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  1. Presumably, the 12 have had advanced discussions about broadcast and streaming contracts before going public. If they are expelled, the Premier and companion leagues will have their media contracts torn up and renegotiated. Not clear who wins this.
  2. I can't believe that people think that Chansiri is to blame for the points deduction. That is 100% down to the customers. 1) Who demanded that Chansiri overpay for Jordan Rhodes, and give him a 4.5 year contract...the customers. 2) Who failed to support the inspired Club1867 concept...the customers. 3) Finally, who have failed to book a single ride with the Chairman's taxi venture or purchase a single, solitary Elev8 drink...the customers and the customers. We could do with a look at that mirror thing ourselves. We are clearly to blame.
  3. Maybe daddy told him if he wanted a bail out he needed to go into rehab and detox.
  4. Glimpse of hope? Nonsense. DM has sorted us. We will stay up comfortably. Wycombe, Rotherham, Coventry going straight back down. We finish 20th, even after our points deduction.
  5. We developed a talented prospect in Mr. Shaw who will be going on in the next season to play for a really big club. We should be proud? One of our own making good!
  6. Every morning I wake up=about 15:30 in Sheffield-navigate to Owlstalk, and do not find the wished for thread, already on page 177, that reports that Mr. Chansiri has left the club to immediate effect. it’s the hope that kills you.
  7. An excellent opportunity to begin to restore the natural order of things. I refuse to regard Barnsley with fear. Barnsley FFS. I even like them and hope they do well.
  8. If we win the next 2, this moves us close to even money to stay up. And yes, it would not be that surprising if we win our next two. more likely we will lose our next two, of course, but I prefer to contemplate 2 wins rather than 2 losses.
  9. You must not be wearing your blue and white tinted glasses, as I am wearing mine.
  10. Look at the Birmingham and Rotherham blogs. Their supporters are each convinced that they are certain to go down. As so many of our supporters would be if we were contemplating their positions as our own. However, only two can go down. We have the best players, and a new manager who is working improvement game to game. We aren’t certain to stay up; neither are we remotely certain to go down.
  11. That would certainly be a revolting development. i see Mr. Pulis an early bookmakers’ favorite for the position. Maybe he can be our savior after all.
  12. Brum’s next 4 fixtures are Reading, Watford, Swansea, Brentford. I expect on close of business on April 6, they will be on 35 points, like today. There is always hope. I expect a result for us against the hapless ‘udders-a draw perhaps to end our current run. Then a win against the Tykes, just cause that is so contrary and they are overdue to be brought back to earth, and a local derby is the place to do that. Keep the faith. We will be saved by Birmingham and Rotherham ineptness, and Moore will start to get results in the run in.
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