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  1. Let’s suppose those who say that retaining Bannan is essential to our hopes for immediate return to the Championship are correct. I don’t disagree, but ask, “Why do you want an immediate return to the Championship?” A Bannan guided return to the Championship would see our Glorious Leader tasked to build a Championship competitive team in 2022/23 despite the evidence that he either doesn’t have the resources to do so or doesn’t want to spend them for that purpose. Meanwhile, Bannan will be entering the last year of his contract, with another candle in his birthday cake. What does Chansiri do then? Offer him a contract extension and build a Championship team around him? Let his contract expire and let him go on a free? Sell him at a reduced fee in the last year of the contract as an aging player? Even though I think we would be better with him next year than without him, I think it is in the best interest of the club, the supporters and Chansiri to get what we can now, and begin Moore’s rebuild without a legacy player and overpriced contract clogging up the midfield.
  2. Mr. Owlstalk, You do realize that your prediction is just about the most demoralizing scenario available? Absolutely nothing as per Hughdowd is more hopeful, because everyday of nothing raises the hope of the final collapse of the Chansiri Horror Show. Baseline minimal credible progress as you describe kills all hope, suggesting that the nightmare will continue slowly down the road until final asphyxiation.
  3. The American discount retailer Tuesday Morning might go for it, with one obvious condition.
  4. Would it be possible for Sheffield 3, which I take to be the entity that owns the ground, not the club, enter into administration? This would shed the obligations of that entity, which are partly to an external entity with a loan secured against the ground, but mostly to SWFC, because the ground was bought with seller financing. This would leave the entity that bought the ground out of administration without the debts, while retaining 2 tangible assets—the ground itself, and the 30 year lease. Such an entity would have positive value such that a buyer at some price, not £60m, would be making a reasonable investment. Since the primary creditor would be the entity that owns SWFC, the purchase price could inject some capital into the club to pay short term obligations. i mean this question seriously. I apologize if it has been asked and answered elsewhere. And I don’t endorse it as a strategy if the answer is yes, it could be done. I see it as the sort of short term solution that massively harms the club, but may be seen as advantageous by a dodgy owner.
  5. How about everyone who wants a new replica kit next year buys and wears a Forest Green Rovers eco-sensitive kit. Announces 1) I have money for a kit; 2) I am a Wednesday supporter (because I doubt that FGR have a deep fan base in Sheffield); and 3) while I support the club, I protest the owner. A sea of Tiger Stripe kits in the Hillsborough stands with accompanying civil protests explaining the reason might make some good visuals for national television coverage. Would hurt the club financially yes, but you have to break eggs to make omelets as the saying goes.
  6. I probably posted my remarks on the wrong thread on the wrong day. Let me just say, with all sincerity, Well done Brentford! I wish my club followed your example. Like many supporters of many other clubs I am sure, I will be rooting for you to have a long, long stay in the Premier League.
  7. I was reading Bill James’ baseball abstract-the precursor to Moneyball-when it was a mimeograph sheet. I get it. As an American who has intruded into a primarily English thread I am shy about suggesting that we do anything better here. It would be ridiculous for the citizen of a country in which Donald Trump is a leader rather than the inmate of a penal institution to suggest any particular quality to that country. But one thing we seem to have figured out is a sustainable model for professional sports competitions. Partly, of course, this is because the American professional leagues haven’t emerged out of an older tradition of club competition that was somewhat different. But more essentially American sports leagues have mechanisms of revenue sharing and salary caps, signed off on by the players unions, that sustainably allow everyone to make money, and have a more level chance of success in a sporting sense. The legal environment in Britain may be somewhat different, but the failure of British actors-the clubs, the footballers’ association, the regulators, and the lawmakers to figure out a sustainable model after decades of clear and growing dysfunction seems both an intellectual and a moral failure, treating supporters everywhere with real implicit contempt. This is the real issue. That the Wednesday have drawn an especially stupid and self-centered owner is unfortunate, but not the root cause of the problem, and lucking into a shrewd owner is not a replicable solution.
  8. Not what either one of us are saying. Personally, I have detested Chansiri’s conduct and wished him out for years.
  9. London has been making perfect sense in this thread. Not defending Chansiri, but pointing out correctly that the “Brentford model” requires that others don’t follow it. Brentford’s admirable achievement doesn’t suggest a repeatable path out of the train wreck that is the financial structure of the EFL.
  10. Of course, the excoriated “Project Big Picture” was an attempt by some of the ESL cabal to make that proposal palatable through a wealth share with the EFL. The EFL power structure knew that and wanted to talk, the jealousy and envy of everyone else was too great for the proposal to even be listened to.
  11. Streaming on ESPN+ in the States. Rotherham also available. 1:30 am here in Hawai`i. When Rhodes scores the 2nd half stoppage time goal to seal our come from behind victory, my neighbors better be prepared for some loud whoops.
  12. Post-Blackburn reaction at Hillsborough | Owls 1-0 Blackburn Watch video here Post-Blackburn reaction at Hillsborough | Owls 1-0 Blackburn
  13. Post-Blackburn reaction at Hillsborough | Owls 1-0 Blackburn Watch video here Post-Blackburn reaction at Hillsborough | Owls 1-0 Blackburn
  14. Presumably, the 12 have had advanced discussions about broadcast and streaming contracts before going public. If they are expelled, the Premier and companion leagues will have their media contracts torn up and renegotiated. Not clear who wins this.
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