the finals on a cable channel, probably not for leagues 1 and 2. I assume they are using espn+ to hook Americans in, and then will start shifting the most popular stuff to the expensive cable packages, the way NBC did with the Premier League, starting with streaming and then jacking the price for premium content. But they haven’t yet. Fortunately, Americans are mostly top six fixated, so the EFL is probably pretty safe. Unless the vegan cult following turns Forest Green into a hot ticket in the coastal metropolises now that they are climbing the pyramid.
  8. If it works, Moore is a genius. if it doesn’t, my mother could have picked a better lineup. What was he thinking?
  9. If we can’t earn our way into the playoffs from here, we don’t belong in them, regardless of other results.
  10. Owlstalk hasn’t been the same since they took away the neg button.
  11. Maybe our best shot is to squeak into 6th and then catch the Millers in free fall for the semis?
  12. You wish, but not a chance. Moore is Chansiri’s man. Be here next year regardless.
  13. Oxford, Wycombe, Sunderland same results as us. We go again.
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