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  1. When I tried the ifollow technical help chat, I was advised to clear my cache and turn off my ad-blocker. I had already done those things.
  2. Watching in Hawai'i, I have been treated to a blank black screen in Firefox and Chrome. Edge sends me to the App store for a non-existent app. It has worked fine on the IPAD in the app.
  3. Straight swap with USA. Jos Luhukay for Jim Mattis. Both have strong reputations for organizing the defense.
  4. So what with be wrong with Doyen buying the club? I thought that the problem with them was the conflict of interest--they mis-advise clubs to push their own assets, not meet the needs of the club. But if they owned the club, our interests would be aligned. I mean, they would still be blood-sucking vampires, but if they were sucking the life out of other clubs for our (i.e. their own) benefit, that would be good for us, right?
  5. In my opinion, his most rational behavior, acting in his own interest, would be to gut the squad in January by selling all playing assets with a positive value, accepting point deductions and relegation (to L1 and maybe eventually to L2), and let the P & S sanctions sort themselves out over a couple years. With time, the current malaise will be forgotten. Hillsborough will be filled with 35,000 enthusiastic supporters on the day we win promotion back to L1. With this strategy, he ought to be able to stop the hemorrhaging of money from his own accounts, and eventually mitigate a portion of his losses. Not a good strategy for the club and the supporters, but maybe for himself. But if that is what I intended, I wouldn't announce it at a fan forum with 1,000 people, I'd just do it.
  6. So why do you think that? To be precise, what is the evidence that he is not that stupid?
  7. So Nilsson the new DOF and this Rostov fellow the new coach, then. Glad thats sorted. Does it have its own thread yet.
  8. Sad, but unfortunately true. Being respectful to us family children doesn't seem to be in his interpretation of what it means to be a family.
  9. Agree 100%, but that has me concerned, because it is a little hard to imagine what he has in mind. Any actual action would seem better handled by a statement than a forum. And he doesn't do forums well.
  10. But what can that be? A fan forum is not a decent place to announce the firing of a manager, or even really the appointment of a new one. Not the time to announce intentions in the coming transfer window. If the sale of the club, the new owner should organize, not the old. Is he selling half the club for a shilling?
  11. I think by tradition, we fire on Christmas Eve. You may be out of luck.
  12. After 22 fixtures, we are in 18th, 5 points off the drop. About meets pre-season expectations. Best I can do.
  13. Excuse me, but isn’t this discussion, and any like it, deluded? On the off chance that our club paterfamilias sees any problem with the current on field management, is he not likely to replace Jos with an Uzbekistani manager who last worked 3 years ago in the Finnish second tier as a technical director? (No offense to any Uzbekistani or Finn or technical director intended.)
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